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Video Game / Dear Mariko

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“Mariko, I love you.
But I can’t do this anymore.
It’s not your fault,
and there was nothing you could’ve done for me.
There’s nothing you could’ve done about ‘her’.”

Dear Mariko is a short, simple game by Soyasushi Productions about a girl who comes home to find a goodbye letter from the one she loves.

Into the game, you are able to control the protagonist around the house and have her examine the items filled with memories of her beloved one - Darien. Upon going into the bedroom, she will find the letter that Darien left before disappearing from the house. That's when you realise something is wrong and things start going down - fast.

There are 3 different endings for you to explore: the True Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending. Different requirements have to be met and actions taken to achieve all of the endings. It is difficult to mention tropes without spoiling the twist in the True Ending, so be warned before reading beyond this point.

In addition, there is now an expansion, Dear Mariko: Crimson, that contains an epilogue with 4 additional endings.


The game can be downloaded here.

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