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Hey! I've got a story to tell,
about a roach named Rube with a high-tech shell.
Caught in a trap late one night.
He got away fast, but he didn't feel right.
Nowhere to hide, so he started to run.
Instead of a swat, HE GOT A CHIP ON HIS BUG!!
Now he's the roach with the most. Roboroach. (ROACH!)
He don't like to boast. Roboroach. (ROACH!)
Like his brother Reg (he's got all the edge).
Roboroach and Reg!
Roboroach (and Reg).
"The intro."

Roboroach is a Canadian Animated Series released on Teletoon in 2002.

The show follows Rubin Roach, a cockroach living in the city of Vexburg, which is situated inside the walls of a laboratory. One night, Rubin was caught by scientists and become a guinea pig for an experiment, wherein he had microchips inserted into his body. He was saved by his brother Reginald, but as they were escaping, Rube jumps into a wall socket and gets a nasty shock, which changes him into a powerful cyborg cockroach called "Roboroach". Now Roboroach uses his powers to defend the city from all sorts of evil, while living with his brother Reg, who doesn't like living in their tiny house and wants to be rich.

The series ran from December 2nd, 2002 to June 22nd, 2004, and had two seasons.


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