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Bell Media is Canada's largest mass media company and is one-half of MegaCorp holding company BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) note , the other being telecommunications company Bell Canada. The company was originally established as Bell Globemedia in 2001. In 2006, it acquired the assets of CHUM Limited, including the A-Channel television system, MuchMusic, and Space. As a condition imposed by the CRTC, Bell would sell Citytv to Rogers Communications. To pay for this deal, BCE would sell off its shares and, with its reduced ownership, the company was renamed CTVglobemedia, after its flagship television network, in 2007. BCE would ultimately re-acquire full ownership of the company in 2011, when it adopted its current name.

Bell Media's television broadcasting assets are owned and operated under CTV Inc. It is one of the "Big 3" Canadian broadcasting companies, the other two being Rogers Media and Corus Entertainment.

Canadian Multichannel Networks owned by Bell Media include (channels previously owned by CHUM & Astral are marked with a *):

Current television networks:

  • BNN Bloomberg: Originally known as Report on Business Television (RoBTV) from 1999-2007 and, previously, Business News Network from 2007-2018. As part of an agreement with Bloomberg, the channel adopted its current name on April 30, 2018.
  • CablePulse24 (CP24)*: A 24/7 Cable news network serving Toronto. Originally a sibling to the flagship Citytv station.
  • Canal D*: A French-language channel focusing mainly on documentaries.
  • Canal Vie*: A French-language, lifestyle-oriented channel.
  • Crave*: Formally known as The Movie Network, a (Premium) network that airs movies, itself originally launched as First Choice in 1983. On November 1st, 2018, the network was merged with the CraveTV streaming service under the Crave branding, uniting the linear Pay TV multiplex channels and over-the-top streamer as one service through either multi-tier standalone subscriptions for the streaming service or an expanded offering of content for linear TV subscribers.
    • Super Écran*: The French equivalent of the Crave channels.
    • Cinépop*: The French equivalent of the former TMN Encore channels.
  • The CTV Television Network (CTV): Bell's flagship English broadcast network, and Canada's largest and most-watched television network.
    • CTV Comedy Channel: A channel that airs comedies. Originally known as The Comedy Network, they were formally the go-to network for everything Comedy Central until 2013, when Comedy Network's newest and most popular series (save for late-night shows and stand-up-related programming) moved to Much. While Comedy Network has always been tied to CTV, they would become a official CTV-branded service in September 2019.
    • CTV Drama Channel*: A channel that airs dramas. Formally a Canadian version of the American cable network Bravo. After both channels diverged from their original format, Bravo in Canada became a network for cable dramas and movies that also produces a limited amount of original programming. A 2012 relaunch that effectively cut all ties the network had to its American counterpart; The channel would adopt its current name in September 2019.
    • CTV Life Channel*: Formally Gusto, a food and lifestyle network originally owned by Knight Enterprises. After Bell Media purchased Canadian rights to the Gusto brand, the original Gusto TV was shut down in August 31, 2016. The current incarnation of the channel was immediately launched the next day on September 1, 2016, as a replacement to the defunct MuchMoreMusic using its own license. Three years later in September 2019, the channel adopted its current name.
    • CTV News Channel
    • CTV Sci-Fi Channel*: Dedicated to Speculative Fiction-related content. Originally known as Space: The Imagination Station until September 2019, they were Canada's designated Science Fiction channel.
    • CTV2*: Bell's secondary television network. Established in 1995 as the "NewNet" (never an actual on-air name; all affiliated stations were branded as "The New (XX)", the last two call-letters filling in the space), branded as "A-Channel" from 2005-2008, simply "A" from 2008-2011, and "CTV Two" from 2011-2018.
  • Investigation: The French equivalent of Investigation Discovery. Formally Canal D/Investigation.
  • Much*: Once Canada's de facto music station, now a pop culture-centric channel focused predominately on comedies. The original home of the annual MuchMusic Video Awards, which are held on Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario every July. Originally launched as MuchMusic in 1984, they officially dropped "Music" from their name in Fall 2013.
  • Noovo: A French broadcast network acquired in 2020. Founded in 1986 as Télévision Quatre-Saisons (later shortened to TQS), it became V in 2009; Bell renamed it after its streaming app on August 31, 2020. Incidentally, CTVglobemedia, along with Cogeco, previously owned TQS in 2001-08.
  • The Sports Network (TSN): A network that airs..., well, you know. Originally established by the Labatt Brewing Company in 1984, TSN was very heavily aligned with ESPN in the United States since the beginning. Even before launch, the network reached a deal with ESPN (which was only five years old at the time) for additional sporting coverage.
    • TSN 2: TSN's national feed was launched in 2008. The regional feeds (TSN 1,3,4,& 5) were launched in 2014, coinciding with the network's 30th anniversary.
    • Réseau des sports (RDS): The French version of the channel.
    • RDS 2: RDS's second feed.
    • RDS Info: The French-Canadian equivalent to ESPNews, sometimes used as a third feed. Formally RIS Info Sports.
  • Z*: A channel showing science-fiction, fantasy, reality shows, and edgy comedies. Formally Canal Z, then Ztélé.

