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"You're not allowed to have any other lovers, Ragna... I'm the only one who can have you..."note 
Let's play together, my darling troper. Heh... heh... heh...

  • Most of the games Charon makes has at least one Yandere.
    • Yanderella revolves around the main character and two yandere girls. In both True Ends, the girl he doesn't choose will kill the girl he chose, and, depending on which girl is the yandere, she may or may not kill him.
    • Mikoto Nikki has a more tame yandere. She doesn't kill anyone that Matarou gets close to, nor does she stalk him like other yanderes. However, she is mentally unstable and, if the player doesn't choose to hug her, will either kill him or keep him locked up for the rest of his life.
    • Mix Ore presents Nagisa. Prior to the game, she stalked Kantarou for quite some time and even "confessed" to him. When she peeked into his house one night, she saw him kissing his girlfriend. She suffered from a Sanity Slippage as she tried to process what she just saw. Her broken mind formulated a story about how she is Kantarou's girlfriend and Sanae is the Stalker with a Crush. She decides to kill Sanae and make Kantarou hers. However, Kantarou shielded her and was hit instead, resulting in him getting amnesia. On the fourth day, Nagisa finds Sanae and successfully kills her.
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    • Makoto Mobius implies that Mikio is this for Makoto. Think about it. She sends Watarou to save Makoto using the Mobius curse and he can't escape it unless he dies. In one bad end, when Watarou stabs Makoto, Mikio hits him over the head and declares that she won't live in a world without Makoto. She even goes as far as saying that she doesn't care who dies in Makoto's place. All that matters to her is Makoto living.
    • Shihori Escape gives us a unique twist. Unlike her other games, the protagonist is the yandere this time. He was dating Shihori for a while, but one day, she decided to break up with him. It's never explained why she broke up with him, but this was enough to make Kitarou strangle her in rage.
  • Abyss Crossing: The Dark Astra Mona was a human in his past life and witnessed his sister dying before his eyes. As a result, he becomes obsessed with destroying the world and recreating it so that he and a clone of his sister can live in peace.
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  • Both Mika and Tamora from Mica: Apoptosis are arguably Yandere for Dynasty, meaning that the latter is most likely stuck in a Yandere Love Triangle.
  • General Sanshi of Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA- displays shades of this concerning his object of admiration Tamonten. He is obsessed with "Tamon-sama" to an extreme degree, is overprotective of him, suggests jealousy if anyone shows the slightest perceived signs of being close to him, and will fly into a fit at the littlest mention of anyone's supposedly inconveniencing him.
    Sanshi: (smiles unsettlingly) Younote  are quite close to Tamon-sama, I see.
  • AkaSeka: Fujiwara no Michinaga, in all his smiling glory. When we first see him in the main storyline, he's a decent guy, but it isn't until you romance him does he show his creepy and possessive side. If he wants to give you a fancy gift that you have explicitly refused, he will make you take it whether you like it or not. He also repeatedly claims that the heroine is his personal possession to her as well as to others, and even says that "no one else is allowed to hurt her but him". His later actions are toned down and become more "lovey-dovey", but that still doesn't excuse his creepy nature.
  • Amatoria revolves around Luisa, a girl who was supposedly invited by her crush Hector to the eponymous motel. When she finds some explicit photos of him with another girl, she starts getting more creepy and possessive, culminating in her discovering that he's in love with Beatriz, his sister and her best friend no less. The True Ending reveals it's actually Teresa (Beatriz and Hector's mother) who is pretty much responsible for the plot, manipulating Luisa into getting jealous enough to kill Beatriz so she could have Hector all to herself. What's worse, Teresa is more psychotic than Luisa and has been raping her son for years. And Hector has been raping Beatriz in order to cope with his mother's abuse. It's so bad that even Luisa is disgusted by this and decides to kill Teresa and Hector to protect Beatriz from them.
  • Alois Racini from Amnesia: The Dark Descent expansion Justine, he is one of the suitors who, after getting tortured and blinded by "beautiful" Justine, keeps creeping around looking for her, wanting to kill her and keep her dead body with him forever.
  • Scharlachrot from Arcana Heart 3 is completely obsessed with Weiß. When you reach her in story mode, there are two possible scenarios what can happen: either Weiß doesn't show up, at which point Scharlachrot thinks that a world without her should be obliterated. If Weiß does show up, she gets mad for her not coming for her and wants to kill her and herself so that the two of them can be together in death. This seems to be partly out of her brainwashing and partly of her fear of ending alone without Weiß, as once the incident is solved, she mellows down even if she acts more like a Clingy Jealous Girl towards Weiß now.
  • Arena of Valor: Keera is extremely possessive of her teacher/mother figure, Sephera, since Keera lost her beloved mother when she was very young, and Sephera is the striking image of her dead mother. A lot of her quotes refer to how she loves Sephera and anyone that gets between them will die, all in a creepy tone. Worse, she also doesn't like it when Sephera, being a teacher, pays more attention to another student, in particular, fellow hero Ishar. Since she doesn't want to blow her frustration on Sephera, Keera instead antagonizes Ishar.
  • Adele from Arc Rise Fantasia does not take the discovery that she was the hero's Unlucky Childhood Friend very well. She goes from a soft-spoken, shy, loyal White Magician Girl to the brash, sultry, manipulative high priestess of a Religion of Evil (a religion the hero was opposing, naturally) so fast, her neural pathways almost certainly have skid marks.
  • In the social simulator H-Game Artificial Academy and its sequel, characters with the Evil trait will sometimes kill their partner rather than break upnote , or murder anyone they catch having sex with their beloved. A full list of their kill scenes is here (SFW link.) Character types 'Dark', 'Aloof' and 'Empress' have shades of yandere even in non-Evil comments.
  • Azur Lane has three standout examples: Akagi, Taihou, and Roon. All three are Ax-Crazy in one way or another and they are all absolutely obsessed with the Player Character.
    • Roon, though, is a downplayed example in that she was already Cute and Psycho before falling in love with you. She just happened to apply her Blood Knight tendencies to her love and...
    • Taihou and Akagi are more straight examples than Roon, having most of the usual traits. Fittingly, the two see each other as rivals for the Commander's love.
  • Surprisingly averted with Sadone from Battle Girl High School. Despite having many of the classic yandere traits, such as her speech, Empty Eyes, her weapon of choice being a giant pair of scissors; her appearance, she is really a girl who just wants someone to be with.
  • Bioshock Infinite has the Songbird, whose sole purpose is to hunt down your partner Elizabeth and drag her back to imprisonment, out of programmed possessiveness. It's thirty feet tall, and there's no way for you to kill it. Until you get to an ocean.
  • In Black Closet, if you romance Vonne but then act like a Jerkass Master of the Mixed Message towards her, she becomes so crazed with paranoia and jealousy that she expels Mallory and Rowan from the student council to make sure that you don't get any ideas about turning to other girls. The achievement for causing this is even called "The Yandere Principle."
  • BlazBlue:
    • Jin Kisaragi is another male example, verging on Cute and Psycho. Any moment he's mentioned about his brother Ragna the Bloodedge, he drops all his cool exterior and goes Ho Yay to the max "Oh brother~" and expresses his "love" by trying to kill him. And when Jin and below mentioned Nu meet, and Nu loses, well...
      Jin: You're never going to touch my brother again, you bitch! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    • Which handily brings us to Nu-13. With everyone else, she's normally as cold and unfeeling as the machine she is. But if Ragna is so much as a foot within sensor range, she suddenly becomes a crazed, lovestruck lunatic. What's worse is that when you're dealing with the average yandere, they at least usually only get homicidal if rejected. Nu, on the other hand — being programmed to be an Omnicidal Maniac — considers hers and Ragna's constant attempts at killing each other the core foundation that their romance is built upon, to the extent that she gets distraught when Ragna attempts to save her. Then you realize that Nu is a clone of Ragna and Jin's little sister. God, it sucks to be Ragna!
      • In one timeline, Nu happens to activate while Ragna and Tsubaki are in her chamber... She immediately decides that Ragna is cheating on her with Tsubaki and flies into a hysterical rage. Never mind the fact that Tsubaki is currently clutching onto her own Love Interest, Jin. Turns out that being a female, alive, and in the same room as Ragna are three qualities that together make up one of Nu's Berserk Buttons.
