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Western Animation / Bolts & Blip

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CG animated series airing as part of Vortexx block on the CW. Notable for being the only new cartoon to premiere in the very last season of broadcast network Saturday Morning Cartoons.

In The Future, disputes on Earth are resolved by the Lunar League Games — robots competing in sporting events in a robot city on the Moon. All these robots were built by the mysterious Dr. Tommy, except for the malevolent Bloodbots built by Dr. Blood, who wants to conquer the Moon.

Bolts and Blip were best friends stuck in a boring office job, who wanted to take part in the games—then due to a computer error, they got their chance, joining the chronically losing team, the Thunderbolts. To everyone's surprise, including their own, they do well there, and the Thunderbolts start winning.

Blip, meanwhile, starts uncovering evidence of a conspiracy involving Dr. Blood's plans to conquer the Moon.


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