Current radio networks include:

  • BNN Bloomberg Radio
  • Boom FM* (Quebec French stations)
  • Énergie*: From 2009 to 2015, it was the Canadian version of France's NRJ
  • EZ Rock*
  • Funny: Affilate of 24/7 Comedy
  • Move FM
  • Newstalk
  • Pure Country
  • Rouge FM*: Formerly named RockDétente
  • Sun FM
  • The Bear
  • The Dock
  • TSN Radio

Defunct TV networks include:

  • BookTelevision*: A channel showing literature-related programming. After being bought by Bell, it later abandoned its original format and became a dumping ground for unrelated shows aired on Bell's other channels. It closed in 2021.
  • Comedy Gold*: An offshoot focusing on classic comedies from 1970s to 2000s. Originally launched by Craig Media as a Canadian version of TV Land, with Viacom owning a minority interest, the channel eventually came under Bell ownership in 2007 and re-branded in 2010. In 2018, the channel was approved for acquisition by Wow! Unlimited Media in exchange for Bell Canada gaining voting shares in the company. As of March 2019, WOW! has delayed the acquisition to "pursue sponsorships and partnerships" for the channel's pending relaunch. Only to call it quit in 2021 due to the current TV situation. While they eventually acquired the channel on August 30, 2019, Comedy Gold went dark the following day.
  • Encore*: Originally launched in 1994 as TMN Moviepix, this sibling service focuses on classic films. From 2012–2018, the service was known as The Movie Network Encore (TMN Encore); the TMN branding would be dropped after The Movie Network merged with CraveTV. The service would adopt the Starz branding on March 1, 2019, and launch an add-on for Crave's streaming service the following week. While Starz does carry most of the original programming from its American counterpartnote , it also continued its previous format.
  • FashionTelevisionChannel*: Named after the Citytv and CHUM Television series that was broadcast from 1985 to 2012. After the show's cancellation, it slowly became a rerun farm of unrelated shows aired from its sibling channels. It closed in 2021.
  • MuchMoreMusic*: Similar to Much but aimed at older audiences and slanted towards adult complementary and lighter genres. After its acquisition by Bell, the channel dropped "music" from its name and slowly dropped said programming too. In 2013, it was relaunched as M3, now marketed as an entertainment-oriented superstation. The M3 brand would be short-lived; the channel was discontinued three years later and its broadcast license was used to re-launch Gusto.
  • Vrak*: A youth-oriented channel mostly aimed at teens and young adults. Formally Le Canal Famille, then It closed in 2023.

Bell Media also owns the Noovo AVOD service in addition to the CTV Superhub AVOD service and the iHeartRadio radio service in Canada. In addition, the company has owned or currently owns Canadian versions of Animal Planet, Bob FM, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science (Science Channel), Discovery Velocity (Velocity by Discovery), E!*, ESPN Classic, HBO* (A multiplex of Crave and the former Movie Central launched in 2008), Investigation Discovery*, MTV, MTV2*, Starz* and Virgin Radio*.

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