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"Fucking long life, innit?"

Somewhere Oop North, between the town and the slag heap, exists an abstract location known only as 'Road'. Your tour guide and host is the cheerfully rum-soaked Scullery, who is more than happy to show the audience the deepest darkest depths of working-class life in Northern England circa 1986. There are several plots at work, but the enduring one follows Louise and Carol, two girls on the pull. On the way we meet a whole cast of characters including Brenda, Carol's outspoken, lecherous mother, The Professor, who's not a professor at all, Joey and Claire, two teens in a self imposed decline, and Skin Lad: He's a fucking nutter.

Written by Jim Cartwright, Road was originally performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London. It opened in New York two years later and has been adapted for television.

Provides examples of: