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Recap / South Park S 17 E 7 Black Friday

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Black Friday is almost here, and the security of South Park Mall is preparing accordingly. An orientation for new recruits is in process, revealing that the first twenty shoppers in the store will recieve 80% off. Of course, the shoppers are willing to fight, even kill, each other for the best holiday deals. Among the new recruits is Randy Marsh, who claims that he is trying to earn some extra holiday cash. Meanwhile, Wizard King Cartman gathers the fighters of Zauron for a meeting in the Great Hall (i.e. his basement). He tells the assembled group about the existence of Black Friday, and how they can take advantage of its deals to get the otherwise unaffordable next gen gaming devices they need to survive. Finally, we see a news report on the upcoming Black Friday sale, in which the consumers detail their plans and methods to be the first inside.


Back at Cartman's house, the Zauron army is preparing themselves for Black Friday when Paladin Butters brings Cartman news of a faction agreeing to join them. However, he greets Cartman with a salute, and when informed that the characters in Game of Thrones don't salute, he admits he hasn't watched the show yet. Cartman is still dissatisfied with the size of his army, and refuses to accept a group of kids who play Star Trek when Clyde suggests them. Meanwhile, Randy is bored at the mall, and engages in some small talk with another guard, who tells him of his experience with the last Black Friday rush, saying that his group was saved by Old Cap, the head of security with a scarred eye.

On their way to the next meeting, Butters tells Cartman that he has finally watched Game of Thrones, noting how he was disturbed by the amount of "gay wieners" on the show. They arrive at Cartman's backyard, where Cartman announces that the kindergarteners will be joining the army and the Xbox Ones will be theirs. However, the subsequent cheering is disrupted when Craig says that he thought they were going to get PlayStation 4s (Cartman had not specified that they were fighting for Xboxes). An argument breaks out because some kids want Xbox Ones while others want PlayStation 4s. Since the kids refuse to commit to one machine, the army ends up being sundered. Sir Kyle is shocked to see his friend Sir Stan joining the PS4 army, preferring the console's touchpad interface over Xbox One's all-in-one entertainment features.


That night, Randy comes home from work, only to be confronted by Sharon. Randy continues to insist that he's only working a temp job in security to make holiday money, but when Sharon accuses him using the job to get to the front of the line on Black Friday, Randy reluctantly admits to this, saying that nobody else has thought of that idea. Sharon tells him that the purpose of Black Friday is to buy things for other people, not for yourself. Randy, however, will have none of it. Meanwhile, Cartman reluctantly negotiates with the Star Trek kids to join his Xbox One army, then tells Kyle that winning Stan back to their side is a lost cause, saying that they'll have to expand their army in order to "out-Game of Thrones him". At this point, Butters rants about the show's emphasis on gay wieners over dragons, noting how straight wieners aren't as erect.


Over at the mall, the security guards recieve news about a new "Stop-Touching-Me Elmo" doll being released in time for Black Friday. To their horror, they discover shoppers already lining up outside for the Black Friday sales. As Old Cap directs the Black Friday shoppers to a line specifically created for them, Stan and the PS4 kids visit the Goth Kids at South Park Elementary, asking them to join their cause. Of course, the Goth Kids want to get PS4s because they're blacker, but they want to wait until they are cheaper and more available. Stan argues that if the Goths wait it out, then they risk the new Xboxes becoming the standard, but the Goths don't care.

That night, Cartman takes Lady McCormick to the Garden of Andros, telling "her" that Kyle may switch to the PS4 side, and that she'll have to use her influence over the others to take care of him if that happens. It is then revealed that the garden is owned by an old man, who is growing intolerant of the kids having talks of betrayal in it. At the mall, Randy is checking out the electronics store, wondering what to get for Black Friday. Old Cap visits him and assumes that the reason Randy took this part-time job is because he actually cares about people. The old security chief tells him that he lost his son years ago, and that he promised his wife that this will be the last Black Friday he worked. Meanwhile, Stan is informed that Cartman's army is outnumbering his own with more alliances, and that the Vampire Kids are still undecided on the console of their choice. The PS4 kids are giving up hope in making their system the standard, but Stan asks what would they do in their Darkest Hour on Game of Thrones.

