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Counter-clockwise from bottom: Molly O!, Eddie, Yo-yo, and Nub.

Generation O! was an American animated series that aired on Kids' WB! for one season from 2000-2001 about the life of a popular eight year old rock star named Molly O! (Yes, with the exclamation mark. It's her actual surname.)

Most episodes dealt with the fact that, despite being famous and acclaimed, she was still a child who had to obey her parents and follow the rules, much to her displeasure; and her struggles to fit in in school. ("What, your ears aren't pierced? Doesn't matter if you're a rock star. You are a loooser!")


  • Acquaintance Denial: A nonverbal version in "Damp Sheets". When Molly admits to a crowd of people that she wet the bed once, Buzz tears his surname off his name tag so no one will know that he's related to her.
  • All Drummers Are Animals: Literally, in the case of Yo-yo.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Yo-yo, the purple kangaroo.
  • Annoying Older Sibling: Buzz is a pest to his sister Molly.
  • Band Toon: All about Molly O!'s band and their experiences.
  • Bizarre Beverage Use: In "Damp Sheets", Sen. Shift puts boxes of a type of juice called "punch fun" into the hotel's bed where Molly is sleeping to remind her that he knows her secret (that she once wet the bed after drinking punch fun).
  • Christmas Episode: "Lone Fry" is one, about Molly's class putting on a Christmas pageant.
  • Disguised in Drag: Molly dressed up as a boy in one episode to get into a boys-only monster truck rally.
  • Ear-Piercing Plot: In "Pierced Ears", eight-year-old Molly wants to have her ears pierced for several reasons — a celebrity gave her an earring, she wants to hang pretty things from her ears, and she knows three girls who have piercings, one of whom is three years younger than her. However, while her father's on board with it, her mother forbids Molly from getting her ears pierced until she's fifteen. Molly tries to persuade her mother to let her get her ears pierced now.
  • Embarrassing Damp Sheets: In "Damp Sheets"... sure is self-explanatory.
  • Embarrassment Plot: In "Damp Sheets", a mean guy embarrasses Molly by finding out she wets the bed and threatening to tell everybody.
  • Fake Band: Molly O! and her band, naturally.
  • Fee Fi Faux Pas: After Molly blames Buzz for causing a monster truck to destroy part of a building, later on she sings "I did it" in that episode's associated song instead of the proper lyrics, "I dig it."
  • Girls vs. Boys Plot: There is one such episode, with the feud being between Chad and Molly. In the episode in question, "Girls Rule, Boys Drool", Molly makes a song called "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" after she gets angry at her brother Buzz. As revenge, Buzz posts the song behind her back and Chadd hears it, damaging their friendship.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Between the child Molly and the adult Nub.
  • No Export for You: In-Universe example. The Dancing Schuberts try to sue Molly O! by claiming that she copied a song they made that was only released in Micronesia.
  • Once per Episode: Molly O! would make a song in each episode, and the subject matter of said song varied depending on what the episode was about.
  • Pop-Star Composer: The Boston-based alternative rock band Letters To Cleo performed all of Generation O’s songs; Kay Handley, the lead singer and guitarist for Letters To Cleo provided Molly's singing voice.
  • School Play: "Lone Fry" is about Molly being the sole outcast of a Christmas pageant the students are performing at her school.
  • Soup Is Medicine: Molly is fed soup when she gets a sore throat in "Deviated Tonsils".
  • Stop Motion: Buzz made a student film in one episode that was presented in this way.
  • Title Drop: In the first episode, a TV anchor says "Whatever happened to Molly O!?", which is the name of that episode.
  • Title Theme Tune: "Welcome to Generation O!"
  • The Tonsillitis Episode: Molly gets tonsilitis in "Deviated Tonsils".
  • Unconventional Food Usage: In "Deviated Tonsils", a doctor has Molly yodel while chewing on chocolate at the same time. When this makes Molly cough, the doctor concludes that Molly's tonsillitis is too acute to be dealt with without surgery.


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