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Julie Lemieux (born December 4, 1962 in Asbestos, Quebec) is a Canadian voice actress. Her main forte is voicing boys. She also voices Runo in Bakugan.

Shares a birthday, (but not birth year) with Jeff Bridges and Tony Todd.

Lemieux's voice roles have included:


  • Airmaster - Renge Inui
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Runo, Komba, Sirenoid, Harpus, Lars Lion, Reporter, additional characters
    • Bakugan New Vestroya - Runo, Lars Lion, Sirenoid, Byron, additional characters
    • Bakugan Gundalian Invaders - Serena; Inter-dimentional child (ep. 14)
    • Bakugan Mechtanium Surge - Runo
  • Beyblade
    • Bakuten Shoot Beyblade S1: Dizzi, Bianca, Mario, Mariah, Robin, Ronnie, Crocodile Peewee, additional characters
    • Bakuten Shoot Beyblade S2: Dizzi, Judy, Ms. Kincaid, Ganta, additional characters
    • Bakuten Shoot Beyblade S3: Mariah, additional characters
    • Metal Fight Beyblade - Osamu, additional characters
  • Power Stone - Jack
  • Sailor Moon - Shingo Tsukino, Loraine; Peruru (SuperS movie); young Darien (Promise of The Rose movie); boy (episode - "Tainted Tea Party"); Danko ("No Ordinary Horsepower"); Hebihanibiko ("A Teacher's Lesson"); GariGari ("Dental Dilemma"); Tellu (Telulu)
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  • Saint Seiya - Kiki (DiC dub)
  • Spider Riders - Hunter Steele, The Spirit Oracle, Lily, Queen Illuma

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