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Angry Birds Toons is an animated series of shorts based on the Angry Birds video game series, it follows the everyday lives of the titular birds and their enemies, the Bad Piggies. It's considered something like The Anime of the Game. It's the first official Adaptation Expansion of the game series, with the second being the movie of the game that was released on 2016. Toons uses Saturday-Morning Cartoon style and every chapter doesn't last 3 minutes (the average time is 2:30 aprox.)

The series also had a couple of Spin-Off series that use a totally different kind of animation; Piggy Tales, focuses on the minion pigs and was done in Stop-motion-like CGI, and Angry Birds Stella, which uses CGI graphics, stars the Girly Girl pink bird of the same name and is an adaptation of the spin-off game of the same name.

The series premiered on March 17, 2013 and ended on May 13, 2016, with a total of 3 seasons and 104 episodes. It could be viewed in some of Rovio's apps as well as on ToonsTV, Rovio's free ad-supported streaming service. After ToonsTV was shut down in 2017, Rovio started uploading episodes from this series as well as Stella onto their YouTube channel. Since 2016, Netflix starts to compile this series into 14-minute chapters, that have 3 episodes of Toons, one of Stella and 2 of Piggy Tales.

Shares a character sheet with the rest of the franchise. The recap page can be found here.

Angry Birds Toons provides examples of:

  • Accidental Hero: Bomb at the end of "The Bird That Cried Pig".
  • Adapted Out:
    • For some unknown reason, Hal the Green Bird doesn't appear.
    • Stella is also completely absent despite the fact that early advertisements for the series include her with the flock. Though this could be so she could be given her own animated series in the form of Angry Birds Stella.
    • The Mighty Eagle is absent as well.
  • Adipose Rex: The King Pig. He has the table manners to match.
  • All for Nothing: In "Brutal VS Brutal", Chuck and Goliath Pig go through tons of training to face each other off in a wrestling match, but when the day of the match comes, the training becomes pointless, as both of them are too exhausted to fight.
  • Alliterative Title:
    • Season 1 has "Pig Plot Potion", "Clash of Corns", and "Operation Opera".
    • Season 2 has "Sink or Swim", "Boulder Bro", "Brutal vs. Brutal", and "Pig Possessed".
    • Season 3 has "Happy Hippy", "Battling Butlers", and "Short and Special".
  • Amusing Injuries:
    • The minion pigs constantly get beat up and hurt, but "Crash Test Piggies" has the most outrageous injuries. One pig has eyepatches on both his eyes (and can still see) and another is somehow alive despite having a hole in his head.
    • One of the Blues gives some injuries to King Pig in "A Pig's Best Friend".
    • Chuck suffers a few injuries in "Gate Crasher" when he tries to break through the steel door that blocks the entrance to Pig City.
  • Anti-Hero: Terence. Although he's part of the flock and sometimes helps to stop the pigs, he is also a bitter, miserable loner who loathes the rest of the birds, especially Chuck, whom he absolutely detests.
  • Art Evolution:
    • Corporal Pig went from a regular pig in a helmet to a darker green pig in a battle-scarred helmet that mostly covers his eyes. Also doubles as Divergent Character Evolution.
    • Some of the other characters also received minor redesigns following the switch to hand-drawn animation. For instance, Matilda had thin eyebrows and four eyelashes on each eye in the early episodes, while in later episodes, she has thicker eyebrows and three eyelashes per eye.
    • Pig City went from primitive and muddy to a more medieval village following the change to hand-drawn animation.
  • Art Shift: The first few episodes of Season 1 were done in CG animation using Adobe After Effects, sometimes shifting into hand-drawn animation. Starting with "Gardening with Terence", the show switched to Toon Boom. Four episodes ("El Porkador!", "The Butterfly Effect", "Bird Flu", and "Piggies From the Deep") were done in Adobe Flash, but the rest of the series is done in ToonBoom.
    • In "The Miracle of Life", the video that the pigs show to Red and Chuck is done in a Stylistic Suck cut-out style.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!:
    • In "Chuck Time", Chuck gets sidetracked by a butterfly when he is supposed to save Red from falling.
