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    Anime & Manga 
Just so you know, that was for Chiatozu. And this [knocks Nappa flying] is for Yamcha! [effortlessly deflects a ki blast with his aura, then flash-steps right behind Nappa in midair] This one's for Tien! [smacks him out of the air, then outpaces him once again) And this one is for Piccolo!

This one is for Chun-Li! Hurricane attack!
This is for what you did to Ken! Rising Dragon Punch!
And this one is for me, Bison! Hadouken!

    Fan Works 
"That [...] was for Shinji."
Rei as slapping Gendo, Doing It Right This Time

"And, Shinji, this is for you!"
Asuka right before starting the Final Battle, Higher Learning

Wonder Woman would have been surprised at her own energy, if she had had the time. Lately, she had been labelling her punches. "This, for my mother," she said, smashing Badra with a left to the chin. "This, for my daughter," she pronounced, sinking her right into the villainess's stomach. "This, for the sisterhood," she declared, with a double uppercut to Badra's chops.
Diana decided against trying to itemize the members of the Justice Society or Infinity, Inc., and even ruled out Power Girl. But it was forgivable, under the circumstances.
"This one is for me," she said, and swung her balled fist forward.

This is for Yelena! (strikes Madame B into a wall) This is for the man you made me shoot! (grabs the older woman by the throat) This is for every girl you had killed because she had the gall to retain her humanity! (holds Madame B up and the Black Widow draws a knife from her belt) And this is for me. (stabs her former trainer in the stomach)
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Madame B, Black Widow


    Films - Live Action 
"For the record, Charlie, I'm more of a gentleman than you will ever be. But right now, it's time we drop the "gentle" bit. This is for Kingsmen. For my mate Brandon. For Roxy. For JB. And for Merlin. Goodnight, bruv."
Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Live-Action TV 
Macratty: This one's for Tumbler. [POW] This one's for Bullock—
Tom Boss: Actually, you shot Bullock.
Macratty: Do you want me to shoot you again?!

"This is for calling my uncle a Jew. [punch] This is for calling my uncle a Moor. [punch] This is because I feel like beating the shit out of you."
Cesare Borgia, Borgia

"That was for Thane/Miranda/Kirrahe, you son of a bitch!"
Commander Shepard to Kai Leng after running him through with his/her omni-blade, Mass Effect 3

"...and that's for pooping on my lawn. I'm the only one who gets to do that."
Deadpool to Spencer (of all people), Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Western Animation 
"This... is for CLIFFJUMPER!"

"This one's for Alison, and June, and Jane, and the man-troll from Big Brother IV! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!"
Spanky Ham, Drawn Together


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