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Fanfic / Constant Temptation

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Constant Temptation by Dragonrider4000 is an AU Death Note fic told in the ancient tradition of the OOC / slash mode. It begins with the standard Light and L fall in love during the Yotsuba arc but quickly deviates into something with more original content. As L and Light come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, one of L's old enemies uses all the hype over Kira to escape from prison, intent on destroying L and all he holds dear and because he keeps changing his appearance he is protected from the powers of the Death Note. Even with the combined forces of the police, Wammy's House, Kira, and The Mafia at his disposal will L be able to put a stop to Beyond's reign of terror?

Constant Temptation provides examples of:

  • Breaking Speech: B gives one to Light after torturing his father. Light doesn't flinch.
  • Enemy Mine: L, Kira, and the mafia against B and his followers.
  • Fingore: Beyond is rather fond of slowly sawing off pieces of his victims and making his victims' loved ones watch.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Jason, but then he gets better because of Rem's Heroic Sacrifice and some of Rem's lifespan was transfered to him.
  • Humanity Ensues: Ryuk is caught and punished for interfering in human affairs. This is his punishment. Ryuk decides it was totally worth it when Watari shows him how to make apple pie.
  • Punch a Wall: Mogi after the taskforce learns that Light really was Kira all along and that L was protecting him from prosecution.
  • Redemption in the Rain: a certain scene from episode 25 is brought to mind when Light decides L is more important to him than his crusade.
  • Revenge by Proxy: Beyond targets everyone L has ever had any form of contact with in order to draw him out.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Beyond brutally murders Misa, killing Beyond becomes Rem's only goal.