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The really big screen. IMAX is a Canadian invention, with the IMAX Corporation headquartered in Toronto.

The first IMAX film was screened at the 1970 World's Fair in Osaka, Japan. Today, many movies are released in IMAX.

IMAX gets is high quality from running 70mm film sideways through the camera.

Recently, IMAX has been used for major motion pictures. This is mostly digital IMAX with the full Aspect Ratio being 1.90:1, unlike IMAX 70mm with its 1.43:1 ratio. These films are shown in Open Matte in IMAX theaters. However, most of these films are not shot entirely in IMAX, causing aspect ratio switches when shown in IMAX ratio.

However, IMAX 70mm still gets used in major motion pictures, with Christopher Nolan being its biggest proponent.

Here's a filmography of films released in IMAX, including (all listed in alphabetical order):


Filmography of IMAX films, including 3D Movies:


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