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Sir Alan William Parker, CBE (14 February 1944 – 31 July 2020) was an English film director and screenwriter. He worked with a wide range of filmmaking styles in many different genres, ranging from musicals to dramas to horror films and thrillers.


Tropes associated with the director:

  • Creator Backlash: Parker admitted he didn't want to direct Pink Floyd: The Wall. The Troubled Production where Roger Waters tried to Wag the Director didn't help matters, leading Parker to describe the movie as "the most expensive student film ever made".note 
  • Creator Killer: The commercial and critical failure of The Life of David Gale effectively ended Alan Parker's career. Despite various attempts he was unable to raise the necessary funding for any further projects and never directed again. In 2016, Parker officially announced his retirement from the film industry and died in 2020.