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The morning after is just the beginning.
Plan B is a 2021 Teen Buddy Road Comedy film, directed by Natalie Morales, and starring Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles.

It follows a straight-laced high school student, Sunny (Verma) and her slacker best friend Lupe (Moroles) who, after a regrettable first sexual encounter, have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in South Dakota.

The film was released on Hulu in the United States on May 28th, 2021.

Not to be confused with an earlier Argentinian movie Plan B.

Tropes in this film include:

  • Against My Religion:
    • Kyle, who's Christian, gets distraught upon having sex with Sunny, since it was extramarital, and says he has to go pray. He later freaks out and calls Sunny in despair.
    • The pharmacist denies Lupe (covering for Sunny) Plan B due to it being against his beliefs (it's allowed under state law in South Dakota under a "conscience clause"), which causes them to look for another source.
  • All for Nothing: Played seriously and then humorously.
    • After spending a day and a night trying desperately to get to Planned Parenthood, Sunny and Lupe discover that the location permanently closed recently, and had not been updated on Google.
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    • Sunny finally confesses to her mother that she needs emergency contraception, and her mother effortlessly non-verbally curbstomps the difficult pharmacist into selling it to her. Turns out, the entire trip could have been avoided if they had simply asked a responsible adult for help.
  • Batter Up!: Doris from the store Lupe and Sunny visit rescues them from two creeps by wielding a baseball bat (she uses it on their truck).
  • Beware the Silly Ones: A running theme in the film is the silly characters becoming dangerous. Doris seems like an eccentric gas station attendant until she brings out the baseball bat, Andy seems like a harmless stoner until he extorts the girls for sex, and Logan's bandmate goes from comically high to borderline murderous at the drop of a hat.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: Andy is quite large, and has chosen to pierce his penis with a huge ring. He says women like it.
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  • Brick Joke: The enormous piercing that Sunny accidentally rips off Andy's junk. She discards it in her mom's van the instant she gets it out of her hair halfway through the film. The very last moment has her mother discovering it and asking suspiciously what it is.
  • Closet Gay: It turns out Lupe is queer and in the closet, even to her bestie Sunny (what she says indicates she's possibly bi or pansexual).
  • Coming of Age Story: Definitely. Two friends have to run away from home to brave the wilds of conservative South Dakota to get contraception.
  • Coming-Out Story: As a secondary plot, Lupe plans to tell Sunny she's queer (bi or pansexual, from what she says). However, Sunny realizes for herself on meeting Logan, who's Lupe's girlfriend (Sunny'd thought it was a guy's name). Lupe still hasn't told her dad by the end, but has been reassured he would never kick her out and he'd love her no matter what.
  • Disappeared Dad: Sunny's dad is out of the picture, and her mom is a successful single mom who's a realtor.
  • Education Mama: Sunny's mother is slightly obsessed with her grades and holding her daughter to a standard of perfection that is impossible. However, she gets better by the end of the film, and accepts that Sunny is growing up and needs to make her own choices.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Lupe's girlfriend is named Logan, as a result of which Sunny thinks initially that she's a guy (Lupe didn't correct it either and deliberately used non-gendered language).
  • Groin Attack: Sunny inadvertently does this when going to give Andy fellatio. As she backs away, her hair gets caught on his dick piercing, which rips out.
  • Lousy Lovers Are Losers: After Sunny's real crush Hunter drives off with another hunger. In 'revenge' she gets drunk and throws herself into the arms of Christian enthusiast Kyle. Sex with him is awful, being clumsy, fast, and worst of all, he doesn't wear the condom correctly, making her panic about getting pregnant. Meanwhile, Kyle is portrayed as selfish since his only worry was about the fact extramarital sex is sinful.
  • Male Frontal Nudity: Andy shows his large and pierced penis in explicit detail at length when the girls debate who will give him oral sex.
  • Mama Bear: When Sunny tells her mom she'd been trying to get the Plan B pill, which the pharmacist would not give her, rather than be mad her mom immediately goes there and browbeats him into doing it with a single Death Glare.
  • Missing Mom: Lupe's mom died in the past. Since then, her dad became very strict and overprotective.
  • Older Than They Look: Andy makes the ridiculous claim that he is actually 17 years old, the same age as Lupe and Sunny, and that his older appearance is because he has literally never drunk water. He only says this so that his sexual coercion won't come off as statutory rape (although coercion still is a form of rape).
  • Only Known by Their Nickname:
    • Sunny is only called her full name, Sunita, by her mother.
    • Lupe's really Guadalupe, but only her dad uses that.
  • The Pastor's Queer Kid: Lupe is a closeted queer girl, whose dad's a minister. She's reluctant to come out at first, afraid of his possible reaction. However, he reassures her by the end that he'd never reject her, no matter what.
  • Preacher's Kid: Lupe's dad is a pastor, and she's a rebellious queer teen who chafes at his rules.
  • Road Trip Plot: Most of the plot is Sunny and Lupe going to Planned Parenthood in another city for the Plan B pill, since the pharmacy near them won't issue it.
  • Seen It All: Doris, upon hearing of Sunny's troubles, casually reveals that similar things have happened to her.
  • Sex for Services: Andy demands oral sex from Sunny or Lupe if they want his last Plan B pill (which is really just speed). Neither is keen on this, arguing who'll do it. Lupe finally agrees to, then pulls back and gets her hair caught in his penis ring, which is pulled out, so it never happens. Serves him right.
  • Speed Sex: Kyle lasts about ten seconds with Sunny when they have sex, to her disappointment.
  • The Stoner: Downplayed, but Lupe is constantly puffing on her vape throughout the film, and even has a stash of joints she shares with Logan. It doesn't seem to effect her ability to drive in the slightest, and she's quite alert through the majority of the film.
  • Their First Time: Sunny loses her virginity while drunk with Kyle, after her real crush Hunter drove off with another girl. It's a huge let down.
  • Wild Teen Party: Sunny throws one at her house when her mom's out of town where there's a lot of teens drinking (she loses her virginity during it). It's actually less wild than most of these, and she's able to clean it up in a matter of hours by herself while hungover.