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"Well, killing a man isn't clean and quick and simple. It's bloody and awful. And maybe if enough people come to realize that shooting somebody isn't just fun and games, maybe we'll get somewhere."
— Sam Peckinpah

David Samuel "Sam" Peckinpah (February 21, 1925 – December 28, 1984) was a director of manly movies. An eccentric substance-abuser who was notorious for his gruff demeanor and rocky relationships with women, Peckinpah created a number of films that perfectly reflect his own personality: violent, nihilistic and cynical. Some of them stand as modern classics.

His filmography includes:

He also worked in TV earlier in his career, contributing well-regarded episodes to Have Gun – Will Travel and Gunsmoke, rewriting a rejected script from the latter to create The Rifleman, and later creating The Westerner.

Sam Peckinpah's signature style include:


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