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  • Accidental Aesop: Though the writer and director maintains that it is an allegory for how he sees the Serbian government and European film industry, A Serbian Film can just as easily (if not more so) be viewed as a critique of the often humiliating, dehumanizing, and masochistic themes which permeate much of the contemporary porn industry—something which Total Films noted in their less-than-positive review of the film.
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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: The movie's entire premise is a down-on-his-luck porn star participating in a high-concept "art film" after being promised a large amount of money. Only to find out that he's actually part of a snuff film, and he is forced to participate in a series of shocking and violent sex acts, capped off with the literal molestation of a baby no less.
  • Bile Fascination: The film's disturbing and grotesque nature is why most people even know what it is.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • After all the horrible, awful things that Vukmir and his men do to Miloš and his family, it sure is gratifying to see Miloš finally regain awareness and kill Vukmir by repeatedly bashing his head into the floor, killing his nurse with one of the drugs she's been using on him, shooting two of Vukmir's guards with a handgun, and killing Raša (whom—need we reiterate—raped a newborn child for one of Vukmir's films) by stabbing him through the eye socket with his erection.
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    • Marija brutally killing Marko after he has finished raping her is also very cathartic.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: For some audiences, Oh yes; for others, it's just plain disturbing and exploitative all round. However, most seem to agree that Raša's death qualifies with how comically over-the-top and satisfyingly gruesome it is.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Newborn porn!note 
    • The film's repulsive and disgusting subject matter has led to jokes claiming it to be an adaptation of The Aristocrats.
  • Moment of Awesome: While still pretty disturbing, Miloš brutally killing Vukmir, his nurse and Raša is absolutely glorious considering that they committed multiple atrocities throughout the film.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Miloš considers Vukmir to have crossed it after the latter shows the former a particularly disturbing film whose scenes include a newborn baby being raped immediately following its birth.
  • Nausea Fuel: Everything about this film to the point where it could be considered the cinematic adaptation of this trope. Special mention goes to the infamous newborn porn scene.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Trust us, there is a very good reason why A Serbian Film is considered to be the most disturbing movie ever made period. Some particularly disgusting and grotesque examples include:
    • A woman has her teeth ripped out and is forced to perform fellatio until she can't breathe.
    • A prostitute is decapitated in the middle of being raped and the rape keeps going, even after she's dead.
    • A baby is violently raped. The cut version thankfully doesn't show this scene (though it is still heavily implied). The UNCUT version, on the other hand, shows it in all its traumatizing glory.
    • Miloš is tricked into raping his own five year old son, whilst his wife is simultaneously raped by his brother, Marko.
    • A man is stabbed through the eye with an erection. Considering he was the one to rape a baby, it's hard to feel bad for him.
    • The final scene where a new group of snuff film makers shoot a scene where the porn star is raping the corpses of Miloš and his family. Starting with their son.
    • Miloš' rape face. It will haunt your nightmares.
    • In addition to its extremely graphic content and disturbing thematic material as mentioned before, the film also uses Shaky Cam, extreme closeups, a very bleak color palette in the present scenes whilst flashbacks use more contrastive coloring, distorted audio, and a very off-putting soundtrack to maintain an increasingly intense feeling of dread, paranoia, shock, and unease within viewers.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: The film is a low budget Torture Porn flick that has been seen by few but is well known for being extremely graphic and disturbing, and it's been banned in more than six countries due to as-yet-unsubstantiated but persistent rumors that it contains footage of unsimulated child molestation. The actual plot concerns a destitute man who gets suckered into the Snuff Film industry as a way to make ends meet and the director insists it's meant to all be a metaphor for the authoritarian government of Serbia.
  • Signature Scene: Two words: Newborn porn. The sheer depravity of this scene alone is why the film's TV Tropes page is locked and devoid of any trope examples.
  • Special Effect Failure: A few, although they don't exactly make the film any less disturbing.
    • In a few shots, it is incredibly obvious that Miloš's penis is a rubber prop. The brief closeup shot of him threatening to cut it off is perhaps the most notable, due to the complete absence of blood.
    • When Miloš ejaculates onto Jecina's face, the semen is obviously fake—likely some sort of cream or lotion (this may have been done intentionally so as to avoid the film being even more banned/censored than it already is).
    • When Lejla has had her teeth removed, the actress' real and intact teeth are blatantly noticeable under the heavy amounts of fake blood used to cover them.
  • Squick: It would be much easier to list the scenes in the film that don't fall under it.
  • Too Bleak, Stopped Caring: Arguably, part of what makes A Serbian Film so disturbing is how it seemingly goes out of its way to avert this trope at first. The opening scenes give the impression that it's going to be a sort of Black Comedy about a former porn star who's only looking to make ends meet for his family. It isn't until quite a ways in that things gradually get more disturbing until finally, Miloš is shown a film by Vukmir wherein Raša is seen doing something unspeakable to a newly-born baby. This ultimately drives Miloš to try and walk away from the production in the hopes of regaining his sanity, only to wake up days later and learn through Flashbacks that he had been drugged and that the most gruesome events have already transpired. Thus, it isn't until the very end of the film wherein Miloš finally realizes what all has happened that the despair kicks in and his family dying together feels almost merciful. UNTIL, that is, another movie crew visits the house and begin to do something unspeakable to their dead bodies...


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