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Western Animation / True and the Rainbow Kingdom

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Left to right: Frookie, Grizelda, True, Bartleby, the Rainbow King, Zee

"Zip zap zoom, I choose you! Wake up, (wish name)! Wish come true!"

True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a Netflix cartoon that premiered in 2017. In Canada, it airs on Kids CBC. On June 15, 2018, a second season was released. On May 3, 2019, a third season was released.

The series follows a little girl named True and her cat, Bartleby. True has the ability to use wishes, who are little creatures that live in the Wishing Tree. They are kept by Zee, the apprentice of the Rainbow King.

The show is animated by Guru Studio, whose previous works include The Backyardigans and PAW Patrol.

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