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"It's great to be here on 'Fallon.' That's what it is. … What do you think I said to people today? 'I'm going on a show.' 'What show are you going on?' What do you think I said? 'I'm going on Fallon!' It's 'Fallon'! You call the show the guy. ... I'm on 'Carson', I'm on 'Leno', I'm on 'Kimmel'. We don't know the names of the shows. We don't care."

The title of the show (usually a description of its "late" timeslot), followed by the name of its host. One off from The Eponymous Show. A (somewhat loose) form of Character Title.

To keep things simple, this only lists the current (or final, if the show has been cancelled) hosts.


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  • CollegeHumor: Parodied with a prank sketch where Dan Gurewitch's colleagues break into his house in the middle of the night so he can host The Late Late Late Show from his bed.


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