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Gameloft S.A. is a developer of portable titles that are playable and graphically polished but not quite perfect reproductions of titles such as Halo, Final Fantasy XIII, Burnout, Diablo, and many others. They are an offshoot of French megadeveloper Ubisoft (the two companies' founders are brothers), and thus are also responsible for creating portable versions of Ubisoft's franchises, such as Assassin's Creed and Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Some of their games are even licensed titles in their own right. Their Mario Kart clone, for example, stars the cast of the Shrek movies, one of their Temple Run clones, has the Minions, and their copy of the Batman: Arkham Asylum series is a tie-in for The Dark Knight Rises. They've also partnered with Hasbro to make Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic games. In more recent memory, they've partnered with Disney for multiple different games that combine their IP into a single setting.


This formula has made Gameloft one of the most successful mobile developers, but the message Gameloft's success sends makes them one of the most controversial. To console and PC developers, it says that gamers want mobile versions of all these games, and if Gameloft doesn't provide them, someone else will. The actual quality of their games is mixed, characterized by high production values for iOS Games but weak voice acting and story, and slightly outdated gameplay mechanics.

Considering that many of the games they copy of are nowhere to be found on iOS devices (with some exceptions; Grand Theft Auto III, for one, has been released on the iOS and Android), Gameloft is in fact one of the few companies that is making the iPod a competitive gaming device. They also freely admit to copying other games, defending themselves by pointing out the lack of originality in the rest of the game industry. Given that the company itself was established by one of the Guillemot brothers, it wouldn't be surprising for Gameloft to come up with a portable remake of a popular Ubisoft title, albeit usually with an altered storyline and gameplay - for example, the mobile Splinter Cell games differed significantly from their home console and PC counterparts, although the basic premise remains the same. They appear to have done away with producing mobile versions of Ubisoft properties starting in the early 2010s, however, as games starting from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag no longer have mobile counterparts, with Ubisoft themselves developing companion apps and/or portable spinoffs based on their games.


They are now moving into downloadable console titles, publishing games like Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Modern Combat for the PlayStation 3, as well as Let's Golf 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. They have also developed a few licensed games away from their mockbuster games like LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

Their monthly Gameloft Video Podcast can be found on their YouTube page.

A wiki for the Gangstar series can also be found here.

For the Chinese equivalent, see Netease Games.

Mockbuster games by Gameloft:

Gameloft Title Inspiration
Abracadaball Zuma and its many derivatives, with a story and setting influenced by Harry Potter
Eternal Legacy "Our favorite JRPGs" (most of the plot and game mechanics are modeled on Final Fantasy XIII) Also is somewhat similar to Chaos Rings, if only because of platform.
Dungeon Hunter Diablo, Torchlight
Blades of FurySoulcalibur
Gang$tar and Driver: Speedboat ParadiseGrand Theft Auto, in both Vice City and San Andreas varieties. The 3rd iOS game in the series is subtitled "City of Saints".
Guitar Rock Tour Guitar Hero
N.O.V.A.note Halo, Dead Space, The Conduit
Modern Combat Modern Warfare, HomeFront, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and so on
Brothers in Arms Global Front and Sons of WarCall of Duty: World at War
Hero of Sparta God of War
Real Football Pro Evolution Soccer
Sacred Odyssey Zelda and Fable
Shadow Guardian Uncharted
Soul of Darkness and Wild Blood The first one is a Metroidvania, and the second one a Dark Souls rip-off
Zombie Infection Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead
GT Racing and AsphaltGran Turismo, Burnout, Need for Speed, Ridge Racer
Brain Challenge Brain Age
Star Front: Collision Starcraft
Rise of Lost Empires Warcraft
Cannon Rats Angry Birds
Ice Age Village The Smurfs Village
Crystal Monsters Pokémon
Order & Chaos World of Warcraftnote 
Backstab Assassin's Creed's gameplay with the plot of Sharpe
9mm Max Payne, True Crime and Dead to Rights
Silent Ops James Bondgames
Six Guns Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmares to be specific
Heroes of Order & Chaos, Dungeon Hunter Champions League of Legendsnote 
Diamond Twister Bejeweled
Block Breaker Deluxe Breakout
Shrek Kart Mario Kart
The Dark Knight Rises Batman: Arkham Asylum / Arkham Citynote 
Men in Black 3 XCOM
Gameloft Live standalone app Xbox Live
Littlest Pet Shop The Simpsons: Tapped Out
My Little Pony The Simpsons: Tapped Out
Iron Man 3 Temple Run
Spider-Man Unlimited Temple Run
Despicable Me Minion RushTemple Run and Subway Surfers
Blitz Brigade Team Fortress 2
Castle of MagicThis one is a bit unique: Rather than copy any one game, it instead borrows directly from a large number of classic 8- and 16-bit platformers.
Shark DashCut the Rope
Pastry ParadiseCandy Crush Saga
Cars: Fast as LightningClash of Clans
SiegefallClash of Clans
Disney Magic KingdomsThe Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
Disney Princess Magestic QuestCandy Crush Saga
Disney Getaway BlastAngry Birds POP!
Disney SpeedstormMario Kart
Disney Dreamlight ValleyAnimal Crossing and Disney Magical World