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Shihori Escape is a game in Charon's series.

A young man named Kitarou wakes up in a room with no memory. As he goes exploring the house, he discovers notes scattered everywhere and memories of a girl named Shihori emerge. Who is this girl and how does she connect to Kitarou?

WARNING! Spoilers will be unmarked! Read at your own discretion.

Tropes Associated With Shihori Escape:

  • Art Shift: Unlike Charon's other games, the game-play is much more different. The sprite for Kitarou is animated and the background is hand-drawn. It's probably because this was the most recent game with a different style.
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  • Big Bad: Depending on the ending, either Shihori who trapped Kitarou in her house or Kitarou himself who killed Shihori when she broke up with him.
  • But Thou Must!: All of the choice prompts give the player only one option to choose from.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Shihori has dark red hair and eyes and Kitarou has green hair and eyes.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Happens twice with Shihori. Once when she claims that a boy she used to date had been stalking her and another time when Kitarou tried breaking up with her. If you choose to leave the house, she will have these eyes.
  • Foreshadowing: If the player investigates Kitarou's skill set, one of his skills is Delusions. In the last flashback before the endings, we see that Kitarou tried to break up with Shihori, who presumably locked him up in the house after. In the True End, however, it's revealed that Shihori is actually the one who tried to break up with Kitarou, and that he strangled her to death as a result and had been keeping her corpse with him.
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  • I Love the Dead: The True End reveals that Kitarou has been holding onto Shihori's corpse.
  • Multiple Endings: The traditional style:
    • Bad End: The Shape of Your Love: If Kitarou tries to leave the house, Shihori will appear behind him with a knife to his neck, asking him where he's going. She begins making claims that she loves him and that killing him will ensure her that he's hers for all eternity.
    • True End: The Shape of My Love: If Kitarou stays in the house and goes back to his bed, it will be revealed that Kitarou had strangled Shihori when she tried to break up with him. The game ends with him kissing her corpse, not caring if she's alive or not. A bonus scenario is offered to the player when they receive this end.
  • Not Good with Rejection:
    • In the Bad End, Shihori had kept Kitarou locked in his house after he tried to break up with her. When he tries to leave, she kills him and it's implied that she kills herself.
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    • The True End reveals that Kitarou is far worse. When trying to end the relationship, he strangles Shihori and keeps her corpse. He's so delusional that he doesn't care if she's dead or not.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Kitarou is implied to be one, based on his skills. Since he's an Unreliable Narrator, his stalking behavior is never revealed to the audience.
  • The Ending Changes Everything: The True End reveals something about Kitarou that will make you question everything you just witnessed.
  • Their First Time: Shihori says this before she and Kitarou have sex.
  • 13 Is Unlucky: There are a total of thirteen notes in the house. That should tell you something is wrong.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Kitarou in the True End. The final memory reveals that Shihori broke up with him as apposed to him breaking up with her. This does raise the question of what else his delusional mind changed.
  • Yandere: Naturally. It is Charon, after all.
    • The Bad End makes Shihori one for Kitarou. She initially didn't want to be around him, but after spending time with him, she developed feelings for him. She opens up about a bad relationship in the past, which led to her getting stalked by her ex and even has sex with him. However, when he tries to break up with her, she freaks out and locks him in the house. Him attempting to leave leads to her killing both of them so that they can be together forever.
    • The True End reverses this by revealing that Kitarou is one for Shihori. Since he suffers from delusions, there's no way of really knowing what happened other than him dating her. When she broke up with him, he went into a frenzy and killed her.

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