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Bardel Entertainment is a Canadian animation studio established in 1987 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was purchased by fellow animation studio Rainbow SpA in 2015.

Bardel's credits include:

Tropes associated with Bardel:

  • All-CGI Cartoon: Viva Pinata, Planet Sheen, VeggieTales In The House, Ninja Turtles, most of their works for Creator.Dream Works Animation.
  • Animation Bump: Any feature film work
  • Limited Animation: Oddly averted in Happily N'Ever After, played straight in Harvey Birdman
  • Production Posse: DreamWorks Animation not just used them for their hand-drawn movies, they also use them to animate many of its television productions.
  • Vanity Plate: The first one is a black background with a white and purple box with the company name written in cartoony letters such as a green B with neon green zig-zags, with grey metal and maroon pieces in between, a red box with a white "a", a swirly indigo r with white polka dots, an outlined black d with a green marble in it, a swirly orange "e" and a blue and maroon lollipop stick as an "l". "Entertaiment inc." is written in mixed uppercase and lowercase letters in green slime below. The animation is simply the logo spinning. Later, the white box was removed, the marble is animated and bounces off the "l" and falls into the "d", the "b" has no metal or maroon in it and is completely green, the "r" is now a solid purple, and the "l" is blue and pink. "Entertainment inc." is written in jumbled, but normal, uppercase white letters. In both, the music is a creepy guitar/synthesizer tune.