    • In "Hypno Pigs", three minion pigs play with Red while he is hypnotized when they are supposed to steal the eggs. This ultimately backfires on them when they do steal the eggs just after launching him with a slingshot as he bounces off several rock formations and hits them just as they are about to leave.
    • Subverted by Chuck and the Blues in "Dopeys on a Rope" as they appear to be stalled by the pigs' distractions at first, but quickly snap out of it once they notice the pigs hanging above the nest.
    • Matilda gets distracted by a fake butterfly in "The Butterfly Effect". This is however justified because the episode takes place during a very hot day, and the real butterfly she met earlier in the episode cooled her off.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • At the end of "Battling Butlers", after the butler pigs' fight ends up causing King Pig's castle to tip over, the next scene shows King Pig looking as if he were about reach his Rage Breaking Point. Turns out, he was taking a dump, and the two butlers have been demoted to janitors.
    • In "Stalker", after stalking King Pig throughout the episode and seeming like he's about to kill him when he got him cornered, the hot-dog vendor pig just simply cleans the mess on his butt instead, which appeared to be his true intention from the start, by the way.
  • Beach Episode: "King of the Castle" from season 1, "Sink or Swim" from season 2 and "Romance in a Bottle" from season 3.
  • Benevolent Architecture / Hidden in Plain Sight: In "Gate Crasher", there is a small wooden door right next to the giant metal door that Chuck is trying to break through. It's also wide open.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Besides the one that they had for years, "Cordon Bleugh!" brings us another one: Don't mock Matilda's cooking.
    • Exaggerated in "Happy Hippy". Apparently, just the mere sight of a pig is enough to send Red into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage. And then there's the ending where Matilda sees the destroyed landscape...
  • Big Ball of Violence: Happens in "Slingshot 101", "Dopeys on a Rope", and "The Bird That Cried Pig". They always involve a bird getting into one with a pig.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Played for Laughs by Bubbles in "Night of the Living Pork". He unknowingly saves King Pig from a horde of zombie pigs when he is just trick-or-treating and the undead pigs attack him.
    • Terence plays this trope straight in "El Porkador!". A giant singing pig effortlessly shakes off attacks from Red, the Blues, and Bomb, and is closing in on the eggs when Terence shows up to block his path at the last second.
    • In another straight example, Red, Matilda, and the Blues save the eggs just as King Pig is about to eat them in "Bird Flu"
  • Big Eater: The King Pig. And on lesser degree, the minion pigs.
  • Book Ends: "Egg's Day Out" begins and ends with a leaf landing near the nest, Red stomping on said leaf in anger, and as a result, an egg bouncing out of the nest, off a cliff, and into the river below, much to Red's frustration when it happens the second time.
  • Brains and Brawn: Bomb and Terence respectively.
  • Brawn Hilda: Matilda.
  • Bratty Half Pints: The Blues, considering they act like immature kids in most of the episodes they show up.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • In "Chuck Time", Chuck winks at the camera before the episode ends.
    • At the end of "Hypno Pigs", Red stares at the camera, hoping that the audiences did not see what embarrassing things the pigs made him do while he was asleep.
  • Brick Joke: At the end of "Dogzilla", the pigs tie a pink toy dog to an anchor and catapult it into the ocean. The anchor reappears in "Brutal Vs Brutal" nine episodes later, with the toy dog still tied to it.
  • Bullet Time: Chuck smacking the Corporal Pig in "Thunder Chuck".
  • Butt-Monkey: Chuck. His smugness and happy-go-lucky overconfidence often land him in awkward and (sometimes painful) situations.
    • While most of the pigs are subjected to this, the minion pigs shown to be suffer this the most, with King Pig being second close.
  • Cardboard Prison: "Hamshank Redemption" subverts it at first. In the episode, a prisoner pig tries to escape from a prison many times, but is caught every time he tries. This subversion becomes a double subversion when the pig finally escapes using another prisoner pig's flying hat.
  • Carnivore Confusion: In "Stalker", the minion pigs are seen standing in line at a hot dog stand. However, since hot dogs are made from pork, it really makes you want to wonder, unless those were sausages made from beef.
  • Chalk Outline: Can be seen next to King Pig and Foreman Pig as they're making their way down an alley in "Toy Hoggers".
  • Christmas Episode: Three of them in each season: "Jingle Yells" from season 1, "Joy to the Pigs" from season 2, and "Last Tree Standing" from season 3.
  • Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere: In "Off Duty", Red can't stop visualizing things as eggs while on his vacation. He eventually cannot take it anymore and rushes back to the nest.
  • Company Cameo: In "True Blue?", one of the Blues' swimming caps has the Rovio logo on it.
  • Construction Zone Calamity: Red briefly pursues the stray egg through a construction zone in "Egg's Day Out".
  • Contamination Situation: "Bird Flu"; the Blues are sick with a really contagious disease that spreads to Matilda and Red in a matter of seconds. By the end of the episode, everyone in the episode gets infected. Luckily, Matilda uses medicine to cure the flock halfway through the episode. This sets the episode up for an epic ending.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment:
    • King Pig punishes his subjects in really amusing ways in "Where's My Crown?" and "Sneezy Does It". In the former, he makes his guards act as the wheels of a food cart while he eats apples on it. In the latter, he launches whoever hurts him out of a cannon.
    • As punishment for attempting to steal the eggs in "The Butterfly Effect", Matilda forces Corporal Pig and his two minions to dress up as a butterfly hanging on a tree and cool her off.
    • In "Just So", Red forces three minion pigs to act as a fountain ornament after their failed attempt on stealing the eggs.
  • Demonic Possession: In "Pig Possessed", this happens to King Pig after he devours a chicken leg from a witch doctor pig's tent during an eating spree. Subverted, as it turns out that he was choking on a claw he ate.
  • Destructive Saviour: In "Mind the Pony", Chuck and Bomb chase the pigs, who have stolen the eggs yet again, throughout Pig City, and cause a lot of damage. By the end of the episode, they along with Corporal Pig are arrested, and find themselves having to fix many of the pigs' belongings. Of course, it doesn't stick, and things are back to normal by the next episode.
  • The Determinator:
    • Bomb in "Clash of Corns". He doesn't know when to quit, even when Matilda starts defending her corn plant like she's in a war against him (literally; she puts on war paint and a helmet and sets up barbed wire and a ditch).
    • The Bad Piggies never stop on their quest to steal the eggs despite getting beaten by the birds so many times.
  • Disaster Dominoes: Often, whether by accident or on purpose. A few examples below:
    • "Egg's Day Out" is made of this trope; the entire episode starts (and ends) with Red attacking a leaf that got too close to the eggs, and the results sending one into the river.
    • "Hog Roast": Carelessness and incompetence sets an outhouse, then an actual house on fire, and one very inattentive firepig catches himself on fire as well. What was originally a barbeque fire spreads to and burns down the entire city.
    • "Hide and Seek": Chuck gets stuck inside a tree stump while trying to hide. Then a storm comes and rain starts filling the hollow stump. Then lightning strikes the tree and sets it on fire.
  • Discreet Dining Disposal: The other birds do this to avoid eating Matilda's soup.
  • The Dog Bites Back: One of the Blues plays a very literal example "A Pig's Best Friend" after being captured. He does this by pretending to be King Pig's dog and terrorizing him in ways that a disobedient (or untrained) dog would terrorize his/her owner. However, he does not actually kill King Pig as the trope suggests. He just gives him several Amusing Injuries.
  • Double Take: Matilda has one in the episode of the same name. She doesn't notice the pig's egg disguises at first, but she does after a few seconds.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty:
    • Of the coach variety. Chuck tries to be one to the Blues in "Full Metal Chuck", but they manage to trick him into getting tied up so they can sleep some more.
    • The Corporal Pig is a more traditional drill instructor. Most of his dialogue is shouting.
