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Atomic Cartoons is a Canadian animation studio based in Vancouver. Sent back to Vancouver, after losing his job at Warner Bros. Animation following the cancellation of Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, Rob Davies received a phone call from Sunwoo Entertainment's Jae Moh to help produce Milo's Bug Quest . Together with former Studio B Productions staff Trevor Bentley and Olaf Miller, and veteran animator Mauro Casalese, the four launched Atomic Cartoons in March 1999 to assist in creating the series. In 2015, they were acquired by Canadian production company Thunderbird Films.

They mainly specialize in Adobe Flash and ToonBoom, but have also done quite a bit of CGI animation. While most of their work is for other studios, they also have a few original productions of their own, such as Atomic Betty (which was their first one in fact), with the title character serving as the studio’s mascot for several years.

Shows and films worked on by Atomic Cartoons: