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Fanfic / Psychedelic Epiphany Series

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The Psychedelic Epiphany Series by Masterweaver is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic series.

It's about the life of Treehugger, and those around her.

It is, as of April 2019, composed of three stories:

  1. Floral Embrace - A One-Shot Fic.
  2. Psychadelic
  3. Yearly Epiphany

The first two stories are complete.

This series provides examples of:

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    Tropes that appear in multiple entries in the series 

    Floral Embrace 
  • Green Thumb: Part of Earth pony magic, is manipulating the growth of plants, and is something that Tree Hugger and her father, Meadow Dan, can do:
    "Right, the plant growth thing...
  • Haiku: Part of the story's long description, link included:
    This is the story
    of Tree Hugger's Cutie Mark,
    cover image here.
  • Power Tattoo: It's implied that's what a Cutie Mark is, a symbol that represents some ability, given that an assumption of ability is given after its appearance:
    "You... you got your cutie mark."
    The filly blinked. She craned her neck to look at her flank, and through the swirls she could see the image of her precious smoke tree. "...whoa."
    "You're a master gardener!"
    "No, I... I can see the flow of the cosmos." Tree Hugger nodded. "That's what it means... But that doesn't mean I don't like gardening!" she added quickly, turning to her mother. "I mean, the garden is where I learned to see it, so it's not—"
  • Protagonist Title: Implied Trope, in the sequel, Psychadelic: "Agricultural Capacity Can Organize Radical Discussions Intellectually Of Note", given pony Naming Conventions, it's a valid name, as Tree Hugger says that people can call her "Embrace".

  • One-Word Title: The story's title, Psychadelic.
  • Painting the Medium: Its Author's Notes sections of each chapter be one word in a sentence: "They arethe instruments of their lovesong.".
  • Wunza Plot: The style of the short description:
    One is a cosmically aware eco-friendly drifter. One is a reformed chaotic manifestation still adjusting to society. Together, they bake brownies, save worlds, and get to know each other!

    Yearly Epiphany 

Alternative Title(s): Psychadelic Epiphany Series