  • Dude, Where's My Reward?: In "The Bird That Cried Pig", Chuck and Bomb rescue the eggs from some minion pigs. The other birds give all of the credit to Bomb, and Chuck is not happy about it. When Chuck rescues the eggs after a fake rescue gone wrong, Bomb receives credit for it even though he didn't do anything. (See Engineered Heroics below)
  • Early-Bird Cameo: In "Slumber Mill", the minion pigs are seen riding bottle rocket soapbox vehicles from Angry Birds Go!, which was released three days after the episode premiered.
  • Engineered Heroics: In "The Bird That Cried Pig", Chuck receives no credit for his part in a successful egg rescue (see Dude, Where's My Reward? above). In response, he hides the eggs in the nearby grass so it seems that the pigs stole them. When he "notices" that they have been stolen, he goes into the grass to retrieve the eggs, only to see that the minion pigs took them out of his hiding place and are on the run. He then singlehandedly defeats a whole army of them. As he approaches the nest with the eggs, he trips and loses his grip on the eggs, which land in front of Bomb. Bomb receives all the credit for "finding" the eggs, when it was actually Chuck who saved them.
  • Evil Living Flames: In "Fired Up!", Chuck attempts to heat up the eggs from a distance with the magnifying glass. It went as well as you'd expect. Soon, the ray produced by magnifying glass came to life and grew limbs, as it actively tries to hunt down the Flock to burn them down.
  • Extreme Omnivore: The pigs like Matilda's stew, despite it being nasty enough to kill plants.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Since his redesign in "Dopeys on a Rope", Corporal Pig's helmet usually covers his eyes.
  • Fear of Thunder: Chuck. In "Thunder Chuck", the pigs exploit this by faking a storm to distract him while they take the eggs.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In "Clash of Corns", Bomb tries to convince Matilda to give her a corn she is growing in her garden. In one of his attempts, he pretends to be sick, but she doesn't fall for it. Guess what happens to her eight episodes later?
    • At the end of "Joy to the Pigs" Terence gives King Pig a poodle toy. Guess what causes a ton of mayhem in the next episode?note 
    • In the beginning of "Eggshaustion", Chuck freaks out upon seeing the pigs steal the eggs, but Bomb doesn't seem to care. That's because those aren't the real eggs.
  • Gratuitous English: Most of the dialogue is groans and giggles, but that doesn't mean that English words don't pop up from time to time. Here are some of the English words said in the series:
    "Bye!" (said by one of the Blues to Chuck at the end of "Full Metal Chuck")
    "What?" (said by Chuck to Red in "Thunder Chuck")
    "Oops." (said by Chuck after accidentally causing Red to be struck by lightning at the end of "Thunder Chuck")
    "Bye Bye!" (said by one of the Blues to King Pig in "A Pig's Best Friend" and Matilda to a butterfly near the beginning of "The Butterfly Effect")
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: In "Chuck Time", when Chuck accidentally pushes Red off a cliff, he stays in the air long enough to look down and glare at Chuck before falling.
    • This strikes Red again in "Egg's Day Out", where his mine cart flies off the rails, falls out from under him, and he still has enough time to look at the ground and look at the audience before saying "Uh-oh!"
  • Halloween Episode: All three of them feature Bubbles, due to his adoration for Halloween and candy: "Night of the Living Pork" from season 1, "Sweets of Doom" from season 2, and "Porcula" from season 3.
  • Hazmat Suit: In "Bird Flu", the birds wear these to rescue their eggs from the pigs, who got ill with the same contagious disease that the birds suffered early in the episode.
  • Heist Episode: "Royal Heist" has King Pig and his minions stealing a toy egg from a rich pig. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that there was a claw machine full of duplicates of the toy egg, making the heist All for Nothing.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • At the end of "Full Metal Chuck", Chuck launches himself out of a slingshot while tied to an anchor. He crashes into the side of a cliff, then is left dangling under it. The Blues lampshade it by laughing at him. If you listen closely, you will hear one of them shout ,"Bye!" to him after he launches himself.
    • Also, the minion pigs at the end of "Hypno Pigs", via being shot out away from the eggs by Red when they shot him as a pinball projectile. (See Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! above and Pinball Gag below).