      • There's this one bit in Central Fiction where Nu bumps into Naoto Kurogane, who may be an alternate universe counterpart and/or possibly even the uncle of Ragna (in either case, a lot of people comment on them being Identical Strangers). Nu's been expecting Ragna and is her typical psycho yandere self at first... then she realises that the boy in front of her isn't Ragna, at which point she begins ranting and screaming at him in-between trying to slice him to ribbons. Naoto was probably very thankful for his Healing Factor.
      • For those sadists among you, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle lets you put Ragna and Nu on the same team. Even Ragna yearns for the sweet embrace of death to get out of this oncoming storm.
        Nu: Who dares to stand in Ragna and Nu's way? You wanna die?
        Ragna: Personally, I'd welcome death right about now.
    • Aforementioned Tsubaki Yayoi is also this towards Jin. She's crazy about him, and not in a good way: She tries to kill her best friend, Noel, and then Jin himself because she is led to believe that Noel stole away her chance to be with Jin. This case of Love Makes You Crazy eventually becomes a case of Love Makes You Evil, prompting her Face–Heel Turn after Hazama gets a "proper" hold of her. In the Wheel Of Fortune story, when she sees Saya happily playing with a younger Jin, she goes insane, screaming at her to get away from Jin. Note that Saya is Jin's little sister... This is all quite jarring as Tsubaki was initially presented as a fairly sane and level-headed person in Calamity Trigger, but her psychological instability may possibly be medically justified as it's explicitly stated that Tsubaki is a child of incest, and not even the first such in her line born from her parents; she is merely the first one to be born physically healthy enough to survive.
      • Ultimately subverted in that Tsubaki finds that she cannot bring herself to actually kill Noel. And she only tries killing Jin after she's put under the Mind Eater.
  • In Borderlands 3, Katagawa Jr. is described by Rhys and Zer 0 as being obsessed with Rhys to a creepy degree, and is referred to as Rhys' "corporate stalker".
    • An ECHO recording reveals that Katagawa Jr. killed all but one of his siblings to make room for Rhys in the "Maliwan family". When talking to the Vault Hunters, Katagawa says that although Rhys doesn't understand it yet, they'll all be "one titanic happy family" after the company merger is complete.
    • Katagawa's attempts to force Rhys to agree to a merger have some very sexual undertones, with lines like "do you need another love slap from your old pal Laser-roid to change your mind?" Later, he promises Rhys that as soon as Rhys surrenders, they can party together on his pleasure yacht.
    • When Rhys sends Vault Hunters to destroy Katagawa's giant laser, Katagawa becomes extremely upset, accusing Rhys of "ruining things" for them. He uses the laser to destroy places that Rhys loves, gleefully telling him that if he doesn't surrender soon, he'll slice Rhys in half.
    • After Katagawa accepts that Rhys is going to keep rejecting him, he dresses up as Rhys' best friend Zer 0 and tries to kill Rhys.
    • Katagawa's voice actor has stated that the hostile corporate takeover is the closest thing to love that an "alpha sociopath" like Katagawa is capable of experiencing.
  • In Yoshine's route in Brass Restoration, Koutarou verges on this.
    • Yoshine herself has some slight tendencies, doing things such as putting a threatening note in the front seat of the taxi to make sure her Ryo sits with her in the back, strapping him down in the nurse's office and undressing him while he asks her to stop, and attempting to drug and kidnapped him near the end of her route.
  • Kitamura Tōkoku from Bungo to Alchemist treasures his bond with close friend Shimazaki Tōson so much that after their death, he becomes obsessed and possessive towards Tōson, imprisons him, wants to create a world where they can be together forever, and tries to kill other writers in cold blood for stopping him.
  • Both Catherine and Katherine are in love with Vincent, and Catherine outright states that she'll kill him or any girl he may be involved with. And all of this is before the scene where Katherine and Catherine get in a knife fight over Vincent.
  • Kasumi Alpha, as she's depicted in Dead or Alive Dimensions. She's Kasumi if her kindness was put into the negatives while her love for her brother was jacked up to the maximum, a trait Alpha gleefully displays when she frees the original Kasumi from her cell for the sole purpose of personally killing her so she could have her brother Hayate all to herself.
  • The protagonist from Dear Mariko is one, and possibly the real Mariko herself.
  • Desperate Love Feast revolves around Takuma being held captive by Chihiro, a boy he befriended. Takuma was his Only Friend and the only person who thought his red eye was cool. They planned to meet at the park every now and then until one day, Takuma had to take care of his little sister. Enraged, Chihiro killed Takuma's family and kidnapped him. The endings also influence how much a yandere he is, ranging from Chihiro eating Takuma or him forcing Takuma to eat him.
    • It's implied that Chihiro had a yandere little sister who hated seeing her brother with his beloved dog. She even made up a lie to their parents so that they could kill the dog. In her doll form, she's more insane than she was in real life.
  • In Detention, Fang Ray Shin is a downplayed version. While she did betray the hypotenuse to Taiwan's totalitarian government, it's implied that she thought Ms. Yin would just be arrested, and the end result of her plan ( The forbidden book club, including Ray's friend Wei, arrested, Ms. Yin exiled, and Mr. Chang- the one Ray was in love with in the first place-executed, along with who knows how many others) horrified her and drove her to commit suicide out of guilt. To make matters worse, Ms. Yin was never a romantic rival for Ray. The conversation Ray overheard which implied it was actually Ms. Yin warning Mr. Chang that it was dangerous for him to associate with Ray, since he was the supplier for her forbidden book club and Ray could get caught in the crossfire if they got caught.
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory has a male example in the Player Character's Shrinking Violet Best Friend, Yu. He's revealed to be the one who stole the player's account information because he wanted their cyberspace avatar for his Stalker Shrine, and spends the entirety of the game trying to separate him from his new friends. However, he ends up becoming possessed by a Matadormon who drives him to become more and more unstable before it attempts to steal his identity. Yu is Easily Forgiven by the player, who can choose to convince him to be more confident in himself or reciprocate his feelings.
  • Disgaea:
    • Princess Sapphire Rhodonite from Disgaea 3 quickly takes a liking towards Almaz, Mao's bitch "test subject." Almaz doesn't mind much, seeing as he's always had a crush on her (and because it's the only remotely good thing that happens to him), but let's just say she has very interesting ways of trying to help him out of his predicament. Fortunately, Almaz himself is usually safe from her violence-happy ideas. Usually.
      Sapphire: Of course, I might've just gone back to slash you to pieces to vent my anger. You saved your own life. Heehee <3!
    • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance allows you to give a "Yandere" personality to a Maid. The result is someone who sounds less like a housemaid (like with the other two personality options, "Mature" and "Quirky") and more like a psychopath with a crush. She will, among other things: think a battle is a date with her master, tell enemies "I love you!" before killing them, and offer to rip her heart out because she wants you to know her lovestruck heartbeat.
      Maid: I only have eyes for you. So, you must only have eyes for me. I want you to see only me...forever...
  • Dragalia Lost has Mym, who has a massive crush on Euden. She’ll often try to get up close with him, often fantasizes about him, and will get a bit defensive if she think he’s threatened. Unlike most examples, though, it is entirely Played for Laughs, as Euden’s density prevents Myms’s behavior from harming him physically or emotionally.
  • Dragon Quest VII has Kaya, a cheerful maid who's fallen in love with her rich employer's son, Iwan. Unfortunately, they're also caught up in a complex Love Dodecahedron... While Kaya initially comes off as the only one who isn't Wangsting and/or being an unhelpful Jerkass, instead working towards a solution, towards the end, she cracks a joke about poisoning everyone in town. While everyone is eating at a feast she prepared. Later on, you find out she wasn't joking about poisoning people, though she's narrowed her focus to a single target: her husband.
  • Mia Touma in her route of Duel Savior Destiny goes absolutely off the deep end, starting with raping someone with drugs, attempting to petrify an ally, leaving that ally to die and finally outright switching sides to an Omnicidal Maniac faction out of jealousy.
