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Don't be fooled by his work, he's a really nice guy.

Intending to be a manga artist from his childhood days, Mujiki Park (Moo-Jik Park, ボイチ, born January 29, 1973 ) aka Boichi majored in physics in college as preparation to draw science fiction works and also to learn the technology of performance and imaging. He went on to graduate school to major in image technology. In 1993, while still enrolled, he debuted in a Korean Shoujo manga magazine. Since then, he is gaining popularity releasing a number of works, and publishing books on how to draw manga targeting a wide range of reader. He also published books focusing on the art of manga as well as the use of computer assisted tools.

He moved to Japan in 2004 and stepped into the world of Japanese manga with Space Chef Caisar published in the monthly Comic Gum. Since then he has published many manga and one-shots.

In 2005, he published Lovers in Winter. A compilation of 9 out of his 11 hentai oneshots serialized in the adult magazine Comic Aun.

In 2006, he published 2 scifi oneshots: Hotel (Lucca 2011’s award for Best Oneshot) and Present, both in the magazine Morning. Along with All for the Tuna, Stephanos and Diadem, they’ll be compiled in 2008 in the Hotel tankoubon.

Sun-Ken Rock was in 2006 his first long serialization, becoming his flagship series until its completion in 2016. It was published in the bi-weekly magazine Young King by Shonen Gahosha. Several spin-offs were also published in Young King such as one focusing on Yumin in 2011 or Pickaxe in 2012. A third one titled Feed Yumin was published monthly in 2012 in the Monthly Young King of Shonen Gahosha.

Boichi was also the artist of Raqiya written by Yajima Masao and published by Kodansha from 2008 to 2010 as well as for the TerraforMARS Asimov spin-off of 2016 published by Shueisha. Similarly, he was the artist of the oneshots Brutality by Takeda Yuusuke in 2007 and Eques by Kengo Miyatani in 2012.

Boichi is also an accomplished humanitarian. To express his sentiment toward Vietnam and apologize for Korea’s actions during the war, Sun-Ken Rock volume 2’s royalties were donated to the NPO Children of Vietnam. Among other actions, he also initiated actions such as Korean mangakas drawing a support page for Japan’s 2011 March 11th Tōhoku earthquake by giving the royalties to the Red Cross. It’s also with the will to help the reconstruction of Japan following this traumatic event that he began at the end of 2011 up till 2013 the publication of H.E the Hunt for Energy in Shueisha’s Jump X magazine.

He never fails to show his support to the Freedom of Speech and liberty as he did for the events of Paris Terror Attacks or during the Refugee Crisis.Boichi’s manga are firstly published in Japanese but some are also available in a variety of languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Thai, English, Korean and Chinese, showing the always growing interest of the world in his work.

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Tropes Associated with Boichi:

  • Author Avatar: In Sun-Ken Rock, Ken's inmate looks like a parodied version of himself, and at one point he lampshades it by stating:"I should start working and follow my dreams" while it's shown a picture of a crudely drawn manga called "Moon-Ken Rock"
  • Author Appeal: He loves ass shots, he has an ass fetish, he even admitted so. In the non-sexual way, brunette girls and blond guys.
  • Bleached Underpants: Subverted completely! The guy doesn't hide the fact that he did porn, even in a fan AMA, he said he'd like to work at it again!
  • Only Six Faces: While he is pretty good with the faces of his male characters, female characters tend to suffer from having the same faces.
  • Rated M for Manly: His work employs a heavy feel of masculinity, with many characters having well detailed muscles, and pretty attractive characters. His intensity is on par with some 80's manga, like Fist of the North Star and the early parts of Jojos Bizarre Adventure.
  • Religious Horror: Stephanos, from Hotel starts very normal, of a girl who ends up pregnant due an affair, then the seventh seal of the end of the world opens...
  • Workaholic: His work ethic is amazing. And he has drawers full of pictures to use as references. In a volume of Sun Ken Rock, he talks about how he and his assistants took photos of themselves posing silly for the fight scenes. The process was worth it.