    • In "Dogzilla", all the missiles were aimed at a cute Pink Dog that was (somehow) terrorizing Pig City. Due to it appearing right in Corporal Pig's house just before the missiles were about to hit it, the missiles ended up destroying Pig City completely as well. The pigs don't see it that way though. Later on, when they attached the defeated Pink Dog to an anchor and flung it out over the horizon, the anchor hit an island which was actually a giant sea monster that got rightfully pissed off that its back was struck. This caused the monster to terrorize the pigs as heard in the credits.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In "Do as I Say", Matilda scolds the Blues for playing near the eggs. When a lone minion pig tries to take the eggs, she uses the exact same stunts the Blues were doing to stop the pig. The Blues call her out on it and they all decide to have fun together.
  • Inevitable Waterfall: In "Egg's Day Out", an egg falls into the river, and Red manages to get it back, only to find himself about to go over the waterfall. Once he goes over, he loses the egg again.
  • It's Raining Men: In "Off Duty", the minion pigs parachute from above en masse when Red is on vacation. They manage to overwhelm the birds and steal the eggs. Fortunately, Red comes back and single-handedly rescues the eggs.
  • Jailed One After Another: In "A Fistful of Cabbage", King Pig dresses up as a sheriff from a magazine that he was reading, and goes around town lassoing his minions and throwing them in a small jail cell for minor offenses, such as littering, playing with a water gun, and spitting on the ground. Soon after, when the cell has gotten so full that it looks like it's about to burst, one minion pig manages to escape through the bar windows. Near the end, when King Pig gets intimidated by a gang of pig robbers, he runs to the cell to free the imprisoned pigs and then puts himself behind bars.
  • Jerkass: Chuck has shades of this, it often comes back to bite him in the butt.
    • The Blues show it as well, except their Jerkassery is often used to their advantage.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Red is easily the grumpiest bird of them all within the flock, but he still has some soft spot here and there.
    • Chuck really loves his friends and protecting the eggs, but that doesn't mean that he isn't arrogant from time to time.
  • Large Ham:
    • King Pig is one both figuratively and literally.
    • "El Porkador!" features another one (again, both figuratively and literally) that is dressed as if he is a luchador in a Spanish bull fight. He also never stops singing.
  • Laughably Evil: The Bad Piggies themselves. Although only three pigsnote  have moments of not fitting this trope.
  • Lethal Chef: In "Cordon Bleugh", Matilda makes soup for the other birds. The soup is a chunky brown slop thats so repulsive, it kills plants. Naturally the other birds hate it, which depresses Matilda. When she dumps it off a cliff, it lands on some pigs. The pigs lick it up and love it, satisfying her.
  • Letterbox: The sequence where Chuck fights the minion pigs in "Chucked Out".
  • Made of Iron: The eggs survive a LOT of physical abuse throughout the series. In "Do as I Say!", they survive getting hit by a ball that is about the size of the nest. In "Double Take", they survive being dropped by the pigs and Matilda. But the worst offender is "Egg's Day Out", in which one egg survives insane falls off a cliff, a waterfall, and a rising I-beam. After falling off said I-beam, it bounces off several awnings and roofs before traveling through a gutter. Finally, they are the only ones who are not affected by a highly contagious disease in "Bird Flu".
  • Magical Antibiotics: Used by Matilda in "Bird Flu" to cure herself, Red, and the Blues of an unusually contagious disease.
  • Messy Pig: In early episodes, Pig City is located in a muddy swamp.
  • Mind-Control Device: Chef Pig uses a chemical one on Red in "Pig Plot Potion" as it turns him into a minion pig who blindly follow his orders. Unfortunately for him, its effects wear off when Red's almost about to boil the eggs.
  • Minecart Madness: Red and the stray egg ride through separate minecarts at one point in "Egg's Day Out".
  • Mook Horror Show: In "Green Pig Soup", three minion pigs disguise themselves as cabbages to get to the eggs. Unfortunately for them, Matilda is making vegetable soup. They are absolutely horrified when they see her smashing cabbages with a shovel before cooking them.