  • In Fatal Frame II there's Sae Kurosawa, who's obsessed with her sister, and becoming one with her, to the point of Incest Subtext. She wanted to be one with Yae so bad she deliberately fell to try to get her sister to stop and help her, getting them both captured by the villagers they were running away from. It didn't work. Her possessing Mayu seems to have rubbed off of Mayu, as she started showing more Yandere tendencies toward her own sister, Mio... however, the "Frozen Butterfly" ending implies that Mayu was Yandere all along, and Sae just exacerbated it. Mayu decides if she couldn't become one with Mio by getting strangled, she'll become one with Mio by doing the strangling herself.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • Kiyohime (from the Myths and Legends section) is a playable Berserker. She believes the player character to be the monk who spurned her, reincarnated, and swings between sweetly catering to their every desire and trying to burn any hint they don't love her. Also, according to the tie-in manga, she's thirteen.
    • Likewise, Brynhildr believes the player to be her love Sigurd reincarnated, and longs to murder them as their bond level with her increases. Luckily for the player, Sigurd eventually became summonable, and proves to be more than capable of handling Bryn's psychotic affections.
    • Ereshkigal has a habit of taking the souls of people she likes to the Underworld and locking them in cages. It's only her current fusion with Rin Tohsaka that prevents her from acting on it.
    • Salome (from the Theater section) still has the severed head of John the Baptist. She eventually reveals that her skull collection came from the Masters who summoned her over the centuries, who she came to love just as much.
    • And just so the men don't get left out, the Phantom of the Opera declares you his new Christine.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV: Unlucky Childhood Friend Kain is like this to Rosa, exacerbated when gets enthralled by Big Bad Golbez leading to him to capture Rosa and try and kill his best friend Cecil whom she loves. Subverted as unlike other examples he gets better and atones for his Yandere actions in the sequel.
    • Compilation of Final Fantasy VII has some quite disturbing examples.
      • Sephiroth and the Remnants are this toward their "mother" Jenova. They are ready to kill in order to be reunited with her. Since Jenova is not human, and looks like a shattered corpse, that is very disturbing.
      • Sephiroth could be viewed as one toward Cloud, if you care for Foe Romance Subtext. Further exacerbated by how, no matter what world he inhabits, even if it's not directly Final Fantasy, Sephiroth can just never leave Cloud alone. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, it's not even subtextual, with Sephiroth warmly describing the time Cloud killed him as "the crowning moment of [their] time together" and showing Cloud threatening visions of him killing Tifa and Barret, even nearly physically killing Barret at one point, on top of asking Cloud to join him in destroying the planet. Much like Joker with Batman, Sephiroth wants his dear nemesis all to himself and sees Cloud's companions as obstacles to be removed. Additionally in Chapter 18, if you’re playing as Tifa (Cloud’s long standing Love Interest), Sephiroth’s special dialogue to her during the battle consists of: “Begone” and “Leave” in a uniquely hostile tone.
      • Nero the sable may be one too, toward his brother Weiss, seeing how emotionally dependent he is toward him, and how worried he is for his safety. If it is in a brotherly or romantic way, that's all up to you.
    • Final Fantasy X: Seymour is a pretty blatant one towards fellow Summoner Yuna, who is a good deal younger than him and doesn’t reciprocate his feelings (being in love with Tidus). Undaunted, Seymour tries to get Yuna to agree to a political marriage and even after his villainy is uncovered and he’s killed, this doesn’t stop Seymour coming back as a Unsent and forcing Yuna into marrying him. He even gives her a Forceful Kiss at the altar while Tidus held at gunpoint is Forced to Watch. Thankfully, he gets sent off for real not too long after.
    • Edda from Final Fantasy XIV starts out as an innocent, if somewhat ineffectual, NPC conjurer. Early in the story, her lack of healing skills and gladiator fiance's bullheadedness lead to her losing him. In later cutscenes, she seems determined to do something with her life (despite still carrying around his decapitated head). She eventually decides that the best way to use her life is to summon demons and use the souls of the damned (and the player's party) to create a new body for her deceased partner in the place where he died - Tam-Tara Deepcroft. All while giggling and sobbing uncontrollably.
      • Zenos yae Galvus in Stormblood is this, starting off as a Bored With Victory viceroy and prince of the Garlean Empire who gives a Curbstomp Battle twice to the Warrior of Light, and are quite surprised they even survived their battles to the point he wants them to get stronger, considering them the greatest hunt he's ever had. At the end of the main expansion, after defeating the Zenos possessed Shinryu, he considers you his first friend before killing himself. Turns out that didn't stick as he body surfs his way back to the Empire, very eager to continue his war against his "friend". Even after learning the truth about Hydaelyn and Zodiark from his father and Elidibus, who has possessed his body, he still doesn't care. He takes his own body back and kills his own father not for the empire, but because he doesn't want the Black Rose to spoil his hunt.
  • Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening epitomizes this. She follows the Avatar around everywhere (regardless of the Avatar's gender), counts how many times s/he turns over in their sleep and how many pieces of fruit they eat, and has a lock of their hair in her bag, among others. You can also have the Avatar (if male) marry her if you so wish, which gets you this line from her Confession scene:
    Tharja: I can't believe you made me love you! ...Course, if you back out, I'll murder you in your sleep.
    [in his English love confession to a girl!Avatar]: "I'll love you with every ounce of my blood, till I die. Ooh... when do you think that'll be?"
    [in his Japanese love confession to a girl!Avatar]: "(...) My love for you, it's VERY heavy!" ("Heavy love" is a Japanese stock phrase often said by yandere characters)
    [when stepping into an Event Tile with his girlfriend/wife and talking about love]: "I love you too! Since that's settled, can I hex you so you can't look at other guys?"
  • From Fire Emblem Fates, the Avatar's eldest sister on the Nohr side, Princess Camilla, is willing to kill anyone who tries to hurt or kill her siblings and specially the Avatar. Choosing the Hoshido path will cause her to become so desperate and broken that she becomes murderous towards the Hoshidan family, since "if I kill them all, he/she will come back to me." Though compared to Tharja she's quite downplayed, as her support chains all but state that she became like this over time thanks to a horrific childhood, as an illegitimate daughter and part of Nohr's Decadent Court. And in the Golden Path this is also downplayed since she's sent by Garon to kill the Avatar and his/her group, but once she's defeated and spared, she's easily recruited and becomes a valuable ally.
    • Of all possible children to be mothered by Camilla, only four will inherit this trait from her and interpret it in their own ways: Shiro note , Kiraginote , Soleil note , and Velouria note . It is worth mentioning that Camilla is supportive for their inheritance of her Yandere traits... save for Kiragi, whose form of Yandere makes Camilla wonder "Do I Really Sound Like That?". note 
    • The second generation DLC gives Hayato a daughter, Rhajat, who is a dead ringer for Tharja from Awakening, and is implied to be either a previous or future incarnation of Tharja's. However, Rhajat subverts the trope: she's clingy but not half as yandere as Tharja was, since there's quite the focus on her No Social Skills and desire to make friends as well.
    • Subverted with Queen Mikoto in the Golden Path and the Heirs of Fate DLC stages, as she shows up wanting all of her children (or her potential grandchildren the Kanas, in the second case) killed so they can be Together in Death... but only because she both Came Back Wrong and was Brainwashed and Crazy by Anankos. The real Mikoto would've never done that, and once she's defeated, she returns to her normal self before dying again, apologizing to her children.
  • A possible interpretation for Arvis of Velthomer, then Emperor Arvis of Grandbell from the Jugdral games, Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. Granted, he was already pretty fucked up from childhood due to being abandoned by his mother Cigyun when he was seven years old, but the scene towards the end of the first part in which he shows off his new wife Deirdre, whom he had hypnotized into thinking he was her husband, to her original husband Sigurd before pinning the crime of high treason on him and'' burning him to death with his Valflame magical tome is pretty easy to interpret as him being Yandere for her.
    • In the second part of the game there's Prince Julius of Velthomer who happens to be Arvis and Deirdre's son. The only person he shows affection to is his girlfriend, the local Dark Magical Girl Ishtar, and when he finds out that her bodyguard Reinhardt seems to be a liiiiiiittle too close to her for his comfort, Julius forces Ishtar to fire him under the threat of killing him the next time he sees them together. To be fair, Julius has been the Soul Jar for the evil god Lopto for a while already when that happens, therefore it's unclear if he's a Yandere per se or because of Lopto.
