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Alex de Campi is a British-American comic book writer, author, music video director, and columnist.

She got her start writing comics in 2003 with a three-issue mini-series for IDW Publishing called Smoke. While she has written superhero comics for both Marvel and DC, she is better known for her indie comics, which range from political thrillers to survival stories to pulpy horror noir.

In 2008, she started directing music videos, beginning with "Leeds United" by Amanda Palmer.

In 2015, she wrote Archie vs. Predator for Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics. She followed that up in 2019 with Archie vs. Predator II.

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    Independent Comics 

    Marvel Comics 

    DC Comics 

  • The Scottish Boy (2020)

    Music videos 
  • "Leeds United" - Amanda Palmer
  • "Last Words" - The Real Tuesday Weld
  • "Guilty Pleasure" - Manda Rin
  • "Lighthouse" - The Duloks
  • "Book of Lies" - Flipron
  • "These Eyes" - Martin/Towers
  • "Jilted" - The Puppini Sisters
  • "(I Can't Believe I'm Not A) Millionaire" A-side and B-side versions - The Puppini Sisters
  • "Pretty Little Miss Dysmorphia" - Des O'Connor
  • "Apart of Me" - The Real Tuesday Weld feat The Puppini Sisters
  • "Those Rules" - The Schema
  • "Why Dogs Howl at the Moon" - Thomas Truax
  • "Dogboy vs Monsters" - Flipron
  • "Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead" - Flipron