  • Morphic Resonance: In "Pig Plot Potion", when Red gets turned into a pig, he retains some of the characteristics he had as his true bird self, namely his bushy eyebrows, the dark spots to his side and around his eyes as well as his light-colored belly.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Heroes: In "Hog Roast", Foreman Pig and his firefighter minions' mistakes cause a small fire to spread throughout the Pig City and burn it down.
  • Not-So-Forgotten Birthday: In "Another Birthday", one particular minion pig with a birthday's hat has a birthday, but no one seems to notice or care. At the end of the day, he goes home unhappy, only to find out that all his fellow pigs had a surprise party waiting for him.
  • Offscreen Teleportation:
    • "Run Chuck Run" never shows Terrence moving, but he keeps appearing ahead of Chuck whenever he looks away.
    • He does this again in a Big Damn Heroes moment in "El Porkador!" (see above).
    • Red does this to a few times on his merciless pursuit of King Pig and his agent in "The Great Eggscape".
  • One-Winged Angel: In "Sweets of Doom", King Pig eats a bunch of the titular sweets and becomes a massive octopus monster. He's still no match for Bubbles, though.
  • Only Sane Man: Corporal Pig in "Love is in the Air". At first, the minion pigs laugh derisively at King Pig's delusion in loving a cabbage, but change their tune when King Pig proposes to the cabbage, leaving Corporal Pig to roll his eyes.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise:
    • In "True Blue?", a minion pig crudely disguises himself as a bluebird to get the eggs. The Blues look at him long and hard, but they fall for it. Subverted in that the Blues knew all along he was a pig and were messing with him before flinging him over the horizon by slingshot.
    • A minion pig comes extremely close to stealing the eggs while disguised as a pumpkin in "Green Pig Soup". Subverted when Matilda notices at the last second.
    • In "Double Take", The Blues are put in charge of the eggs by Matilda. After losing the eggs, they hastily cover themselves in white mud to pass themselves off as eggs. Matilda doesn't notice and begins annoyingly looking for The Blues, thinking they're slacking off. The pigs are similarly fooled, kidnapping the "eggs" and sending their own Paper-Thin-Disguised pigs to sit in their place. Unfortunately for them, this time it doesn't take long for Matilda to catch onto their ruse.
  • Pass the Popcorn: In "Slappy-Go-Lucky", the three minion pigs used to demonstrate Foreman Pig's machine do this when the machine goes haywire and dribbles King Pig like a basketball.
  • Pinball Gag: In "Hypno Pigs", Red bounces off several rock structures before he hits the minion pigs who were messing around with him throughout the episode. He doubles as a Pinball Projectile as it was the pigs who shot him out of the slingshot to begin with. This is Lampshaded as you see a score every time Red bounces off something.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Bubbles is the smallest bird, but he wiped out a horde of zombie pigs by himself in his debut episode.
  • Retraux: The scene where the firefighter pigs answer the fire alarm in "Hog Roast" is portrayed as an old sound film for some reason, complete with being Deliberately Monochrome (except the pigs themselves).
  • Reused Character Design: The police pig that arrests King Pig (long story) in the end of "The Butler Did It!" is basically Corporal Pig with a different hat. Nonetheless, the cabbage vendor pig in "Porcula" is also him, but his model appears to have been reused from "Not Without My Helmet", in which Corporal Pig lost his helmet to the birds and had to cover his head with a white bandanna.
  • Reveal Shot: At the end of "Jingle Yells", it appears that King Pig got a giant wooden egg for Christmas, but a shot from behind the "egg" reveals it to actually be Corporal Pig's sleigh.
  • Road Runner vs. Coyote: Most of the episodes deal with the birds protecting the eggs from the pigs as usual.
  • Running Gag: King Pig's Castle getting destroyed either by the birds or the pigs' own mistakes. And on a lesser degree, it destroyed along with the Pig City.
  • Sanity Slippage: Chuck undergoes one in the end of "Eggshaustion", when he finds out that the "eggs" that he was trying to get back from the pigs were fakes; they were actually coconuts painted white, and Matilda had the real eggs the whole time.