At Sony Corporation, Japan, the president is notified of the Black Friday Console Wars at South Park, warned that the first shoppers may buy the new Xboxes. In response, Sony announces the "Brack Friday Bunduru" for the PlayStation 4, which includes four controllers, a map of Japan, a hundred dollar rebate, and an automatic pre-order for Metal Gear Solid V. As the line of Black Friday shoppers accumulates at the mall, Randy informs them that the mall will not allow them to line up until Thanksgiving night. As the crowd goes berzerk at this news, Old Cap tries to break them up, only to get stabbed by a shopper. As Old Cap dies in Randy's arms, Randy admits his plan to betray the guards on Black Friday. Old Cap, convinced that Randy now understands how serious the situation is, passes his duties over to him, as well as his scar. Randy then takes charge of the guards.

Meanwhile, the PS4 army has seen a resurgence, having gained more allies, including the Goths and the Vampires. The episode ends with the revelation that Lady McCormick has become the new leader of the PS4 army.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Analogy Backfire: Stan explains to the Goths that if Xbox One becomes the standard, "the PS4 would be like Betamax was to VHS."
    Henrietta: What's Betamax?
    Stan: Exactly.
  • Answer Cut:
    Clyde: Twitter says they're introducing a new Elmo doll this Christmas.
    Cartman: What new Elmo doll?
    (cut to a Parody Commercial for "Stop Touching Me Elmo")
  • As You Know: Said word-for-word by a security guard as he explains that Black Friday shoppers can go crazy.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with the reveal that Kenny has become the leader of the PS4 army.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The "Stop Touching Me Elmo" doll's "toothpaste dispenser".
  • Eye Scream: The head security guard has a large scar over his eye. Subverted; it turns out to be a fake stick-on prosthetic to symbolize his leadership, and he gives it to Randy to wear when he dies, telling him he's the new leader.
  • I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin: When the head security guard is dying, he gives Randy his fake stick-on eye scar.
  • Japanese Ranguage: Sony releases a special PlayStation 4 bundle for Black Friday called the "Brack Friday Bunduru".
  • LARP: The kids are once again engaging in this, this time based on Game of Thrones.
  • The Mole: Lady McCormick.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The unnamed Sony President is based on Kaz Hirai, the President and CEO of Sony.
  • Retirony: The head security guard mentions that he promised his wife this would be his last Black Friday. It is, but only because he took a knife to the gut.
  • Serious Business: Black Friday is this for all of South Park. The news reporter even says so.
  • Shout-Out
    • Several scenes are reminiscent of Game of Thrones. The ending is a parody of the final shot of the finale to the first season.
    • One of the new members to join the boys is the House of Greyhawk.
    • The "Stop-Touching-Me Elmo" doll is based on "Big Hugs Elmo" (which hugs children back) and the accusations of Kevin Clash molesting underage boys.
    • The security chief's death is based on a scene from Pay It Forward.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Mentioned in passing during the security guard's account of last year's Black Friday, where the zombie-like crowed wrecked havoc at the mall while Christmas music was playing on the speakers.
  • Take Care of the Kids: The head security guard places Randy in charge of mall security after he gets fatally stabbed.
  • Take That!: At the Black Friday mobs who would kill each other for a good bargain.
    • This episode also references the criticism of the Xbox One for being too expensive, describing people who support it anyway by having the detractors say "That's how Xbox people are".
    • Butters repeatedly says Game of Thrones is nothing but gay sex. He also keeps saying he finally wants to see the dragons and zombies do something.
    • Cartman rants about how pre-orders are committing money to "some assholes in California" who haven't even finished their game yet, referencing the numerous delays for South Park: The Stick of Truth.
      Cartman: You know what you get for pre-ordering a game? A big dick in your mouth.

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