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Recap / Voyagers S 1 E 1 Voyagers

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Orphan Jeffrey Jones sets out on the journey of a lifetime when time-traveler Phineas Bogg crashes outside his window and an accident forces Bogg to take him on a time jump. Unable to return Jeffrey to his proper time, Bogg takes him on a series of adventures through history with the two of them setting right alterations to the time stream.

This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Bogg is chewing Jeffrey out and listing the events that could happen as a result of him losing his guidebook: empires falling, wars raging, and Bogg losing his job.
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  • Comforting Comforter: Jeffrey lies down on the rocks at Kitty Hawk, physically and emotionally worn out after the events of the day and telling Bogg the story of how his parents died. Bogg covers him with his coat.
  • Crisis Catch And Carry: When they land in the Battle of Hastings, Bogg grabs Jeff and runs for both their lives.
  • Disney Death: Bogg crashes the Wright Brothers' glider during an attempt to prove it works and winds up lying unmoving amidst the wreckage for a few minutes, causing Jeffrey to think he died in the crash. He's fine, if a bit battered.
  • Great Big Book of Everything: Bogg loses his "Voyagers Manual". Jeffrey tags along to help, as he is a history buff (and Bogg can't return him to his own time, as his omni only goes up to 1970).
  • Here We Go Again!: Just after their dogfight with the Red Baron, Bogg and Jeffrey find themselves dropped into the middle of the Battle of Hastings. The last words of the episode are essentially Oh, No... Not Again!
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  • Meaningful Echo: When they meet Mary and Eddie the first time, Jeff says that he's Bogg's son, and Bogg explodes at him when he finds out. When they meet them in the new timeline, it's Bogg who says Jeff is his son.
  • Parental Abandonment: Jeffrey's parents died in a car accident before the beginning of the show (and his aunt, who was boarding him, wasn't too keen on having him there; consequently, he latched on fiercely when the time-traveling Phineas Bogg showed up in his life, having nothing in particular to leave behind.
  • Resentful Guardian:
    • Jeffrey's Aunt Elizabeth is not incredibly happy about suddenly becoming the guardian of her 11-year-old nephew, and neither is Tom, her boyfriend/husband. As the story opens, they're discussing how Jeffrey's presence might mess up a planned trip to Cancun.
    • Bogg fills this role initially; he had never intended to have a kid along with him while he's time-traveling and trying to flirt with the ladies. Once he realizes how traumatized Jeffrey is, he lightens up.
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  • Sibling Triangle: Bogg and Jeffrey find out the reason that airplanes have disappeared from the time stream is that the Wright Brothers fell out over a girl called Agnes. Jeffrey is baffled over how something that big could happen because of a girl. Bogg, amused, informs him that wars have happened over girls.
  • Trapped in the Past: As the Omni is only supposed to go up until 1970 and Bogg's arrival in 1982 was a fluke, he can't return Jeffrey to his own time.
  • Was Too Hard on Him: Bogg keeps acting unkind to Jeffrey and trying to leave him behind during the first part of the episode. However, at Kitty Hawk, he snarks that Jeffrey probably killed his dad (with irritation), which Jeffrey doesn't take well. Bogg listens to the story of how his parents died, and is much less hard on him from that point forward.

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