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She can make anyone at all fall in love with her? Seems legit.
Delicate Fire: Behold the Enchantress is an erotic novella by Kimber Lynn Dae.

In a medieval, magical world of warriors and wizards, we find a teenage girl named Tabitha who is neither.Tabitha is an Enchantress—a special kind of Witch who channels her magic not with wands, spells or potions, but through her Beauty.

New to her power, and eager to learn just how far she can go, the seductive peasant girl escapes the farm where she has lived in crushing poverty and horrible squalor, and begins her climb to luxury and power, using nothing more than her magical allure.

  • Brainless Beauty: It's established pretty quickly that Tabitha is a bit of an airhead, both because of her upbringing (on a farm where there were no opportunities for education) and because she is so stunningly gorgeous that she's never had to bother with using her wits to get whatever she wants.
  • Charm Person: Once Tabitha focuses on a person, they are hard-pressed to resist her. So far, everyone she's tried to control has fallen under her spell (though in at least one case, the subject was still able to disagree with the girl, and try to go against her wishes).
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  • Conditional Powers: It is revealed that Tabitha can only use her magicks, even those that affect material objects, when she is beautiful. In flashback, we see that the matriarch of her clan cursed her with disfiguring blotches on her face specifically to prevent the girl from seducing and controlling the men (and women) around her... which inevitably led to her obsession with makeup.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Tabitha is the poster girl for the 'Bratty and Conceited' subset of evil, and she is oh so very sexy.
  • Evil Redhead: Tabitha absolutely qualifies, though her 'evil' is of a relatively harmless and petty sort, at least so far.
  • Hot Witch: Yes, yes she is.
  • Idle Rich: The Lord and Lady who rule the town and its environs seem to be this—we meet them while they are throwing a lavish party for their niece, who has just gotten married.
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  • Makeup Is Evil: Played (mostly) straight: While cosmetics are widely available (at least to women of wealth), the two characters who are shown to make the most use of them are both at least semi-evil: Tabitha and Lady Asuna.
  • Mage Tower: The town is generally hum-drum and boring, but there IS a tower on the hill overlooking the place, and it is said that a Mage IS in residence....
  • Playing with Fire: Subverted. Tabitha can throw streams of magick that look like flames (sort of), but the most they can do to a person is sting them, and perhaps raise a few blisters.
  • Proud Beauty: Oh so very much—Tabitha shamelessly adores every aspect of her beautiful self. Lady Asuna also fits.
  • Puberty Super Power: Though she was beautiful even as a child, Tabitha's sex-related magic didn't manifest until she was past puberty.
  • Queer Romance: Very much seems to be where Tabitha and Lady Asune are heading, given the events in the first story.
  • Really Gets Around: Sort of unavoidable given her power set, but she seems to very much enjoy being able to pick and choose her partners at will.
  • Smoking Is Glamorous: Lady Asuna proves this to be true during her first meeting with Tabitha.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Tabitha's backstory reveals that her childhood (and especially her teenage years) were extremely unpleasant, thanks to the jealousy of the other women in her rural village.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Tabitha has the power to invoke this at will, with any man she meets (and she does so with gleeful abandon). At the end of the first story, Tabitha herself is hit with this, when she meets Lady Asuna: the first sight of the gorgeous older woman leaves her utterly smitten, to the point that she nearly forgets that she's supposed to be seducing Asuna's husband, who is standing right there.
  • Villain Protagonist: Tabitha is definitely this, using her power to control and manipulate men all around her, in order to get what she wants, without thought to the suffering this might cause.
  • You All Meet in an Inn: Sure enough, we're introduced to all but two of the characters in an Inn (Owned by kindly William). It becomes the base of operations for the protagonist during the story.