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Brittany Lauda (born February 18, 1993) is an American voice actress, ADR director and producer. Born in Huntington, New York, she's also a cosplayer for various conventions under the alias Bree Faith.

Along with fellow actress Melanie Ehrlich, she formed the voice-over studio MB VoiceWorks in 2014. It closed down in 2016 because of Ehrlich becoming involved in union-only projects after moving to Los Angeles.

Lauda married fellow voice actor Matt Shipman in 2018 and spends her time residing in New York City and Dallas, and both currently own and operate the NY/TX based recording studio Kocha Sound.


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Wolf Bete Clothes Malfunction

In a double whammy, both Blader and Wolf Bete experience this trope when a malfunction causes the latter's clothes to disintegrate leaving him/her nude, and causing both Blader and Wolf to experience shock in different ways (Blader getting a nosebleed due to his inexperience with women, and Wolf, who has the mindset of a male, still not used to his/her female body), ending the duel in a draw.

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