  • Valter the Moonstone from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is already Ax-Crazy, but his obsession with Princess Eirika places him squarely into this trope as well.
  • Alma from the First Encounter Assault Recon games is this toward Beckett to the point that she repeatedly attempts to rape him, and at the end of the game, finally succeeds. What makes this worse is that she cannot understand why Beckett fights her off.
  • Camos O. Laphroaig of the Hell Hounds in Galaxy Angel is a Yandere toward Milfeulle, he always calls her honey and somehow hopes his actions (including trying to shoot her down) will win her over. He finally croses over to true Yandere territory when he's taken over by the black moon.
  • One sidequest from The Godfather 2 involves the quest giver asking Dominic to help snap his Yandere girlfriend out of it by force.
  • Vira from Granblue Fantasy towards Katalina. Refreshingly, her character arc (spread across three versions of her) shows a natural progression of her becoming crazier, then hitting a breaking point and eventually dealing with it in a realistic and healthy manner while still acknowledging it's a bad thing.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • Catalina of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, particularly as she starts getting closer to C.J. As if she weren't already crazy enough.
    • Vlad Glebov of Grand Theft Auto IV also counts, as he sleeps with Mallorie, and was seen antagonizing Roman and calls Niko a "yokel" or any insults.
    • Keyla in Grand Theft Auto V. She's a woman who's engaged to a doctor, and rambles about their relationship the entire time Franklin drives her in a taxi. The more she talks, the more apparent her insanity becomes as she recounts stories about the time she threatened suicide to get his email password or the time she sold his dog so he would only pay attention to her. She has Franklin follow her fiancee's car in the taxi, thinking he's cheating on her, and when Franklin catches up to him Keyla shoots and kills the woman he was with (who he says was just a patient) before killing him. Franklin can shoot her at any time, call the cops, or just sit back and watch the show.
  • Halo 5: Guardians: Cortana Came Back Wrong and when Master Chief expresses his understandable opposition to her plan to take over the universe as a benevolent dictator, she just knows John will understand everything after she kidnaps him to keep him all to herself for the next 10,000 years while she does her dirty work, and that John's insistence they're Just Friends is just because he just doesn't understand what she's doing.
  • In A Hat in Time, the first few pages Time Rift storybook show Vanessa as a beautiful princess beloved by the citizens of the forest back in the past. However, littered throughout her mansion are diary pages. Reading these entries reveals that she was insanely obsessive about her beloved "prince" at the time. Among other things, she considered banning bacon out of the fear that the prince loved it more than her, showed jealousy because he spent time with a woman who she fully admitted was just his teacher, and even mentioned the possibility of chaining him up that he wouldn't leave. The later pages of the storybook reveal that she did, in fact, chain up her prince because it seemed like he was holding another woman's hand — actually, he was buying flowers for Vanessa from that woman — and heavily implies that the Prince became the Snatcher. In the modern day, she has simply become The Dreaded Humanoid Abomination, the only character in the game with no real sympathetic traits, and the only significant character Hat Kid doesn't even try to befriend.
  • Gil from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (Japanese version) seems like this when you get him to a certain heart level.
    "I want to lock you up in my basement and keep you all to myself."
  • Cia from Hyrule Warriors was originally motivated by love for Link and envy towards Zelda having his heart, but her garden and attacks firmly cement her as this. Aforementioned garden has statues of Link's various incarnations (yes, even the wolf), and some of her attacks allow her to summon Dark Link to assist her. And considering the events of the game were a result of her envy, it's safe to say she is too far gone for any therapy save a sword through the rack.
    • The re-release Hyrule Warriors Legends ultimately subvert this and gives Cia a rare chance (for characters of this trope) of redemption, and everything was actually Phantom Ganon's fault. In the end, Cia return to her original role with Lana, not showing obsession over Link anymore or suffering loneliness.
  • In Ib, Mary is obsessed with forming a friendship with Ib, displaying jealousy towards Garry and trying to ditch him a couple of times, even at a point where it's clear he's in trouble and needs help. She tries to attack Ib when she thinks Ib will leave her. She chases after Ib and Garry with a palette knife. When she catches up to them she locks them in her toy box. If you anger her enough over the course of the game, she murders Garry. And in the ending "Welcome to the World of Guertena," Ib collapses in despair at seeing Garry go incurably insane and Mary decides the best solution is to keep Ib and Garry trapped in her world forever.
  • Mayu Sakuma from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. She stalks the Producer with religious zeal and catalogs his every move with GPS and camera photos. She also keeps track of the other 190+ idols... just in case... Toned down somewhat in Starlight Stage compared to the original mobile card game, but she still has that Red String of Fate thing going, where she believes that she is destined to end up with him.
  • Sasha of Infamous, the leader of the Reapers and the first Supervillain you fight is obsessed with Cole, whispering maniacal pleads for his love into his mind when he comes into contact with the sludge she controls. It might have something to do with the fact that she was Kessler's former lover and Cole is actually an Alternate Universe version of Kessler.
    Why, Kessler? Why do you love her? I'll kill her, I swear it! I'll wear her skin like a robe!
  • Regime Superman has shades of this in Injustice: Gods Among Us as in the final battle, he wants to kill the mainstream Superman and kidnap that version of Lois to make her love him.
  • Irisu Syndrome!: Irisu Kyouko won't let anyone get in the way between her and her soulmate Ujishima. Especially not dirty thief cats.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: Riku Replica goes absolutely apeshit if he thinks you'll get between him and Namine. Also, Marluxia's plan was to brainwash Sora into one of these for Namine, hereby turning him into a pawn to take over the Organization. It almost works, and after Sora and Riku Replica learn they were brainwashed, this doesn't affect their feelings much. (Namine ended up having to wipe Sora's memories of her to get him to recover.)
  • Similar to the Artificial Academy games, Koikatsu allows you to give any created characters the Yandere personality. Unlike most examples, the yandere is (relatively) harmless; she genuinely loves the player character, holds back her urges to kill her romantic rivals (though she will hold grudges against them and get very jealous), and calms down significantly should the player character return her affections. She is also very gloomy and believes that she is not worthy of the player character's love.
  • Rachel, in the Sci-Fi Chapter of Live A Live. She snaps after Kirk, her boyfriend, dies and she carries his body to her room and acts as if he is sleeping. It's easily one of the creepiest scenes in that chapter, let alone the game itself.
  • Mad Father has two different brands: one romantic and the other parental.
    • Aya's mother, who died before the game, made a Deal with the Devil to have her husband killed and be with her for all eternity. The real end reveals that this was a lie.
    • Alfred, Aya's father, has this nature, especially in the real end. He planned to turn his daughter into a doll when she reached the right age. However, in order to achieve this, he killed his wife who wanted to save her daughter from such a fate. Once Aya discovers the truth, she's rightfully terrified of him and spends the rest of the game running from her Ax-Crazy father.
  • K-Sha of Megadimension Neptunia VII has her Hero-Worshipper feelings towards Noire corrupted into this. At one point, she tries to murder Noire's sister Uni, so that Noire will pay attention to her.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War: If there was ever a Foe Romance Subtext version of this, any captain with the title of "the Obsessed" qualifies. They love you to death, rather literally, praise your beauty, tell you how they long to meet you again, and even get mad about you "paying attention" to other orcs. None of this will make them any less murderous towards you, of course, it'll just make any meetings you have hilariously uncomfortable.
  • Misao reveals that Mr.Sohta/Kurata is one. He is a charming yet lonely man who seeks to be loved by any means. Should the object of his affections reject him, he will fly into a frenzy and kill her. In Misao’s case, he chopped up her body after he killed her and declared her to be his. He also kept her severed hands in his desk drawer.
  • Happens in Mitadake High. Either one of the innocent (to start with) players decides to latch onto another character in this manner to justify their character's fighting abilities, or the murderer takes on such a persona to justify the corpse at the beginning of the game and consequently trying to kill everyone else (ie. If I Can't Have You…).
