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Iggy Arbuckle and his sidekick Jiggers.

"And of course our show also has baaad guyyys."
— Opening theme song, featuring with a bit of Lampshade Hanging

Iggy Arbuckle is a Canadian Animated Series that aired on Teletoon and was based on a comic from the June 2004 issue of National Geographic Kids called Iggy Arbuckle: Nature Freak!. The show was created by American artist, author, and animator Guy Vasilovich (who had previously had another show made in Canada, Moville Mysteries) and produced by Blueprint Entertainment. It ran from June 29 until October 10 of 2007 for 26 episodes over a single season.

Iggy Arbuckle's eponymous character (voiced by Jonathan Wilson) is an anthropomorphic pig who leads a group of forest rangers called the Pig Rangers in protecting Kookamunga National Park (known as "The Kook" for short) from the evil Catfish Stu (voiced by James Rankin; and no prizes for guessing what kind of animal he is), the owner of a failing trailer park who is trying to take over The Kook and exploit its resources for the sake of increasing his revenue. Assisting Iggy in his efforts to save Kookamunga National Park and its ecosystem from Cafish Stu is Iggy's best friend and fellow Pig Ranger, a beaver named Jiggers (David Berni). Rounding out the cast are a hippie chipmunk named Zoop (Stephanie Anne Mills), a skunk named Spiff (Derek McGrath) who cleans up the park's litter, a rat named Kira (Novie Edwards) who runs the local tourist kiosk, and Catfish Stu's ferret henchmen Robear and Robert (Patrick McKenna and Neil Crone, respectively).

Tropes used:

  • Ambiguously Gay: Iggy Arbuckle himself. He often displays very feminine and flamboyant mannerisms but yet he's very fit and energetic and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He is also shown to have a very Limited Wardrobe and lack of interest in art and/or culture. With all that said, he hasn't been shown to have interest in either gender.
  • Bad Liar: Iggy played straight. His nose twitches when he fibs. It's so noticeable that even other members of the cast will comment on it. Or take advantage of it.
  • Bamboo Technology: Jiggers is a master of this trope... except... with wood, not bamboo.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not - I repeat - Do NOT mess with any part of the Kookamunga with Iggy around. Seriously. Just don't.
    • Do not litter when Spiff is on duty... or even when he's off duty. You will end up on his bad side... and you really, really do not want to be on the bad side of a trash collecting skunk.
    • Do not insult money with Catfish Stu in earshot.
    • Jiggers was super ticked off when he never got his bottle cap collection back from Spelvin.
  • Born Winner: Iggy in spades. He is descended from a long line of successful explorers after all. It's in his blood.
    Iggy: (After being advised to lose a competition.) I don't know how to lose.
  • The Catfish: Catfish Stu who is definitely vicious
  • Companion Cube: Spiff's garbage. He once named an apple core 'Carl' and spoke to it like it was his best friend. It's not uncommon for him to name his garbage at any point really. He talks to all the discarded wrappers he finds as though they were his long lost children.
  • Crossdresser: Jiggers has cross-dressed for various reasons.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Jiggers occasionally becomes this.
    Iggy: (Referring to perfume.) I hope this smells ok. Maybe we should ask Spiff for help.
    Jiggers: Oh. Good idea. Let's ask a garbage-collecting skunk to test perfume.
    • Jiggers is this pretty much all the time. Spiff has some shades of snarkiness as well.
  • Doing It for the Art: In-Universe example. Spiff is a sanitation worker. He collects garbage like no other garbage collector has before... and he does it for the art. He even keeps a collection of cans with which he can make little figurines.
  • Dragged by the Collar: Variant: Iggy likes to drag Jiggers places by his overalls.
  • Edutainment Show: It's all about protecting the environment, but that doesn't stop this show from being aired on the wacky Teletoon or the action-packed Jetix.
  • Fish out of Water: Kira sometimes comes across as this.
  • Furry Confusion:
    • Iggy Arbuckle appears to remedy this problem by making all of the characters vegetarian.
    Jiggers: (Objecting to Iggy wanting to take him flying.) I'm more of a land and water-based mammal.
    • And in another example...
    Jiggers: Iggy, trust me. As a pig, you'll never know the heartbreak of unruly fur!
    • Also, in Way of the Skunk, Jiggers tries to get out of helping Spiff by using the excuse that he's a beaver and not a skunk. Zoop is then forced to explain that this sort of help is for everyone and not just for skunks.
    • Played straight in the episode Fish and Chip off the Old Block when Iggy temporarily loses his memory. During this time, he appears completely blind to the difference between Jiggers and a regular beaver. On the aversion, nor does he know the difference between a pig and a catfish.
    • Iggy's caterpillar Furry seems to be this.
  • Giggle Snort: Being a pig, Iggy is known for doing this quite often.
  • Hollywood Tourette's: The parrot in Bird in the Hoof wanders the 'Kook' and the others assume that he's just a traumatized parrot trying to imprint on others. (Quite possibly arriving through an owner who abandoned him there.)
    • It is later discovered that he actually knows what he's saying and was simply spewing profanity to start fights.
    • Later, Spiff arrives on scene to see everyone making a mess of Mooseknuckle because of their fights. The bird ends up vocalizing his thoughts (quite accurately) for him. Zoop then comments that birds of a feather flock together and that it actually makes sense that the two most socially misguided characters in town would end up being friends.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Spiff occasionally comes across as this.
  • Keet: Iggy. With small, cute, colourful and perpetually loud... but he is definitely hyperactive... so much so that in the episode One Fine Day, everyone became ticked off and tried to avoid him.
    • And in If Pigs Could Fly, he found it very difficult to just sit around for extended periods of time without becoming anxious/tense.
  • Nervous Wreck: Jiggers twitches his tail whenever he's nervous.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Zoop.
  • No Social Skills: Spiff prefers the company of trash to pretty much anyone.
  • Patchwork Map: Kookamunga National Park contains a swamp, a forest, a desert, a tropical beach, a volcano, a frozen tundra, glaciers, geysers, and a lake; all jammed up against one another. Played for Laughs, obviously.
  • Papa Wolf: Iggy and Jiggers in the episode If Pigs Could Fly. Iggy moreso than Jiggers.
    • Iggy also displays traits of this in other episodes like Honey, I Ate The Bug.
  • Perfectionist: Jiggers.
    • Iggy although, arguably to a lesser extent.
  • Pig Man: Iggy and much more appropiately, his hero Manly Boarman.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The Great Bamzeani
  • Riddle Me This: While not used in the traditional sense, The Great Bamzeani always talks in rhyming riddles. Only Iggy can decipher their meanings and normally, these riddles serve a plot point.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Ironically, Iggy and Jiggers seem to alternate between the two.
  • Theme Naming: Particularly within Iggy's family. Great Uncle Squiggy, Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Ziggy, Great-Great-Grandfather Figgy, Great-Grandfather Twiggy. I'm noticing a pattern here...
    • Also (albeit to a far lesser extent), Iggy and Jiggers who are in the habit of calling each other 'Igg' and 'Jigg' respectively.
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • Jiggers loves himself some yak cheese.
    • Iggy will take just about anything as long as its smothered in hot sauce.
  • Tunnel King: Zoop. She is a chipmunk after all.
  • Weasel Mascot: Robert and Robear tend to be cute and playful with each other. (Even though they do cause physical harm to each other whenever one of them cheats.) They also don't turn down free food.
  • Wicked Weasel: Robert and Robear work for the main antagonist and tend to give the main protagonists a hard time by making a mess of things. They're even kleptomaniacs.