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Reginald Hudlin is a film director, producer, writer, and President of BET Entertainment. Hudlin directed House Party, Boomerang (1992), Bébé's Kids, The Great White Hype, Marshall, and served as one of the producers ofDjango Unchained. He was also writer of Black Panther for Marvel Comics. He was an executive producer for The Boondocks while it was under development at FOX. Though no longer involved by the time the show was picked up by [adult swim], the show was contractually obligated to continue to credit him as a producer.


Tropes associated with his works:

  • Fantastic Racism: He once wrote a comic where Black Panther saves a bunch of Skrulls from some other Skrulls, in a continuation of an old Fantastic Four comic. Half the Skrulls were living as black people, mainly Civil Rights activists from the 60's (with a Malcolm X skrull and a Black Panther movement), and the other half were 30's style white Gangsters, persecuting the "Black" Skrulls.


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