  • Mileena's pre-fight dialogue in Mortal Kombat X suggests that she has a thing for Liu Kang, who is Star-Crossed Lovers with her "twin sister" Kitana. She's also a very violent and Psychopathic Womanchild, and quite jealous of Kitana.
    Mileena: Darling.
    Liu Kang: Keep away loathsome beast.
    Mileena: You will remember your love for me.
    • The game's iteration of Leatherface also shows him to be this, towards Cassie. He wants her to notice him so badly that in his (non-canon) ending, he kills Shinnok and just about the entire Special Forces team, including her friends. When she declines, well...
  • In the Nancy Drew game Stay Tuned For Danger, the culprit is the rare male variety in the form of Dwayne Powers, whose motive for sending death threats to, and trying to kill, Rick Arlen comes directly from Rick dating the actress Dwayne is secretly in love with.
    • Similarly, the culprit of The Captive Curse is motivated by her greedy spite. When Anja's relationship ended badly, she decided to ruin her ex's life. Starting by kidnapping and murdering the customers of his business.
    "I don't want him back. I want him ruined!"
  • 9S subtly develops a few shades of this towards 2B over NieR: Automata. It's implied by Adam that his feelings towards 2B are tinged with a desire to kill her over her role in killing him every time he learns too much about Project YoRHa. 2B's death at A2's hands drives him completely over the edge, and when the machine network taunts him by sending 2B models to fight him, he goes Laughing Mad and begins gleefully hacking them apart.
    9S: 2B...2B! Don't worry! I'm going to kill you now!
  • Kimmy Howell in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. She's a bit more upfront than most Yandere, though; she's a Fan Girl of the main character, and cheerfully explains in a love letter that she's going to make sure he never dates another woman by killing him and taking his head as a trophy.
    • Mimmy is also this towards Henry, not allowing him to wake up so she can stay with him forever, even threatening to kill him when he suggests that they can live together in the real world. Since she is mostly a creation of Henry's mind, however, and technically not real, it is kind of obvious.
  • The Whistleblower DLC for Outlast has Eddie Gluskin, also known as the Groom. Having been sexually abused by his uncle and father as a child, he became obsessed with sexuality and marriage, and was already a serial killer before coming to the asylum. The experiments conducted on him there only made him worse. When you finally meet him, he has already mutilated and killed dozens of other (male) inmates, turning them into his 'brides' - and he attempts to do the same to you. He fluctuates from using creepily loving terms ("Darling!") to crazily misogynistic ones ("Filthy sluts. You're like all the others.") to outright death threats ("You don't deserve my children. You don't even deserve to live."). Gluskin is quite an unusual example as he isn't obsessed with one individual in particular; anyone he sees as being a candidate for becoming his 'bride' can fall prey to his desire, usually fatally. Although it is possible that since Waylon has survived the longest and would have been his last victim, Gluskin was "attached" to him the most, especially since he held his hand before he died.
  • In Pac-Man World 2, we have Pinky, one of Pac-Man's arch enemies. In the opening cutscene, she's peering inside Pac-Man's window as he sleeps, picking pedals off of a flower. She only flees when Pac-Man's dog starts barking at her. In the boss fight, she even starts making "If I Can't Have You…" declarations.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 2 has Jun Kurosu. While it's not particularly touched upon in the main game, the drama CD turns him into an absolute psychopath over Tatsuya, to the point where even a friend having slightly better compatibility with him via horoscope is enough to send him into a meltdown. ...The creepy voice acting throughout the track (plus the humming and laughing) is enough to scare anyone for weeks.
    • Persona 3: Mitsuru has a particular Stalker with a Crush with overt Yandere tendencies. This girl stands outside the assembly room for the Student Council (of which Mitsuru is president) all day, is obsessed with everything Mitsuru does, threatens to kill you if you don't cough up swimsuit pictures of her after the Beach Episode, and innocently asks if members of the Student Council would be replaced if... something were to happen to one of them. Oh, and upon learning Mitsuru rides a motorcycle, she says she would be thrilled to be run over by those "burning wheels of LOVE!"
    • In Persona 4, there's an NPC outside the library who has a crush on an upperclassman. When she suspects that he has a girlfriend, she snaps at him and drives him away. Towards the end of the game, she places all the blame on the other girl and tries to kill her through indirect poisoning.
      • In Persona 4 Golden, the unseen upperclassman's gender is changed to female and the NPC now suspects that she has a boyfriend. The NPC herself however remains female...
    • In Persona 5 a girl named Mogami can be seen stalking a boy at school. It becomes a side mission to change her heart after she decides the Phantom Thieves are after her "boyfriend" and starts making crazy threats on their fan site.
  • Planescape: Torment has one in Ravel Puzzlewell, who refuses to let her love leave her a second time when he comes to visit...
    Ravel Puzzlewell: "I shall NOT let you leave — I have the power to KEEP you here, and I shall USE it. My black-barbed maze shall NOT allow you to travel beyond it while I LIVE, my precious, precious man..."
  • Morgan, the eldest sister of the Battle Maison from Pokémon X and Y, serves to be a yandere in contrast to Nita's deredere, Evelyn's kuudere, and Dana's tsundere. While she's the most patient and rational of the Maison sisters, she also displays some possessive tendencies, such as contemplating the idea of the player character being permanently outfitted in a uniform and living at the Maison for the rest of their life. Morgan says she's joking, but she seems so enamored by the idea that she's lost in thought thinking about it. Also, while she has an overall calm demeanor, Morgan's sisters in Multi Battles imply that she's extremely frightening if she ever loses her temper.
  • GLaDOS from Portal is an unusual case in that her primary goal is to chase Chell through a death maze and gets rather upset when she manages to escape. At the same time, she seems to have an unhealthy obsession with her captive.
    • Wheatley from Portal 2 might count, especially in the Final Battle. All his ranting is him being angry about Chell apparently choosing GLaDOS over him.
  • Eriko, from Princess Connect! Re:Dive is aggressively in love with Yuuki and only Yuuki. In her first anime appearance, she smacks the men who swarm her and at with her giant battle axe, and when she gets her hands on Yuuki, she ties him to a chair and tries to force a cursed ring onto his finger so he will be hers forever, looking appropriately utterly bonkers the entire time. Karyl has to perform a non-fatal heroic sacrifice so the rest of the Gourmet Guild can get him out.
  • Another male example is Anton Herzen from Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He waited years in a mansion for the return of his fiancée and when he finally sees someone who looks exactly like her (for good reason), he goes completely mad and tries to kill Layton because he thinks his long-awaited fiancée has been cheating on him. He got better, thankfully.
  • Onmyōji has Kijo Momiji who is so obsessed with Seimei she doesn't hesitate to hurl insults at Shuten-dōji and threaten to devour Kagura for knowing Seimei personally, even though the Seimei she developed a romance for in the past and the one she's fawning over in the present aren't even the same person. Adding to that Shuten-dōji himself whose animosity toward Seimei is because of Momiji, and Seimei has on hand a Psychotic Love Triangle.
    • Shuten-dōji's masochistic friend Ibaraki-dōji is in danger of becoming one. He loathes Momiji for causing Shuten-dōji's misery and, in chapter 22, threatens to beat up Seimei for agreeing to a rematch with Shuten-dōji despite having always been nice to Seimei before and that it is Shuten-dōji who requested the rematch.
  • Resident Evil:
    • Alfred Ashford from Resident Evil – Code: Veronica... towards his sister Alexia. Alfred even dresses up as Alexia and pretends to be her.
    • Derek C. Simmons the Big Bad of RE6 is obsessed with Ada Wong to a ludicrous extent, not only does he turn his devoted colleague Carla Radames into a replica of Ada (after many trial and errors with other kidnapped women) but when Carla betrays Simmons, he goes even more nuts and can't tell the difference between the two women attacking both of them and causing mass destruction. It's escalates further when Simmons learns about Leon's relationship with Ada and spends the rest of the game trying his best to murder Leon so nothing stands in the way of his "love".
    • RE7 has multiple examples:
      • Mia, Ethan's wife thanks to The Virus she alternates between loving him and sawing his hand off with a chainsaw. When Ethan shoots her in the head she says she loves him before collapsing. She gets better later, due to her Healing Factor.
