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"Unknown P, five foot three, the drill MC with immaculate grammar."
"Unknown P didn't come to play, here's what the posh boy has to say!"
Unknown P, on Fire In The Booth
Unknown P, 'real' name Percy Picklesworth, the UK's first (and presently only) posh drill rapper, is a parody rapper persona created by British comedian Munya Chawawa as part of his YouTube series of short comedy sketches featuring larger-than-life satirical characters. And that's where Percy's story might have ended, were it not for Munya's swiftly increasing popularity, especially after a viral appearance on DJ Charlie Sloth's rap freestyle show Fire in the Booth, and the fact that he genuinely can rap. This culminated in Unknown P getting signed to Atlantic Records.

Since the Atlantic deal, he has released two singles, but the majority of 'Percy's' musical endeavours have been posh 'remixes' of various popular rap tunes, although during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he produced "Murking From Home", a series of collaborations with other (real) British rappers. Furthermore, Munya isn't exactly known for shying away from politics, and mixed in with all the silliness of P's videos are more than a few snippets of social commentary on elitism, cultural appropriation, and other issues: indeed, the music video for Pain Au Chocolat was a Take That! to many senior figures in the UK Government.

As of 2022, Unknown P has taken a back seat to Munya's work as a presenter and actor, with him appearing in DC League Of Superpets and The Sandman (2022) in cameo roles, and on the 14th series of Taskmaster.


  • Piers Morgannote  (Single, 2020)
  • Pain Au Chocolat (Single, 2021)

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