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Sometimes secrets are the only things we have left to define ourselves with

During Ben Tennyson's summer vacation, he has seen all kinds of strange things ever since he's found the Omnitrix. Let it be aliens of varying qualities, a mad scientist who turned animals into his weapon, a clown capable of unspeakable horrors, a boy who could absorb energy (including the Omnitrix's), and even the very alien who led his grandfather into fame.


This is not his story.

Parentheses: Antifluff Drabble is a collection of short stories from the perspective of Gwen Tennyson, showing her outlook on just about anything she experienced during her summer vacation and sometimes even far after her summer vacation ended. Each short story are different in setting and tone.

You can find it here.

Note: Parentheses: Antifluff Drabble was written a few years before Ben 10: Alien Force aired.

See Ben 10 for tropes specific to canon.


Parentheses: Antifluff Drabble contains the following tropes:


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