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"Leave it you SLAG!!!"

"Ray Winstone is an excellent British actor who tends to play working-class London psychotics. Even when he's the good guy - he was Will Scarlet in a long-running Robin Hood TV show here, and portrayed a hero journalist in Tank Mailing - he's usually fucking terrifying. Only once in (my) recent memory has he played against type in film, as the scared safecracker in Sexy Beast. See, everyone first saw Ray Winstone as a teenager whipping other kids to death with a pool ball in a sock, screaming WHO'S THE DADDY NOW? WHO'S THE FUCKING DADDY NOW? I'M THE DADDY NOW! He's a force of nature, a thing driven by beer and cigarettes and kicking fucking heads in. He's got a chubby face and little boy's eyes that, in the moment, go black and dead like shark's eyes. Reduces London English to a series of grunts and yelps. He is, in fact, The Greatest Living Londoner."

Raymon Andrew "Ray" Winstone (born 17 February 1957 in Homerton, London) is a British actor who has been acting since 1976.

You'll recognise him when you hear him, usually. He is usually found playing Cockneys (his native accent) and does a good London Gangster. However, don't let that fool you. He's a terrific actor who can definitely go outside his usual type. Also known for a distinctively husky voice.

Has three kids and is a big West Ham supporter.

A former boxer, and reputedly a rather good one, and therefore inherently badass. Roger Ebert was also quite a big Ray Winstone Fan Boy.


His notable roles:

  • Scum as Carlin and the source of the above mentioned "WHO'S THE DADDY NOW? WHO'S THE FUCKING DADDY NOW? I'M THE DADDY NOW!"
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Beowulf (2007) as Beowulf.
  • The Departed as Mr. French.
  • The 2006 BBC (non-musical) take on Sweeney Todd, the titular role.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as Mr. Beaver.
  • A 2003 drama about Henry VIII. Guess what role he played.
    • That's right, a Cockney Henry VIII.
  • Robin of Sherwood as Will Scarlet, who in this retelling is a Sociopathic Hero with, yes, a modern Cockney accent in the Middle Ages East Midlands.
  • The Proposition, a good Australian western film.
  • Sexy Beast, in which he had the rare distinction of being terrorised by Gandhi Ben Kingsley, who also played the title character in the biopic Gandhi.
  • Nil By Mouth as Ray.
  • Quadrophenia as Kevin, the Rocker.
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  • Killzone 3 as Admiral Orlock.
  • The Sweeney (2012 movie adaptation) as Detective Inspector Regan. Someone in the casting department must have noticed the original's running theme of Regan being not so different from some of the villains he was putting away and decided to run with it.
  • King of Thieves as Danny Jones.
  • Black Widow as General Dreykov.


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