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Pigeonholed Director

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"I am a typed director. If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach."

Essentially the director's equivalent of Typecasting, where certain directors are linked to a certain genre they work in, or are best remembered for one or more certain films.

Most likely to happen because directors work in genre they know best, mostly if they also write. But they might as well be stuck in a genre they do not favor because an out of their genre product was their only success. To be considered as an artist, a director is expected to have a unique feel to their works, which leads to this. Ostensibly the one time directors try and step out of the genre, they can be accused by fans of Oscar Bait, subscribing to Tom Hanks Syndrome and selling out, even if said project might be something they care about. This also makes it harder for them to start Doing It for the Art because the kind of movies the director wants to make are not what the market and society expects from them. It's not that people don't like those kinds of movies, its just that they don't want those kind of movies from them.


In some cases, the directors burst Out of the Ghetto and fully reach the level where they can shift between multiple genres or find success in works entirely different from what they first became known for.