      • Jack and Maguritte Baker (who are also infected) towards Big Bad Eveline, they are completely devoted to her and see themselves as her caretakers. So they both become murderously jealous of Ethan and Mia, due to Eveline wanting them to be her father and mother while they demoted to honorary grandparents.
      • Eveline herself for the aforementioned Ethan and Mia. She torments both of them throughout the game and their rejection of her causes her Villainous Breakdown and she spends the finale screaming about all she wanted was a family while trying to kill Ethan.
  • While many characters in Rule of Rose fit the bill, no one suits the trope better than Wendy, who kills Jennifer's dog Brown because she thinks that she likes him more than her, and when Jennifer reacts badly, she trains the neighborhood psycho to murder everybody.
  • Deconstructed in Saiko No Sutoka. The basic premise revolves around the player being chased around by the titular Saiko-chan while trying to escape a school at night. The opening shows her talking to Akira and has kept him hostage for an unknown amount of time. Saiko even kills Shinji whom she caught Akira talking to out of jealousy. Judging by her comments in the opening, it's implied she also hates Akira talking to other girls. While it's interesting to have a cute anime girl being a yandere, it's inverted here to the worst conclusion: she is actually a murderously insane woman whose giggling and soft-spoken demeanor are downright creepy. It's revealed that Saiko and Akira dated each other in the past, but it went sour when Akira noticed Saiko had dissociative identity disorder. Also, Shinji felt she was too clingy and nerdy, and even called her a deviant when he noticed she carved Akira's name on her wrist. Since then, Saiko kept on stalking Akira for three months despite being told to stop it (including one instance where she tailed him to the boys' bathroom and offered him a toilet roll while he was doing his business, causing him to run away in fear), which culminated in her kidnapping Akira and murdering Shinji. Saiko makes it clear to Akira that she will kill him if he rejects her.
  • The Boss from Saints Row: The Third can be one to Pierce, if you choose the Eastern European Female voice set; on top of being the par-for-the-course sociopath the game's protagonist is regardless of voice set, she frequently makes it clear she has a thing for him, ranging from wondering if she can get cameras installed in his room, considering sending him a sex machine from "a secret admirer," offering to be his dominatrix, and finally admitting to wanting to make love to him in front of a live studio audience. This being the same woman who drove a tank out of the back of a crashing plane, parachuted into a penthouse party and immediately proceeded to kill everyone in sight, and has a murder record on her that runs into the thousands, it would most likely not be a good idea to even kindly ask his...admirer to back off.
  • Shin Megami Tensei has Yuriko. She goes so far as to not just hunt down the supporting cast, but everyone else with her name, just so she can be with the Main Character. It does not work.
    • As if that weren't creepy enough, Yuriko is also revealed to be Lilith, the Mother of Demons. She wants The Hero to sire a new race of demons with her.
    • Say hello to Alice. Actually, she's not the real Alice. Her adoptive parents, the Count in Red and the Baron in Black, are actually Belial and Nebiros. Funny thing is, she's still mentally a young girl who wants to do normal things like go to school and get lots of friends. The problem is her "revival" gave her magic. Lots and lots of dark magic. Along with eroding her sense of why it's not a particularly good idea to torture, kill and eat your friends for fun.
  • Depending on the ending you get, Maria/Mary in Silent Hill 2. It doesn't get much more Yandere than going One-Winged Angel and becoming the Final Boss because the target of your obsession rejects you.
    • Crusading Widow James himself is most definitely overcome with love and more than a little unhinged.
  • Shadowverse: Gunnlod, apparently inspired by the version of her story from the Prose Edda where Odin seduced her in exchange for some of her magic mead then skipped out on her with the lot of it. She ain't taking it well.
  • Vega from Street Fighter can be seen as this towards Chun-Li and Cammy due to their beauty. What's really disturbing is that Vega is not only sexually attracted to them but due to his Ax-Crazy and narcissistic nature he wants to slice them up so their "maiden's blood" can refresh him. In Street Fighter V Vega specifically stalks Cammy being enthralled by her sadness and torments her.
  • Clara from Skies of Arcadia toward Gilder, though she is a very benign, Played for Laughs example.
  • Penelope Mouse in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time towards Bentley Turtle, although it's debatable as she's more along the lines of The Sociopath, and is shown to love money more than Bentley. Nonetheless, she's actively trying to control his life for profit in weapon designs, and is plotting on killing all of his friends, especially Sly and Murray, so they won't "hold him back". When Bentley finds out the truth, after a short Heroic BSoD, he dumps Penelope on the spot while calling her out for her idiocy and insanity. She then tries to murder him and Sly so his friends and any potential Second Love won't get at his skills, and continues to stalk him afterwards, albeit out of hatred and desire for revenge.
  • Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog was originally just a Clingy Jealous Girl to Sonic, but began suffering Flanderization into this around the Adventure era, being willing to Drop the Hammer if Sonic didn't reciprocate her advances. As of Sonic Lost World, though, she is back to her original characterization.
  • Tira from Soulcalibur, Nightmare's very perky Dragon. She is a Psycho Supporter of his who explicitly wants to become one with Soul Edge, the Evil Weapon that the entire story revolves around. This gets a lampshade hung over it in the Gauntlet (a humorous, non-canon story from Broken Destiny, the PSP port of IV), where she functions as Nightmare's unwanted Stalker with a Crush and wants him to eat her and destroy the world, saying that she'll kill anyone who gets in the way of her love.
    • Soul Edge itself (and by association its wicked manifestation Inferno) is either this or Foe Romance Subtext to its Enemy Without Siegfried Schtauffen. Siegfried wielded the Evil Weapon during Soulcalibur and its sequel as Nightmare before giving it up for good in III after a stint where he rejected the blade during Soulcalibur. Starting with III, Inferno became disembodied from the sword so was forced to be bound to the Azure Knight armor, becoming the new Nightmare. Since this point, Nightmare/Inferno's focus has been on either destroying Siegfried or reassimilating him as the host of the sword.
  • The StarCraft novel series The Dark Templar Saga suggests a similar relationship with the protoss being Yandere towards the xel'naga. After the xel'naga abandoned them, the tribes engaged in the biggest civil war the galaxy had ever known, killing each other because each held the others responsible for driving the xel'naga away. Many also hated the xel'naga for abandoning them... No surprise these became the Scary Dogmatic Aliens of the setting.
    • Sarah Kerrigan would also act similarly to Jim Raynor. While having no interest in being with him after being infested, she would taunt him with visions of them living together happily and would always refuse to kill him as she killed those around him. After she was deinfested, it's revealed that she still harbored feelings for Jim which caused her to torment him and brought him nothing but pain until she was rescued. No wonder he abandons her (temporarily) when she reinfests herself.
  • Dark!Jaesa in the Sith Warrior class story in Star Wars: The Old Republic, if romanced, makes a hobby out of hunting down and murdering anyone the player character sleeps with.
    • Holiday in the Consular path will shock Tharan's bed until he breaks up with the Consular.
  • Bowser from the Super Mario Bros. series games may or may not actually be this to Peach note , which may or may not explain why he always kidnaps her in the first place.
    • Although in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Bowser has no problem heavily bombarding Peach's Castle with her basically 2 metres from it, for making the brothers pay for hurting his son. So it truly comes to one's opinion if Bowser can be under this trope or not.
  • Sword of Paladin: Lancelot gives Chris a Royal Gem in order to drive her insane and convince her that Nade is responsible for killing her brother. She still has some lingering affection for Nade, since she expresses jealousy upon seeing him escort Sophie out of the forest. Unfortunately, her affection has been corrupted by her grief over her brother's death and her disappointment in Nade for failing to save him, so she transforms into a succubus in order to kill him.
  • Tales Series:
    • Mithos of Tales of Symphonia probably counts- his love for his sister Martel drove him to attempt to eradicate the entirety of the human, elven, and half-elven races by turning them into sterile, immortal, and emotionless zombies because his sister was killed because of Fantastic Racism. He snaps when Martel is briefly revived and tells him that this isn't what she wanted, and that her last wish is for him to stop it- he misinterprets it as she and he are Too Good for This Sinful Earth and both worlds should be flat-out destroyed. If anybody tries to tell him he's wrong, or says anything that could even be severely twisted around as being bad about his sister, he will kill you. Damn.
