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Video Game / Jungle Hunt

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Screenshot from the arcade version.
Jungle Hunt is a Side View Arcade Game released by Taito in 1982, and ported to many consoles and computers. It started as a Tarzan game called "Jungle King", but a lawsuit from the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs led to some changes.

You play a guy in a safari outfit (a Captain Ersatz of Tarzan) who has to save his girlfriend from cannibals. You journey through four stages. In the first stage, you swing from tree to tree on vines (called "ropes" after the lawsuit). In the second stage, you swim past crocodiles, stabbing them if you want to for extra points. In the third stage, you run uphill while dodging boulders. In the fourth stage, you jump over the cannibals to rescue the girl.

In Brazil, it was released with the original Tarzan graphics and sampled yell.


Jungle King/Jungle Hunt provides examples of:

  • Guerrilla Boulders: The third stage of every round has these, which the jungle man must jump over or duck under.
  • Jump Physics: Your man can jump twice his height.
  • Jungle Japes: This being the entire theme and setting of the game.
  • New Game+: After you win once, new enemies appear: Baboons on the ropes, and a third native throwing spears at you.
  • Oxygen Meter: The second stage of each round puts the hero into the river, where it becomes necessary to surface now and then to replenish the meter. Strangely, the large air bubbles rising up from the bottom of the river only serve to push the player to the surface — they do not replenish the oxygen meter.
  • Vine Swing: The first stage of every round features this. At first the vines are bare and the only risk is from missing the next vine. Starting with the second round, however, some of the vines are already occupied by lethal apes.


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