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Pig City is a French/Canadian cartoon created by Andy Knight (also known for creating Ned's Newt, Get Ed, and Bolts & Blip). It was co-produced by Cin├ęGroupe, AnimaKids, Fox Kids Europe, and Red Rover Studios.

Mikey Hoggins is a country pig whose parents thought he'd benefit more from a city education. So, they decided to send him to live with his rich cousins in the city, the DeBoars. Now Mikey spends his days with his cousins, Martha and Reggie, going to school, helping them deal with their problems, and fawning over the local richest girl in school.

The series aired on Teletoon in Canada, ProSieben in Germany, and Fox Kids internationally (it never aired in the US, likely because of the death of the Fox Kids block after the assets were sold to Disney; you can, however, watch the show on YouTube). It ran from April 16th, 2002, to January 10th, 2004 with 39 episodes over 3 seasons.

Pig City contains examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: Link Linken.
  • Artist and the Band: Mikey's cousin Reggie is a member of a Heavy Metal band he formed with his friends that's called "Reg And The Rashers".
  • Book Ends: This show forms one half of a pair for the Fox Kids block. One of the first shows produced for the block was Piggsburg Pigs!, another show about a city of anthropomorphic pigs, while Pig City would wind up being one of the last to be made for the block before it went defunct in 2002, though it would only actually air on Fox Kids in Europe. Also, prolific Canadian voice actor John Stocker lent his voice to both shows.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Martha. She care only for things that benefit her, and takes joy in her brother and cousins' misfortunes.
  • Christmas Episode: Christmas Ham. Mikey actually brings Martha and Reggie to visit his parents for Christmas.
  • Country Cousin: Mikey to Reggie and Martha.
  • Country Mouse: Mikey Hoggins.
  • Dumbass Teenage Son: Reggie. He's not too bright.
  • Election Day Episode: In one episode, Martha is running for student body president against Link. Mikey secretly helps her by running as well, splitting Link's voting demographic.
  • Helpless Kicking: In Reggie's story in the Halloween Episode, when the rock band Sausage's new manager brings out his intent to have more zombies play onstage in place of the actual band, one of them gets dragged behind the curtain by some zombies, who eat his brain. As he's being eaten, he kicks his legs up and down while shouting "Someone's eating my brain!". He finally stops when he's completely dead, except for one final twitch of one of his legs.
  • Inexplicably Tailless: The pigs don't have their curly tails popping out of their attire, unless they're shown naked.
  • No Fourth Wall: Every character gives the viewers an insight all throughout every episode.
  • The Unseen: Mr. and Mrs. DeBoar are never shown onscreen. They usually communicate with their kids via a voice box.
  • World of Funny Animals: The entire population of the city is pig people. Though one of the stories in the Halloween Episode ended with the protagonist landing on a planet populated by sheep people.