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From left to right: Penelope, Benji, GG, Fred, Fabienne, Anette

Fred's Head (French title Blaise le Blasé or translated Blaise the Jaded) is a Franco-Canadian Flash-animated teen show. It's about Deadpan Snarker Fred LeBlanc and his not-so-normal life with his two best friends, Fabienne Ledger and Gregory Gilbert "GG" Pyrowsky. The show takes place in Montreal and revolves around Fred trying to get the girl of his dreams, Anette, while dealing with everyday problems. The show is noteworthy for being about teens and dealing with problems like alcohol and cheating without venturing into Very Special Episode territory, and actually talking about them outright.

The series lasted from January to July 2008 on Teletoon, a total of 26 episodes in a single season.

A character sheet is in the works.



  • A-Cup Angst: All the teenage girls, except Beatrice.
    Jody: "And a little more up here ..."
  • All There in the Manual: The official website has some info thats not presented in the show, such as character last name.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Fabienne. Many, many jokes and comments are made about her not being attracted to men, and GG's brother refers to her as "never having a boyfriend," and that he'd know why when he's older. Her first kiss with Fred has her thinking they don't play on the same team.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Panook, which is the subject of interest of almost every student at Saint-Judes. Getting a girlfriend hasn't helped.
  • Cats Are Mean: The Beast. He enjoys attacking people who aren't in the family and knocking things over, for starters.
  • Celibate Hero: GG, even though he's not the lead. He even dumped his perfect match because she wanted to fool around with him even though they weren`t married.
  • Chick Magnet: Fred has a few girls attracted to him, including his secret crush.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Madame Butterfly. Due to being an old woman who suffers from Alchiezmer's.
  • Cool Old Lady: Madame Butterfly when she was trying to protect Fred from Anemone Worrynaut when Anemone was trying to break in and enter into her apartment unannounced. "Get out Anemone! Or I will have the police arrest you for violating a Japanese household!"
  • Curtains Match the Window: The Hart Trio. Slightly off-putting since they have orange, yellow and burgundy hair, respectively.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Fred and Fabienne.
  • Dumb Blonde: Penelope. Not even dying her hair brown helped.
  • Erotic Dream: In One Red Hair Away From Love, Fred is woken up from an erotic dream by his mother. He covers his crotch and turns away from her, clearly embarrassed.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Tamara after Fred dumps her. It`s uncertain if she kept it since she wasn`t shown again after the makeover.
  • Fiery Redhead: Fabiene. Subverted, as is a brunette that dyes her hair red.
  • Fired Teacher: Attempted, as the sub wanted to get fired. It never happens.
  • Flashback: Whenever Fanny appears, a few times with Fred, and the other reason why episode 25 exists.
  • Foreshadowing: One Red Hair Away From Love features two notable ones: Fanny says that she left her old school because of harassment and Jody questioning Tamara if she has a crush on Fred, to which Tamara doesn't answer.
  • Grumpy Bear: Fred sometimes. But only whenever he's in a stressful situation or if something becomes too annoying for him.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Fabienne.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Fred and GG. While they do have a somewhat strong bond (mostly on GG's part) to the point of questioning (enough to guarantee an entire episode revolving around Mistaken for Gay as mentioned below), they're still clearly interested in girls.
  • Imagine Spot: Fred has several of these an episode. Hence, Fred's Head.
  • I Want Grandkids: GG is a weird and extreme variant. While he does want to have as many kids as possible with whomever he shall marry (playing the trope straight albeit at a much earlier period), he also expected Fred to be in the same situation and tries his best to keep whatever relationship his best friend has to last for the sake of aforementioned grandchildren.
  • Meaningful Name: In the French version, Soya's last name is Plante ("Green" in the English version), the principal's is Poisson ("fish"), and Jody's is Joliecœur ("Prettyheart").
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: Fred and his two best friends count as this.
    • Nice: GG. He's cheerful, extroverted, and loyal, and has a passion for meat and his future marriages.
    • Mean: Fabienne. She's a fan of scary and violent horror movies, and is the most short-tempered and aggressive.
    • In-between: Fred. He's blas&eacute, cynical, and sarcastic, but Fred is also a nice, perceptive and helpful friend.
  • The Noseless: Fabienne, the Hart trio, Soya and Sophie. They're visible only from the side.
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Some supporting characters, as well as Fred himself, use this to defend themselves in "Fred TV" after a reality TV show makes it appear Fred is gay. Despite his best efforts, it doesn't work for Fabienne, who is hurt by Fred's "intolerance" and stops being friends with him, though they make up by the end of the episode.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: The school psychologist is a short blue-skinned woman with a huge forehead. and the science teacher is an armless man who has a small pink monkey that helps him. No one mentions or notices this.
  • Where da White Women At?: Inverted, it's Penelope who obsesses over her boyfriend. Benji just goes along with it to make her happy. This doesn`t stop Benji from eyeballing a cute blonde near the end of the series.
  • Yandere: Fanny, so much.
    • GG, when it came to getting a pet that would love him unconditionally. He gets two love birds and purposely releases the other one just so he can force the one he has to love only him.


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