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YMMV / Plan B (2021)

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Andy extorts his last Plan B pill (actually Speed) to Sunny in exchange for a blowjob (i.e. RAPE). Absolutely horrible. Sunny and Lupe then get into a heated argument over who will perform said act, with each one trying to take one for the team. Funny. Sunny finally convinces Lupe to let her do it. Horrifying. Then Andy drops his pants, revealing his penis is pierced with a large ring. Grotesque. Lupe nearly goes through with it, but decides not to at the last minute and pulls back. However, her hair gets caught in the ring, and her recoiling quickly causes her to rip it out, and the whole situation circles right back around to hilarious.
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  • Spiritual Antithesis: The trailer presents it as one to the recent contraceptive-themed drama Never Rarely Sometimes Always. While both are female-buddy road trip films about a quest to get to Planned Parenthood to avert/terminate a pregnancy, the latter plays it for drama, whereas this film plays it in the vein of a lighthearted Sex Comedy. Hilariously enough, Unpregnant, another 2020 abortion road-trip film, plays it down the center as a dramedy.

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