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Wei Te Sheng is an up-and-coming Taiwanese director. He achieved mainstream success with the film Cape No.7 which remains Taiwan's highest grossing domestic release. In terms of themes, they've dealt mainly with the historical experience of being Taiwanese in different eras.

Directed Films

Films exhibit tropes such as

  • Breather Episode: Breather film. Wei has admitted that Seediq Bale and Kano were both "feasts" in terms of film and he wanted to return to a more light-hearted feel with "52 Hertz, I Love You".
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  • Spiritual Antithesis: "Seediq Bale" and "Kano" portray vastly different experiences under the Japanese rule of Taiwan. The former shows the mistreatment of Taiwanese aboriginals and the eventual bloody rebellion against the Japanese. The latter is a more uplifting sports movie about people of different racial backgrounds(Han Chinese, Aboriginal, and Japanese) coming together on a baseball team.

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