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Jul 12th 2020 at 5:58:41 PM •••

Sonic Gear describes the movie perfectly: "It is in a movie named after Serbia (an actual place—that doesn't have much to do with the film) where only bad things happen at all times. So the wall art is bad, the doll is bad/goes by unnoticed and does nothing, the man is bad and characters only do bad things the entire time."

Jun 5th 2017 at 7:58:21 AM •••

Kinda feel like this page should at least something along the lines of "This film is notorious for it's extremely graphic content" or something.

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Mar 26th 2019 at 7:45:38 PM •••

I have to agree that if where going to include this film at all on this site then we should at least include something mentioning it contains extremely graphic content, and as a result itís a very controversial film. We need not go into the more controversial details details of the film. Otherwise I think this entry should just be removed since the fact that it has extremely controversial content is the main reason for itís notoriety.

Jan 2nd 2014 at 11:55:15 PM •••

Hey can we just add a Link to Oancitizen review of it. He does a pretty good job breaking it down. But with a huge warning on it.

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Telcontar MOD
Jan 3rd 2014 at 2:22:53 AM •••

Edit requests go here, although there is no guarantee that the mods will carry this one out.

Feb 15th 2013 at 11:15:49 AM •••

It's not porn, it's a feature film.

Apr 4th 2013 at 12:14:08 PM •••

Maybe so, but it does have a graphic scene of a child in a sexual situation and of course, the infamous baby scene.

Jul 16th 2013 at 10:22:03 PM •••

It's pretty much just a snuff film without the actual real snuff.

Mar 2nd 2014 at 3:10:07 PM •••

Also still not porn. What exactly is the problem here?

Mar 3rd 2014 at 1:23:19 AM •••

Well, as The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit says, "porn" is not the only reason for a page to be stubbed or locked.

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