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The Zimmer Twins was a Canadian kids website that allows users to combine several "clips" to make one-minute videos. It centered around the psychic twins Edgar and Eva, and their cat 13, who also has psychic powers. You could combine action clips with speech bubble clips to make pretty much any plot come to life. The project was created by producer Jason Krogh and artist Aaron Leighton and is produced through Lost the Plot Productions Inc. It first launched on March 14, 2005.

For a while, videos created using the site had a chance of being aired on Teletoon, provided the users who made them had chosen to allow them to be; both Canadian English and French versions existed, and started airing on the channel in May 2005. Later, an Australian version could also be seen on ABC1, during the "Rollercoaster" programming block/wrapper show, and Qubo also hosted an American version called "Qubo Pics".

On August 10, 2020, the Zimmer Twins and Zimmer Twins at School website were shut down. To this day, there are no active Zimmer Twins websites online other than archive websites created by the community.

This website provided examples of:

  • Allegedly Free Game: The website could be used for free, but you were missing half the usable clips, and people couldn't see your movies. You had to buy VIP in order to do any of this.
  • Author Avatar: Lots of users included themselves in their videos.
  • Depending on the Writer: Everything. There were many users creating "movies", and as such the personalities assigned to each character differs by the writer.
  • Dub Pronunciation Change: The French Teletoon-aired shorts tended to pronounce Edgar's name as "ed-GAHR" instead of "ED-ger".
  • Invisible Main Character: Usually downplayed. There were text clips that are, well, just text. People tended to use these as characters.
  • Invisible Parents: Edgar and Eva have no official parents, although some movie-makers used the other characters as parents.
  • Loophole Abuse: Downplayed; although the videos could only be a minute each, there was technically no policy in place saying you couldn't make a multi-part video.
  • Minimalist Cast: There are only three characters (Edgar, Eva, 13) you got to use in the movie maker. Sure, there were other characters as well, but they were relegated to star clips, and were only accessible if you have VIP.
  • No Antagonist: Zig-zagged. There is no official antagonist, although since Depending on the Writer is in effect, nothing's stopping the creators from making one of the main characters antagonistic.
  • Red Shirt: All the characters besides the psychic family. They each only get one or two clips each, and due to half of them being VIP-exclusive, they usually get this treatment.
  • Scunthorpe Problem: The website utilized a profanity filter that replaced certain swear words with random symbols, but its effectiveness lead to this trope in regards to words like "document", "chores", and "saltwater"note  among others.