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Playing With / Too Kinky to Torture

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Basic Trope: A character who derives pleasure from being tortured, sexual or otherwise.

  • Straight: Emperor Evulz attempts to get Bob to talk through shocking him repeatedly with 2000 volts. Bob is moaning and writhing in pleasure.
  • Exaggerated: Evulz sets it to 1,000,000 volts. Bob is is grunting and hollering for more and has jizzed in his pants.
  • Downplayed:
    • Evulz attempts Tickle Torture and Bob, giggling, tells him he should get more feathers.
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    • Evulz punches him in the face repeatedly to torture him and Bob asks him to try harder next time.
    • Bob simply doesn't feel pain, so Evulz' torture doesn't matter to him.
  • Justified:
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted: Bob fakes orgasm for a few seconds before remarking "Okay, this actually hurts."
  • Double Subverted: It turns out it was a joke, and Bob tells Evulz to keep going.
  • Parodied:
  • Zig Zagged: Bob laughs it off, then realizes this actually hurts... but it turns out he was thinking about something else, and laughs again, only to realize that Evulz turned up the torture dial, and this times he grunts in delight...
  • Averted:
    • Evulz has ways of making Bob talk besides torture, Truth Serum to name just one.
    • Bob is just as susceptible to torture as everyone else is.
    • Bob is not tortured, so we never find out whether or not he would get pleasure from it.
  • Enforced: The writers realize Bob is too vanilla, even as an Action Hero and he needs a quirk.
  • Lampshaded: "Keep slicing me up, I'm gonna come!!"
  • Invoked: Bob purposely obtains a MacGuffin from Evulz so that Evulz will attempt to torture him.
  • Exploited:
    • After finding out about Bob's liking for pain, a Dominatrix proposes him to engage into some Safe, Sane, and Consensual BDSM action. He's quite happy to go along with it.
    • Since Bob is kinky enough to enjoy torture, Evulz takes an alternate route and puts Bob through a rigorous run of it... and then offers to continue if Bob gives him the information he wants.
    • Bob loves torture so much that when the team has to go undercover, Evulz tells his allies to pull out the whips and brands and roadblocks with random torture and keep an eye out for anybody that seems to be turned on by the horror.
  • Defied:
    • Evulz knows that Bob gets off on torture, so he tortures his friends in front of him instead.
    • It's made immensely apparent that actual torture is very different from and a lot less pleasurable than Safe, Sane, and Consensual bondage.
    • Evulz immediately refuses attempting to use torture when someone mentions it, knowing it's a waste of time with Bob. He just keeps him prisoner.
    • Evulz utilizes something that Bob (and anybody else who's watching, including the audience) will not find sexually arousing at all, such as severing his genitals with a point-blank shotgun blast followed by cauterization. Cue Instant Soprano agonized shrieking from Bob.
    • Evulz' torture methods do not require physical contact at all, let alone pleasurable physical contact: ripping off Bob's memories via Mind Rape after "softening him" by keeping him awake for a week straight with no food or water and only an auto-tuned remix of the "Barney the Dinosaur" soundtrack as company in the ultra-bright sound-proofed room is rather effective.
  • Discussed: "Alright, Evulz is searching for us. If we get caught, I volunteer Bob for torture. He loves it."
  • Conversed: "Damn! He jizzed his pants during torture... That's one kinky number we have here."
  • Implied: Evulz grunts in frustration after walking out of a room as Bob is smiling contently and slowly falling into slumber, strapped to an electric chair that looks like it's been recently used.
  • Deconstructed:
  • Reconstructed:
    • Bob is able to weird out Evulz enough to leave him alone.
    • Bob gets better.
    • Bob gets his allies to accept his kink as just another part of who he is.
  • Played For Laughs:
    • Bob has been sent to a torture chamber with a mook. When Evulz checks on them a stressed out mook tells Evulz that he isn't being paid enough for this, and Evulz tells him he's not being paid at all and tells him to get back to work. The mook nervously looks at Bob who winks at him, and the mook shudders.
    • Bob likes the torture so much, he disregards his quest and starts following Emperor Evulz around, pestering him for more. Emperor Evulz can't stand Bob and can't get rid of Bob no matter how much he tries.
  • Played For Drama:
    • Bob writhes with pleasure during torture, but he's still bleeding badly, and before Evulz knows it, his Torture Technician has killed the poor fella.
    • Bob is deeply ashamed of his masochistic joy at the prospect of being tortured, and doesn't want his friends to know about it. Evulz knows this, and uses his shame to torment him far more effective than the actual torture itself does.
    • Evulz knows Bob gets off on torture and decides that it's useless to try to probe him for actual information—so he decides to use him as a guinea pig and hopes to find a method that will truly Break the Badass for future use.
    • Bob being too kinky to torture is the mark of him being a Psycho for Hire Token Evil Teammate. Everything we had seem him do so far was him with his Mask of Sanity, and from this point onwards it's gone...

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