    • In Tales of the Abyss, Dist the Reaper is in the aftermath stage of this trope. As a child, he was clingy and obsessive over Jade, always wanting to remain at his side - when Jade finally rejected him once and for all, he became the raging, narcissistic person we see in the game, now obsessed with taking revenge on Jade instead. Taking this up a notch, he's also obsessed with Nebilim and his whole goal is to bring her back from the dead and he resolutely believes anything he does is fine in pursuit of that goal.
    • Tales of Legendia has a tragic example with Shirley, who for so long is actually a Love Martyr trying NOT to be a Yandere, and even after she's subjected to a spectacular Break Thecutie process (including the disappearance of her sister, the reapparition and definitive death of said sister, the Heroic Sacrifice of her best friend Fenimore, etc.), Senel rejects her love and she becomes Brainwashed and Crazy, she tries to hold on. But then, Maurits reveals a devastating truth about Senel, causing poor Shirley to snap and give into Nerifes' full control as means of revenge against Senel. She gets better, fortunately, when Senel apologizes and frees her from Nerifes later.
    • Sodia in Tales of Vesperia can come across this way, if one believes her incredibly Lawful Stupid attitude towards good-hearted vigilante Yuri is a front for wanting to Murder the Hypotenuse for Flynn's attention.
    • In Tales of Xillia 2, the protagonist, Ludger's, future Alternate Self, Victor is an otherwise kindhearted person who dotes on his young daughter, Elle, and loves her dearly, and she herself thinks the world of him. However, due to having met a future alternate version of her who died in an endeavor to save the world that turned out to be All for Nothing, he snaps when a Well-Intentioned Extremist tries to take her as a newborn baby to save the world, and murders not just him, but everyone who even considered supporting his plan, including his once friends and his brother. He then raises her to execute his own plan to reincarnate them both in the "real" world. While he's still very loving and gentle towards her, he traumatizes her on purpose to exploit her powers, and insists that even if reincarnation will erase their current selves and they'll basically be new people, it will be worth it because they'll still be together and live "happily ever after". It's not until she refuses to go along with his wishes that his sweet demeanor falters towards her and he makes it clear that he doesn't care what she thinks about his goals.
      [after Elle shoves him away and Ludger carries her to safety]
      Victor: Elle... is mine!
  • A non-romantic example (that combines this with My Beloved Smother) is Mama Tattletail, the Big Bad from the game Tattletail. Despite being part of a line of Furby-like toys, she still manages to be overprotective of the other products. It's implied that she was programmed partly as a way to keep Tattletail out of trouble. However, it worked too well, and she's been recalled. Attacking innocent children for playing with Tattletail probably had something to do with it, as she's been rumored to eat out a child's eye. She's also seen in the VHS standing over what appears to be a suffocating body. When your main Tattletail realizes that she's in the house, it visibly makes a horrified expression as it realizes what's about to happen. Her first proper introduction on the third night gives a good idea of how far she's willing to go to "protect" her children:
  • The RED Soldier from Team Fortress 2, who used to be the former roommate of the luckless magician Merasmus. After being thrown out of Meramus' apartment for being a lazy bum, trashing Merasmus' castle and getting the magician ejected from said castle by the authorities, and burning Merasmus' physical body after the angry magician transformed into a ghost form to attack the teams of mercenaries, the obsessive relationship turns into creepy homicidal stalker territory in "Ring of Fired", the first issue of Valve's latest six-part TF2 comic, when Soldier casually wanders into Merasmus' new apartment and snaps the neck of Tom Jones, Merasmus' new roommate.
    Soldier: "The heart makes its own rules, Merasmus."
    • Fortunately for Merasmus, the Soldier seems to have gotten over his obsessions in favor of the Heavy's sister Zhanna, who is perfectly accepting of Soldier's homocidal insanity—probably because she is just as off-the-walls bonkers as he is, much to the Heavy's chagrin.
  • Theresia: Dear Emile reveals the character of Doctor Maylee to be one. She deeply loved her co-worker, another doctor and the player character of Dear Martel. However, his attention was devoted to his sister, the titular Martel, whom he felt guilty for abandoning so many years ago. Because of this, Maylee allowed a virus known as Epicari to be cultivated in a medicine she was creating with the hopes that it would infect and kill Martel.
  • Staya from TinkerQuarry is a non-romantic variation. He forces everyone to stay in the Dollhouse because he wants everything to be perfect for when Adeline, who he sees as his beloved owner, comes there. When she beats him in a fight, he realizes that she doesn't want to stay, but simply believes that she is mistaken. When Adeline meets Staya again later on, he drops all the formalities and goes all-out and attacks her. Word of God states that he's trying to destroy her friends and capture her, even if it means Impairing her, so he can keep her forever.
  • Makoto Tamasaka from Tokyo 7th Sisters calls the Player Character onii-chan and makes a point of hiding in his locker every morning and sniffing his clothes there. She’s stayed up all night making him things like a sweater or a stack of 10 bento boxes. She also has the tendency to send him hundreds of messages a day. She’s one of two girls (the other being Susu) who he’s aware are in love with him (he’s unaware of the others), and he’s clearly uncomfortable with her antics. As a bonus, one of her cards has a skill called “Scariest Yandere Girl”. However, she’s also a rare example of being self-aware of being one, even wondering at one point if she’s gone too far.
  • Occasionally, the fandom of Touhou Project portrays Alice as this, going beyond the usual Tsundere portrayal into seriously creepy territory. Highlights include attempting to put Marisa's soul into a doll to keep her forver.
    • Then there's Flandre, who loves to "play" with Marisa. And Meiling. And Remilia. And anyone else she "likes", really.
    • Yuka Kazami is often portrayed as Yandere for flowers.
    • Debatably the backstory for Parsee. The bridge princess youkai is the eternally-jealous spirit of a noblewoman who had a rather dire response to her husband's philandering, and was cursed into a demon for it.
  • Bloody Mary from Twisted Metal: Black. What's interesting is she doesn't have a specific love, but desperately wants a husband, to the point that she stabbed her friend in the stomach on her friend's wedding day, then put on her wedding dress and kept it on for two years, bloodstains and all. She's in the contest to get her dream husband, but when he tells her he'll never love her (despite being lobotomized by Calypso), she goes Ax-Crazy on him, then drives into the sunset to look for her Mr. Right, "even if she has to go through each and every man, one at a time."
  • Really Ryez from Twinkle Star Sprites is yandere for Arthur Schmitt. Her favorite word is onore.
  • Undertale: A platonic example exists in Flowey during the neutral and pacifist runs, towards Frisk. His villainous actions towards them are all to keep them underground so that they'll continue to play with him, with him mistaking Frisk for his old friend the Fallen Child all the while.
    Flowey: "If you leave the underground satisfied, you'll "win" the game. If you "win," you won't want to "play" with me anymore."
  • Nuwangi in Utawarerumono. Sure, he is also an arrogant jerkass, but most of what he does is out of either desire for Eruruw or wanting to destroy Hakuoro. It's hinted from time to time that if the situation weren't what it was he wouldn't be as much of an ass. He's definitely not happy about what happens to Tuskuru.
  • Wadanohara features Sal. He was a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing as well as Samekichi's Evil Twin. Towards the end, he reveals his true intentions and confesses to Wadanohara. When she fails to understand what he's planning, he offers to help her "understand". She tries running away from him, but he catches her and plans to rape her. She starts calling out for Samekichi to save her, which angers Sal and he threatens to kill him so that he can have Wadanohara all to himself. In certain endings, he pulls an If I Can't Have You… if Wadanohara refuses him.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lezard Valeth is a truly impressive example, not just for a rare male Yandere, but for Yanderes in general. In the first game alone, Lezard kills and experiments on countless elves to bind the Valkyrie, Lenneth, to a physical vessel, so that he can have her to himself. He also manipulates, blackmails, and/or kills anyone who might threaten his plans, or does even worse.