  • Shamed by a Mob: In "Fired Up", Chuck was caught and was glared by the birds (Bomb, Red, and Matilda). With the magnifying glass beside him, which was used to keep the eggs warm. Which cause violent wreckage, so the birds growled at Chuck for what he did. Later on, they punished him to knit another blanket.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sudden Anatomy: Usually the characters are limbless Waddling Heads that manipulate objects not unlike Homestar Runner, but in "Slingshot 101", the minion pigs sneaking up to the eggs while inside a bush actually have legs until they come out of the bush.
  • Talent Contest: In "Pig Talent", King Pig hosts a talent show in his palace. No matter how much the audience pigs likes the performances, the contestants will get dropped through a trap door if King Pig is not impressed.
  • Tame His Anger: In "Happy Hippy", Matilda tries to get Red, who had gone into an Unstoppable Rage from having to deal with the pigs, to relax. However, Red keeps on destroying everything in sight because he keeps on seeing hallucinations of the minion pigs, until he accidentally knocks Matilda unconscious during an outburst. Once they wake up, Red has calmed down, but when Matilda sees the damage that Red had caused, she loses her temper and chases Red, who unsuccessfully tries to calm her down, and pummels him on top of a small structure.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: At the end of "Night of the Living Pork", King Pig had lost his hoard of candy to Bubbles and the Zombie Pigs. And with that, Bubbles feels bad for King Pig and leaves him a piece of candy, despite him being so greedy and refusing to share them to anyone earlier.
  • Toilet Teleportation: In the episode "Hamshank Redemption", the prisoner pig flushes himself down a toilet in his cell in an attempt to escape the prison compound, which ends up in the cell of another prisoner. When the pig flushes himself back down and tried to find another way, he emerge in one of the guards' toilets. So, they throw him back into his cell, with his toilet removed. Towards the end of the episode, the another prisoner blasts out of the ground where the first prisoner's toilet was.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The minion pigs in particular. While they were stupid in the games, here they are practically brainless. Fooling them is easier then launching a bird, they still never quit trying to steal the eggs (they will only notice them if they are on a nest) & they can only recognize their king when his crown is on his head. Although there's a few moments where they're actually being competent.
    • There are a handful of Only Sane Pigs here and there, but more often than not they become Chew Toys for the idiotic antics of the minion pigs.
  • Trojan Egg: In "Trojan Egg", Chef Pig builds a big wooden egg and puts King Pig in it. The birds are not fooled one bit, but the minion pigs totally fall for it when they send it back.
  • Uniformity Exception: The local pig Expy of Rambo has bushy eyebrows, a bit of hair on his head and a tough-looking chin.
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: In "Run Chuck Run", Chuck's speed makes him cocky during the race and is what leads to him losing when Terence makes it to the finish line first while he was showing off.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: In "Egg's Day Out", a runaway egg passes by many minion pigs; all of them fail to notice it even though it is right in front of them.
  • We Have Reserves: In "Crash Test Piggies", Corporal Pig tests experimental rockets by using the minion pigs as crash test dummies. Of course, they are blissfully willing; except for one pig, who realizes how dangerous this is. He tries to leave, but a guard keeps him in line.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Frequently failed by the pigs whenever King Pig goes out without his crown and his subjects don't recognize him. They treat him like crap, and if they later realize who he is they immediately go back to kissing his butt.
  • Why Won't You Die?: "Why Won't You Move!?" in this case. In "Gardening with Terence", Matilda tries really hard to move Terence so his shadow doesn't keep the sunlight from her garden. Eventually, she gives up and moves the garden on top of him, which he doesn't seem to mind.
  • Workaholic: In "Off Duty", Matilda forces Red to go on vacation because he guards the eggs too much and it's starting to stress him out. Even on vacation, he can't help but think about the eggs; stressing him out even more.
  • Written Sound Effect: During Chuck's fight with the minion pigs in "The Bird That Cried Pig", the words "KA-BOOM" (with the Os being eggs) and "KA-POW" appear.
  • X-Ray Sparks: in "Thunder Chuck", several characters have their skeletons visible when they are zapped by lightning.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Played for Laughs in "Night of the Living Pork", where zombies are after King Pig's candy.


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