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Film / A Serbian Film

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A Serbian Film (Српски филм / Srpski film) is a 2010 arthouse film shot, set, and allegorical of life in Serbia, directed by Srđan Spasojević. It is about Miloš, a porn star who is hired for a new film project and kept in the dark about its true nature... because he wouldn't have agreed otherwise.

The plot follows family-man Miloš trying to retire from the porn industry, only to be promised a vast sum of money to appear in a high concept "art" film, directed by a seemingly eccentric former child-psychologist named Vukmir who will not provide Miloš with a script, only an earpiece through which Vukmir will direct him as he is filmed.

Entering the film with misgivings, it only gets worse for Miloš, as it soon becomes apparent that he is involved in a very questionable film. After a particularly unsettling series of violent pornographic shoots, Miloš tries to quit, only to be kidnapped, drugged and forced back into the production. He wakes up three days after the kidnapping, with only a video camera and some tapes in his possession. Miloš watches the tapes to regain his memory, and discovers the horrors that he has witnessed.


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