    • For example, Lezard lures Lorenta, the teacher who expelled him from school, to his tower by abducting her husband. Lezard has infected the husband with Ghoul Powder which is causing him to undergo an agonizing transformation into a monster. Lorenta's husband begs her to kill him before he turns but she cannot bear to do it. Her husband transforms with Lorenta crying for him to return to her before he breaks her neck. For the record, Lezard denies that he did any of this as revenge for being expelled; he chose to zombify Lorenta's husband because the anguish felt from a couple who have been in love for so many years will easily draw Lenneth to his tower. Oh, and it was Lorenta's birthday.
    • But the real kicker to all this? Lezard’s infatuation began with a simple Love at First Sight; he saw Lenneth from afar only a few months before the start of the first game.
  • Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria: Lezard cranks it up a notch in the sequel. He goes back in time, abducts Lenneth’s sister and uses her power to defeat Odin, and absorbs his power to create a twisted new reality. Lezard basically rewrites reality just to lure Lenneth to him so that he can combine their souls; essentially trapping Lenneth into a relationship with him!
  • The creator of the titular Cyber Ninjas in Warframe, an Orokin named Ballas, was in love with a woman called Margulis. Unfortunately, he is also a complete sociopath whose love is more akin to an obsession. When she was executed for defying the Orokin council, he went completely crazy and conspired with the Sentients to destroy the society that had taken her away from him. The New War also revealed that this love was extremely conditional. When Margulis tried to care for the children that survived the disastrous Zariman incident, he became immensely jealous of them for daring to take away the love that rightfully belonged to him. His refusal to pull some strings to save her from execution was actually a veiled ultimatum: Either choose him and abandon the Zariman orphans, or choose them and die.
  • The whole premise of When Yanderes Cry involves Nishiki being chased by four of these girls.
    • The notes he picks up indicate that a woman named Umi Nishimoto worked for this type of woman who was jealous of her husband possibly flirting with the maids.
  • A sidequest in The Witcher 3 has Geralt attempting to lift a curse from a child in Skellige. After doing some investigating, he discovers that the cause of the curse was the local herbalist, who apparently thought that slowly killing a young boy would be the best way to get his father to continue cheating on his wife with her. And it works if Geralt convinces the man to go back to her, rather than just killing her.
  • Yandere Simulator, a Hitman-style game currently under development, is an exploration of this trope:
    • The plot puts the player in the role of Ayano "Yandere-chan" Aishi, an Emotionless Girl who only started to experience feelings after meeting and falling for a local boy in her school. Now obsessed with him, her goal is to win her Senpai's heart by eliminating all competition - whether through peaceful means, manipulation, or direct violence.note 
    • The main character's mother, Ryoba, is/was one. During her own school years she has killed at least one person - a girl who is now a ghost haunting one of the school's bathrooms. The Basement Tapes reveal that her mother was also one. In fact, every Aishi woman is one, in some way or another. 1980s Mode, officially released October 10, 2021, centers around Ryoba's attempts to win her Senpai. Her canonical victim count is six.
    • The Journalist's tapes scattered around the school grounds, aside from detailing his encounters with Ryoba, also imply that his wife was one prior to her Death by Childbirth. She was caring and supported him during a time of need, but was also clingy and aggressive towards any other women who expressed interest. Unlike Ryoba and Ayano (depending on how you play her), she's more sympathetic.
    • A popular piece of YS Fanon is Ayato "Yandere-kun" Aishi, a Spear Counterpart of Ayano. Depending on who you talk to, he's either pretty much the same as Ayano, only male, or even worse, an outright Sadist who kills his rivals for Senpai's affections because it's all a game to him. YandereDev has considered including him in the game as a reward for meeting stretch goals, and he's been included in the Profiles page on the official website, so time will tell if he makes it into the game or not.
    • All the Aishis are Empty Shells who are unable to experience emotions by their own, and they only begin experiencing them when they meet their respective Senpai, causing them to (potentially) go "full-Yandere" mode on anyone who tries to get into a relationship with them. The S+ ending of 1980s mode gives us a timeline that reveals that this mess has been going on since 1780, the year in which the first Aishi was born.
  • In the mobile app ZombieBoy, you play as a female researcher who kills zombies and feeds their brains to her zombified boyfriend in the hopes of making him human again. This initially doesn't really seem to fit this trope, but then you get to the endings... In the first two endings, the humanized zombie turns out to not be her boyfriend after all and she responds by drowning them in a well (note that they are harmless, confused humans at this stage whose only faults are not being her boyfriend) and getting another zombie from her dungeon to start the process all over again. And then in the third and final ending, she finally succeeds in getting her boyfriend back... only for it to be revealed that she never truly had a boyfriend to start with; the man she obsessed over knew her as only a coworker and she imprisoned him and experimented on zombies until she figured out how to make one look exactly like him. With a perfect, completely devoted boyfriend finally by her side, the hapless prisoner who dared not love her back gets an axe to the head.
  • Izumi of Ensemble Stars! is typically a Jerkass who remains aloof and cold to those around him. However, get him near Makoto and he turns into a totally different person, obsessively stalking him down while calling out his name in a love-struck tone like the world's most dedicated fanboy. In the past, they were models together and Makoto looked up to him, calling him 'oniichan'. Since then, Makoto quit, and at some point (implied to be influenced by the disappearance of Leo, a rare friend of Izumi's) Izumi developed a single-minded obsession with seeing Makoto call him 'oniichan' again, which at one point escalates to trapping him in a room and forcibly hand-feeding him. Makoto finds all of this absolutely terrifying, and gradually gains the nerve to force Izumi to back off. After that, Izumi tries to hold back from violating Makoto's boundaries in return for Makoto occasionally offering his hand in friendship, though he's still the opposite of an easy person to get along with by any standards.
  • Played for laughs in one of the preset empires of the otherwise strait-laced Stellaris. The Blorg Commonality are a spacefaring, FTL-capable civilization that have a platonic version of this as their hat. The Blorg are very lonely, and want to make friends with the other civilizations in the galaxy. Ideally, they do this through diplomatic treaties. But if you aren't willing to be their friend, they also have a higher aggression factor than Honorbound Warriors, and will gleefully "befriend" your civilization's people by conquering them and forcibly integrating them into their Hegemonic Empire.
  • A male example in Yakuza 0: Near the end, Jun Oda, who had previously seemed to be a fairly normal guy who was just deeply loyal to his friend and boss, Tetsu Tachibana, is revealed to feel for him to such an extent that he can't bear that Tachibana has befriended Kiryu, and is actively trying to get Tachibana's sister Makoto killed so she can't reveal that Oda was the one who sold her into sex slavery. He feels no guilt about what he did to her and is solely focused on the negative impact she would have on his and Tachibana's relationship.
  • The Mysterious Lady/Southern Belle is strongly implied to be this in the Famicom version of Uninvited, where she calls the player her "Love" and claims that they will be hers forever. If you trigger her death scene, she will claim that the player betrayed her, hysterically rips them apart, then supposedly starts crying as they die. Some people just can't stand rejection...
  • Wizard101: Shane von Shane is a Vampire Lord of Darkmoor who fell in love with a woman named Tatyana, but his love was unrequited and Shane was soon driven to desperate measures such as destroying Tatyana's family. When Tatyana was Driven to Suicide by his actions, Shane refused to let her spirit enter the afterlife and chained her to Darkmoor using a phylactery until he could come up with a way to resurrect her, eventually allying himself with Malistaire the Undying to do so.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3:
    • Consul N, who is Noah's original incarnation. While he used to love Consul M, Mio's original incarnation, in a sane, genuine way, guilt from abandoning his mission to save the world and massacring the Lost Numbers to get enough embers to revive her as a Moebius has warped him and his idea of love into a crazed possessiveness that refuses to see how desperately unhappy M is.
    • Noah has some elements of this; he is very quick to jump to violence against anyone he perceives as a potential threat to Mio, and past a certain point in the story he shows the most fury in his battle quotes when Mio is injured. However, he pales in comparison to Consul N, his past incarnation, and a significant portion of Noah's character development is in recognizing this harmful aspect of himself after seeing the harm the former wrought because of it, and trying to nip it in the bud with the help of his friends.