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Characters / Kaze to Ki no Uta

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The character sheet for the classic Boys' Love / shojo manga Kaze to Ki no Uta.

Please be aware that will obviously be SPOILERS for the entire series. And be warned that since readers/watchers have little familiarity with the series and scanlations are only in the first half of the manga, and readers who haven't read the manga in its entirety, it's best not to look at the spoilers in this character sheet.


Serge Battour
Voiced by Noriko Ohara


Gilbert Cocteau
Voiced by Yuko Sasaki

Auguste Beau

Voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa

Arion "The White Prince" Rosemariné

Pascal Biquet

Patricia "Pat" Biquet

Karl Meiser

Sebastien Meiser

Jules de Ferrier

Angeline Carlisle-Madison

Aslan Battour


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