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Peter Mullan (born 2 November 1959 in Peterhead, Scotland) is a Scottish actor and filmmaker.

With his gravelly voice and strong accent, he's become very recognizable in film and television as an actor in the vein of Ray Winstone, i.e. someone who appears tailor-made to play tough guys but approaches his roles with such thought and commitment that he's become greatly admired by colleagues and critics alike.

Tropes in his works:

  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: With his compactly muscular frame and intimidating voice, Mullan cuts an intimidating figure. However, he's a conscientious leftist who wrote and directed The Magdalene Sisters because the victims of the Catholic Church-run Magdalene Laundries received no closure, apology or even recognition of the abuses suffered within.

Film Roles

Television Roles