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Konchu Monogatari Minashigo Hutch was an anime that ran from April 7, 1970 to September 8, 1971 on Fuji Television for 91 episodes. A reboot was aired years later in 1989, with some details changed. It was produced by Tatsunoko Production, and is a very well-remembered anime in Japan.

The story was about Hutch, a honeybee who was separated from his mother, a queen bee, when her hive was attacked by a swarm of hornets. The series followed him as he searched for his mother, meeting many insects along the way.

The series later had a sequel in 1974 (26 episodes, aired on NET (now TV Asahi)) and a remake in 1989. A film adaptation was released in 2010.

Saban Entertainment adapted the show in 1995 for the Western world (as Honeybee Hutch), cutting the 91 episodes down to 65. This version ran all over the world, including Fox Kids in Europe.

This anime provides examples of: