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Love of Kill (Koroshi Ai in Japanese) is a 2016 shojo manga written/illustrated by Fe under the magazine Monthly Comic Gene by Media Factory, based on her Pixiv webcomic I Wanted to Read a Manga About an Assassin Couple in Love so I Started Drawing One, followed by A Short Story About the Assassin Couple in Love Manga that I Just Wanted to Read About. Overseas, Yen Press publishes it in English. 11 Volumes are out so far.

The manga has a drama CD released in 2018. According to Fe, she helped out in the script and production when the voice actors were being casted. It was only released in Japan on February 15, 2018 under the March 2018 issue of Monthly Comic Gene.

The anime version was first broadcast on January 13, 2022, animated by Platinum Vision and directed by Hideaki Ōba, with Ayumu Hisao doing the script. Yōko Satō serves as character designer and Kei Yoshikawa as composer. It's airing in Japan under Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS Kyoto, BS NTV and AT-X. Crunchyroll streams it outside Japan and the company announced that it will receive an English dub work.

During a typical bounty hunting assignment for Ritzland Support, Chateau Dankworth encounters an East Asian assassin named Son Ryang-ha. While he was supposed to be hunted down as a bounty, Ryang-ha stalks her 24/7 and pleads with her to get a date in exchange for information he can provide. Chateau does so with reluctance. Later on, Ryang-ha helps her out from behind the scenes.

The two are later forced to confront their Dark and Troubled Past when they are targeted by armed men working for Donald Bachman.

The manga provides examples of:

  • Artistic License Law: The European Union does not allow anyone to do bounty hunting.
  • An Ass-Kicking Christmas: Chateau's contract to hunt down Ryang-ha, followed by him hunting down other contracts placed on Chateau for her bounty work, took place during the holiday season.
  • Bounty Hunter: Ritzland Support's a company that specializing in hunting down persons of interests. Chateau's contract to hunt Ryang-ha came from a triad group based in the unnamed country.
  • Captive Date: Song spends the first few manga chapters/first episode of the anime stalking Chateau and badgering her for a date after running into her on a job. He finally extorts one from her in exchange for information her boss has ordered her to obtain for business purposes. It doesn't go well and she leaves the hotel room he takes her to at the end of it. He still manages to force a hug on her before she gets on the train to go home.
  • Cruise Episode: A story arc takes place on a cruise ship where RS was assigned to provide security for a VIP secretly since the person is well-known. Ryang-ha boards the ship too and he gets tangled with Jinon in a fight. Turns out that the VIP was Euripedes' wife.
  • Driving Question:
    • Why did Ryang-ha take out the leadership of a triad gang?note 
    • Also what happened to Chateau when she was very young?
  • Lost Orphaned Royalty: Chateau is heir to the prestigious Nobel family, who was forced to go on the run after a power struggle occurred that left her father murdered.
  • Market-Based Title: In Japanese, it's known as Koroshi Ai.note 
  • Oddly Small Organization: Ritzland Support is currently made up of Indian, Chateau and Euripedes.
  • Shout-Out: Ryang-Ha using a baseball bat with barbed wire around it is a reference to Negan's use of it in the Walking Dead, according to Fe in the manga afterword.
  • Wretched Hive: The unnamed Eurpoean country Ritzland Support's HQ is located in. It's lampshaded in the media that the criminal groups there call the shots and the local government/law enforcement are powerless to stop it.


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