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Geek Remix is a YouTube channel started in July of 2013 by two women, Mari and Stacy. Their 2 Girls 1 Let's Play series includes full playthroughs as well as the shows 2 Girls 1 Shitty Look, which examines poorly written, animated, or designed games, and 2 Girls 1 Quick Look which delves briefly into games, sometimes through their demos, alphas, or betas.

Mari also writes and edits other types of videos for the channel, including fan theories, Easter Eggs and easily missed details, scene compilations, and examination of tropes like the Uncanny Valley, Subliminal Seduction, and Freeze-Frame Bonus. They have also founded a new show called "Pixel Squirt" which looks at the inevitable porn adaptations of video games.

In early 2022, Mari announced that Stacy would no longer be part of Geek Remix, saying that Stacy had done things that ruined their relationship, including faking an illness, being an alcoholic and touching Mari in ways that she didn't like, among other things.

As of early 2023, Mari seems to have mostly stopped uploading content to the channel.

     2 Girls 1 Let's Play Games 

Geek Remix's videos, along with its hosts, Mari and Stacy, have examples of the following tropes:

  • Big "NO!": Mari, after a gameplay snafu in Detroit: Become Human leads to an undesired injury.
    • Both of them let one out when Kate Marsh killed herself on their first playthrough of Life Is Strange.
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: A misaimed sex spell in the Skyrim Romance mod results in Mari accidentally arranging for her character to have sex with a wolf.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Mari and Stacy, especially Stacy. Their Super Seducer Let's Plays are notable for being a fairly constant roast.
  • invokedDraco in Leather Pants: Mari tends to do this with certain antagonists, such as Nathan Prescott, the Sha-Brytol, and the kett.
  • invokedEpileptic Trees: Mari often believes her own theories verge into this territory.
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: No matter how insane Mari's theories are, she's smart and genre savvy enough that they're usually right. For example, she actually called that Mr. Jefferson was the Big Bad of Life is Strange.
  • Delusion Conclusion: In-universe; thanks to the poorly-handled supernatural and/or sci-fi elements of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, Stacy and Mari take great delight in theorizing that the characters are insane and imagining everything.
  • Female Gaze: They openly ogle Tifa in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, although most of it is making fun of the fans who complained that her boobs weren't big enough. They're also positively delighted by the Honeybee Inn sequence, where they actually Jaw Drop at Aerith, the Honeybee Inn dancers, Andrea, and Cloud in rapid succession.
    Mari: This is the greatest thing my eyes have seen!
  • Freud Was Right: In their Mass Effect 3 replay, they discuss the theory that most species' spaceships look like the species' genitals (the "yonic" asari dreadnought and its giant blue hole in the middle are contrasted with every other species' more phallic design), and use this to interpolate what Garrus has going on under the hood.
  • Genre Savvy: One of the points of their Let's Plays. For example, they noticed Chloe's targeting of the handicapped several hours before the revelation of Chloe being in a wheelchair in the new timeline. Stacy immediately called it out as foreshadowing upon the revelation. They also correctly guessed that Isabel Kruger was actually Faith's sister in Mirror's Edge Catalyst. In The Last of Us Part II, they deduce that Joel probably killed someone Abby loved almost immediately.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: A favored trope of both of them, they love to discuss it and even introduce it in works where things seem black and white. Mari even lampshaded it in their God of War (PS4) Let's Play, when they decided that the Dark Elves were probably driven to brutality by the need to survive.
    Mari: Is this our brand? Evil people are just oppressed?
  • Helpless with Laughter:
    • The playthrough of Soma is completely derailed very early on when Mari admits that she knows what blood tastes like, prompting a downward spiral of smartass remarks that ends with Stacy mimicking her and saying, "Stacy, I lived a very dark life before you found me." Mari laughs hysterically for the next twenty seconds, to the point that Stacy has to instruct her to get on with the game.
    • Heavy Rain leaves the two continuously bewildered by the unintentionally nonsensical plot, finally coming to a head when a fleeing murder suspect tries to slow down Norman Jayden by throwing live chickens at him. Stacy and Mari crack up so violently that they can't continue playing, leaving Norman hovering in the entrance to the next area while they go on laughing.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Fans often assume Mari and Stacy are either lesbian life partners or sisters. They are actually just two friends with separate significant others; as of their ME3: Citadel playthrough, they describe themselves as sister-wives. Zigzagged in that neither actually identifies as heterosexual.
  • High Heel Hurt: Something of a Running Gag whenever a character is wearing high heels while doing a lot of running is mentioning how painful it must be. Most notably the main character of The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories, who Stacy compares to the one girl who's decided she's committed to a pair of heels on a night out and refuses to take them off.
  • Kaleidoscope Hair: Both Mari and Stacy change their hair color every once in a while.
  • Mars and Venus Gender Contrast: When exploring Simon's apartment at the beginning of SOMA they bring up the classic toilet seat example and resolve to make Simon put it down before leaving the bathroom, only to have some trouble doing so due to the game's slightly wonky physics engine, causing them to jokingly state that now they understand why it's so hard for guys to do it.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: After discovering that the confusing elements of Heavy Rain were due to content being cut from the game, Stacy and Mari are very quick to bring this up in dealing with David Cage's other works, mockingly suggesting that there's going to be an entire plotline missing from Indigo Prophecy that would have explained everything and featured a main character being psychically linked with serial killer.
  • Robosexual: In Soma, Mari discusses the possibility of dating Carl Semken, a human mind copied into a robot body.
  • Save Scumming: referenced by name in the Detroit: Become Human series when unabashedly reversing certain choices to keep characters alive.
  • Screaming at Squick:
    • The poorly thought-out finale of Indigo Prophecy leaves them howling in a mixture of horror and amusement - first at an incident in which the Lucas breaks into an orphanage and tells a little girl that he's seen her in his dreams, then in the finale when Carla ends up having sex with what is essentially an ice-cold zombie.
    • The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Romance Mod results in a moment in which Mari casts one of the mod's sex spells - only to miss and accidentally hit her target's pet wolf by mistake. The results leave Stacy and Mari half-laughing and half-screaming in disgust.
  • Self-Deprecation: Their videos sometimes reference how bad they are at the particular game. They joke about it extensively in their video for Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
  • Straw Feminist: Played With. Mari and Stacy will occasionally chastise each other for not being politically correct, but also spend time genuinely discussing issues of social justice as depicted in the subtext of the game they're playing. Perhaps best seen in the Mass Effect: Andromeda playthrough, where Mari goes from criticizing Administrator Tann's Fantastic Racism against the krogan to, herself, playing the "Krogan Scientists Get No Respect" trope straight within the course of a (real-life) hour, with Stacy criticizing both standpoints.
  • The Xenophile: Mari has a sexual attraction to many aliens in and out of the Mass Effect Universe. Her favorite alien lover is Garrus Vakarian.
    • She's also stated by her own admission that she finds intelligent non-humans to be more attractive than humans.