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Melissa Altro (born May 16, 1982 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian voice actress.

Her best-known role is Muffy Crosswire from the beloved PBS Kids series Arthur, which is a role she has held since she was 12 years old, making her the show's only child voice actor to remain on the series as an adult. She has also appeared in a lot of other animated series produced in Canada, such as World of Quest, Camp Lakebottom, Bolts & Blip, Grossology, and Nelvana's 1997 Animated Adaptation of Pippi Longstocking, as well as several Canadian advertising campaigns, including as the announcer for Subway Restaurants across Canada since 2019. She's also made cameos in a couple live-action shows and movies.

She originally operated in Montreal, where the vast majority of Arthur's voice cast is based, but she has since moved to Toronto, where most of the other shows she's been in were produced.

She has a website dedicated to coaching voiceover performances for aspiring voice actors.


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